Current US Interchange Rates

The term “Interchange rate” refers to the fees charged by the card companies for use of their cards. These card companies include Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover. Interchange rates change twice a year – in April and October. Payment processing companies make money by putting a markup on top of the interchange rate. This is called cost-plus or interchange-plus pricing. “Interchange” being the card company rate and “plus”  being the markup by the payment processor. Interchange-plus pricing structure has the lowest rates and compared to all other pricing structures, including tiered and flat-rate pricing which are much more expensive.

Common Visa and MasterCard Interchange Rates

Card TypeInterchange Rate
Visa Debit CPS0.800% + 15¢
Visa Debit CPS Regulated0.050% + 22¢
MasterCard Debit1.050% + 22¢
MasterCard Debit Regulated0.050% + 15¢
Visa Credit CPS Retail1.510% + 10¢
MasterCard Credit Consumer1.580% + 10¢

Common Visa and MasterCard Interchange Rates

Visa Debit

Debit Retail SwipeInterchange Rate
Visa Debit CPS0.800% + 15¢
Visa Debit CPS Regulated0.050% + 22¢
Visa Debit Prepaid1.510% + 15¢
Visa Debit Business1.650% + 15¢
Visa Debit Business Regulated0.050% + 22¢

MasterCard Debit

Debit Retail SwipeInterchange Rate
MC Debit1.050% + 15¢
MC Debit Regulated0.050% + 22¢
MC Debit Prepaid1.050% + 15¢

Visa Debit

Debit KeyedInterchange Rate
Visa Debit CPS1.650% + 15¢
Visa Debit CPS Regulated0.050% + 22¢
Visa Debit Prepaid1.750% + 20¢
Visa Debit Business2.450% + 10¢
Visa Debit Business Regulated0.050% + 22¢

MasterCard Debit

Debit KeyedInterchange Rate
MC Debit Keyed1.600% + 15¢
MC Debit Regulated Keyed0.050% + 22¢
MC Debit Keyed Prepaid1.760% + 20¢

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Visa Credit

Retail SwipeInterchange Rate
Visa CPS Retail1.510% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Traditional1.650% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature2.300% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature Preferred2.100% + 10¢
Visa Corporate2.100% + 10¢
Visa Business2.200% + 10¢
Visa Purchasing2.400% + 10¢

MasterCard Credit

Credit SwipeInterchange Rate
MC Consumer1.580% + 10¢
MC Enhanced1.730% + 10¢
MC World1.770% + 10¢
MC World Elite2.300% + 10¢
MC Corporate1.900% + 10¢

Visa Credit

Credit KeyedInterchange Rate
Visa Keyed CPS Retail1.800% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Rewards Traditional1.950% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Rewards Signature2.700% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Rewards Signature Preferred2.300% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Corporate2.950% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Business2.950% + 20¢
Visa Keyed Purchasing2.950% + 10¢

MasterCard Credit

Credit KeyedInterchange Rate
MC Keyed Consumer1.890% + 10¢
MC Keyed Enhanced2.040% + 10¢
MC Keyed World2.050% + 10¢
MC Keyed World Elite2.950% + 10¢
MC Keyed Corporate2.650% + 10¢
Real Estate & Property ManagementInterchange Rate
MC Real Estate Consumer1.100%
MC Real Estate Enhanced1.100%
MC Real Estate World1.100%
MC Real Estate World Elite2.200%
MC Real Estate Corporate2.650% + 10¢

Visa Charity

CharitiesInterchange Rate
Visa Debit (Regulated)0.050% + 22¢
Visa Charity Credit1.350% + 5¢
Paypal Donation2.200% + 30¢

MasterCard Charity

CharitiesInterchange Rate
MC Debit (Regulated)0.050% + 22¢
MC Charity Debit (Non-regulated)1.450% + 15¢
MC Charity Credit2.000% + 10¢
Paypal Donation2.200% + 30¢

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Visa International

Visa InternationalInterchange Rate
Visa International1.100%
Visa International Premium1.100%
Visa International Corporate2.000%
Visa International Keyed1.600%

MasterCard International

MasterCard InternationalInterchange Rate
MC International1.100%
MC International Keyed1.600%

Visa Association Fees

Visa Association FeesInterchange Rate
Visa Card-Brand0.1300%
Visa NAPF (Network Acquirer Processing Fee)1.95¢
Visa Clearing Access0.25¢
Visa International Cross-Border0.8000%
Visa Intl Acquirer Service Fee0.4500%
Visa FANF (Fixed Acquirer Network Fee)
Visa FANF - Card-Present Per Location$2/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $1,000 - $3,999$7/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $4,000 - $7,999$9/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $8,000 - $39,999$15/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $40,000 - $199,999$45/mth

MasterCard Association Fees

MasterCard Association FeesInterchange Rate
MC Card-Brand (Under $1000)0.1100%
MC Card-Brand (Over $1000)0.1300%
MC ALF (Acquirer License Fee)0.0045%
MC NABU (Network Brand Usage Fee)0.185¢
MC Account Status Inquiry (on $0 auth)2.500¢
MC CVC 2 Authorization Fee0.250¢
MC AVS Authorization Fee1.000¢
MC Intl Cross-Border Support0.6000%
MC International Cross-Border0.8500%
MC - Per Location Annual Fee 2016$7.50/year
MC - Per Location Annual Fee 2017+$15/year

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