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Payment Processing

Host Merchant Services handles payment processing for all different business types throughout the United States and Canada. Whether it’s processing for a restaurant that requires a point of sale system, ecommerce business with an online shopping cart, or a business on the go we have you covered! Your personal payment expert is waiting and ready to speak with you about all of the options available and to help you find the highest value processing with the lowest cost. Check out some of our options below or just give us a call at (877) 517-4678. 

Types of Merchant Accounts

Interchange Plus Account

Much less expensive than flat rate or tiered pricing

Interchange Plus is a great low cost processing account. We pass through the interchange fees charged by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard…) and add a set tiny markup for our services. This account is always less expensive than flat-rate and tiered accounts and is easy to understand.

What is “interchange plus” pricing?

Cash Discount Account

Process credit and debit without paying a bill

Cash discount, also know as no-cost, is a special type of processing account that is great for many busiesses but not all. This account takes the processing fee and passes it to the card holder -adding a small fee to each transaction. The business gets free processing using this system.

What is “cash discount”?

Great Pricing, No Contracts

With easy to understand pricing youll know you’re getting the best rates. This account is so transparent you will even know exactally what we are making off of every transaction! Theres no obligation to our merchant accounts – no contracts, no hidden fees, close anytime without penalty. You’ll stay a customer of ours because of our fantastic service and low pricing, not because you have to! Pricing for our accounts vary according to business type – check out our pricing page for average rates our customers pay. For an official processing quote get in touch with us and we’ll create cusom pricing as low as possible for your business.

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Fast merchant funding

Quick Funding

We know how important it is for you to recieve your funds quickly. We offer next day funding for our accounts but some accounts will qualify for same day funding! Imagine getting your deposit the same day or the next day. No more waiting for your revenue. Get it fast with HMS. Check out the next day funding page below for details. If you want to find out about same day funding, give us a call – we’ll have to ask a couple questions to see if you would quality.

Next day funding details

Payment Processing Customized To Your Business

All businesses are not the same and neither should your processing. We customize the payment processing account to the needs of the business. That means you only pay for what you need. We have many options and setups tuned to processing style, equipment needs, funding needs and much more. We walk through each aspect to find out what you need and what you don’t. Below are are some of the most popular business types with details about our solutions for each.

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Customized Merchant Services

Mobile Payment Processing

Accept Mobile Payments with your Apple or Android Device

Tablet Payment Options

Or Select Our All-In-One Wireless Terminal Solutions.

Apple Pay

Android Pay

Mobile payment processing

Verifone Credit card machine

EMV payment processing

Turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a profitable payment processing terminal – for free! Take your business directly to your customers, wherever they are, with HMSPay.

Use your iPad, Android, or Windows Tablet to instantly create a full featured credit card processing terminal with our FREE app, HMSPay.  If you need a tablet, we can provide a solution that includes 4G/LTE wireless.

Our rechargeable wireless terminals do it all, including credit card processing, EMV processing, debit card acceptance, and receipt printing – over 4G/LTE.

E-Commerce Payment Processing Solutions

  • eCommerce website shopping cartPayment Gateways
    We offer multiple Payment Gateway options including Transaction Express and Authorize.NET.  With support for over 100 payment gateways – yours is on the list!
  • Virtual Terminal
    Our TXP web-based centralized payment processing system turns your PC or Mac into a full featured point of sale with recurring billing, tokenization, and PCI Compliance.
  • Online Shopping Carts
    We’ll help you find the online shopping cart software that works most efficiently with your payment processing setup. And we’ll help keep your shopping cart working smoothly.

We can assist you in implementing a complete e-commerce solution including security and PCI compliance. Our solutions support all major payment gateways and a virtual terminal is included for all e-commerce merchants.

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