Durbin Double Down

In this installment of the Official Merchant Services Blog, we look at the actions several retail trade groups and merchant advocates have taken to further the fight against the antitrust settlement proposed by Visa and MasterCard.  We have touched upon this subject several times before, however these steps may have been the most drastic yet.…

The Durbin Amendment is big news right now for merchant services providers

The Countdown Begins

Host Merchant Services has been ahead of the curve on the Durbin Amendment, and its impact on the merchant services industry. The amendment takes effect on October 1, 2011. Between now and then The Official Merchant Services Blog is going to link to and analyze a new article from an outside source that discusses the changes brought on by the Durbin Amendment as well as how those changes affect Merchant Services Providers and their customers.

Logo for a blog series titled Countdown to DurbinThe first article we look at was published by The Green Bay Press Gazette. You’ll find that quite a few of the articles delving into these changes are predicting that consumers will not benefit from the legislation, despite the fact that consumers were specifically cited as the catalyst for this reform. And that’s also what Host Merchant Services predicted with its Durbin Amendment Analysis.

As the Gazette article states:

“Consumers, who are supposed to be protected by the new cap, might not be happy either if banks impose other fees to make up for the lost income.”

The Gazette provides some compelling statistics as the reason for the consumer consternation over the upcoming changes. Specifically noting that initially the Durbin Amendment was supposed to cap swipe fees