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NetSuite has been expanding its SaaS offering for many years now. Each year offers a new iteration packed with numerous enhancements and functionality that is highly valuable to new upstarts and established businesses everywhere.

With a platform that serves over 29,000 businesses worldwide and a flourishing ecosystem, one of the best functionalities offered by the company is NetSuite Payment Processing. Through the SuitePayments offering, merchants can easily integrate many payment options, be it credit and debit cards, ACH, or digital wallets.

How it all works?

As an expert on NetSuite integrated payments, businesses have a long history of turning to Host Merchant Services to offer a one-stop-shop to offer merchant services, integration, 24/7 customer support, and competitive rates for NetSuite Payment Processing.

Businesses using NetSuite SuiteApp can now access omnichannel payment options via mobile, online and in-store through Cybersource, simplifying day-to-day operations to allow merchants to manage payment acceptance easily. Merchants can now:

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    Accept payments in the US and over 190 other countries
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    Easily reconcile transactions
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    Set up recurring or subscription billing
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    Access to the industry's most vigorous fraud management and cybersecurity capabilities
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    Data and security compliance and protection for businesses as they no longer have to store sensitive payment information on their systems

The Integration

Host Merchant Services is an expert on payments integration, partnering with Cybersource to streamline the entire payments process lifecycle, from invoicing to reconciliation.

NetSuite merchants have access to robust versatility by seamlessly integrating their entire business operation with a single merchant account offering. Whether that is orders from eCommerce sites, payments at in-store POS terminals, additional customizations such as specifics around revenue recognition based on the accounting requirements of your business, or inventory updates, all changes are updated into NetSuite automatically and in real-time.

HMS expertise with NetSuite payment integration allows businesses to reap several operational efficiencies all under one service.


Buy online or pickup in-store

Merchants can start offering services such as buy online, pickup in-store.


Keep payment details safe and secure

Provide quick checkout and payment by using customers' securely stored payment details.

Easy Application

Turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers

Implement initiatives and campaigns to foster customer loyalty and recurring business.

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits for merchants in integrating NetSuite payment processing with HMS.


Streamline Your Payment Processing

With an extensive history of working with SuitePayments businesses, Host Merchant Services offers an all-in-one solution for payment processing. We handle payment processing for all different business types, whether processing for a restaurant that requires a point of sale system, an eCommerce business with an online shopping cart, or a business on the go.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is transparent, easy to understand, and are the most competitive rates available to NetSuite businesses. We have no contracts that bind merchants into long-term agreements, nor are there any termination fees or other hidden fees. Companies using SuitePayments have a history of choosing to work with us because they want to access all these key benefits, not because they have to.


Integrate Ecommerce Platforms

At the checkout stage, NetSuite merchants connect with HMS through the Cybersource payment gateway integration to collect payments details in finalizing the transaction. Then, a host of payment security, fraud detection, and authentication checks are carried out to complete the fulfillment.

Safe & Secure Payments

The Cybersource payment gateway has built-in PCI DSS compliance capabilities, offering one of the highest levels of security available by a certified Level 1 PCI Service Provider.

Additionally, all consumer payment details are stored in a segregated encrypted environment. With TMS (Token Management Service), the payment process exchanges unique markers or tokens with the stored payments data that is mathematically impossible to decipher without their encryption key.

Fraud Protection

Protect Your Business From Fraud

Sure, you can implement fraud management strategies yourself by investing in the appropriate technology, continuous and ongoing staff training, and working towards reducing chargebacks and declined authorizations. You can also partner with a platform that processes over $500 billion in payments and screens 2.2 billion transactions per year.

Through the Cybersource Decision Manager tool, merchants have cutting-edge technology at their fingertips that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop automated and adaptive risk models from over 141 billion transactions worldwide to differentiate between a good and a bad transaction.

Minimze Chargebacks With Visa 3D Secure

Through the payer authentication tool, businesses can make headway in minimizing fraudulent transactions and chargebacks while reducing friction at checkout.

Via the Visa 3D Secure offering, most transactions assessed to be low-risk authenticate in the back-end without additional details from the customer. Customers are authenticated with additional factors such as one-time passwords or biometrics if the transaction is deemed of higher risk based on inbuilt risk models.

This tool will also satisfy compliance with the PSD2 SCA mandate for European transactions.


Top-notch Customer Service and Expertise

We understand business! The merchant account provider and merchant partnership is a vital relationship for the success of a business. We understand the fluid dynamics of doing business today, for the need of a growing set of omnichannel payment solutions, all easily integrated whether companies require it for eCommerce, mobile commerce, or either traditional or mobile store locations.

There are unique needs, be it for a virtual terminal or the numerous kinds of point of sale terminals. Businesses demand a partner that can advise on what is best for them. The last thing they need is a payment processor looking to profit from that trust by locking them into long-term non-cancelable obligations.

Why Choose HMS?

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    Highly trained team
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    Industry-leading customer service
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    24/7/365 support
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