Current US Interchange Rates [2022 Update]

The term “Interchange rate” refers to the fees charged by the card companies for use of their cards. These card companies include Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover. Interchange rates change twice a year – in April and October. Payment processing companies make money by putting a markup on top of the interchange rate. This is called cost-plus or interchange-plus pricing. “Interchange” is the card company rate and the “plus” is the markup by the payment processor. The interchange-plus pricing structure has the lowest rates compared to all other pricing structures, including tiered and flat-rate pricing which can be much more expensive.

Common Visa and MasterCard Interchange Rates

Card TypeInterchange Rate
Visa Debit CPS0.80% + 15¢
Visa Debit CPS Regulated0.05% + 22¢
MasterCard Debit1.05% + 22¢
MasterCard Debit Regulated0.05% + 22¢
Visa Credit CPS Retail1.51% + 10¢
MasterCard Credit Consumer (Merit III Core)1.58% + 10¢

Common Visa and MasterCard Interchange Rates

Visa Debit

Debit Retail SwipeInterchange Rate
Visa Debit CPS0.800% + 15¢
Visa Debit CPS Regulated0.050% + 22¢
Visa Debit Prepaid1.510% + 15¢
Visa Debit Business1.650% + 15¢
Visa Debit Business Regulated0.050% + 22¢

MasterCard Debit

Debit Retail SwipeInterchange Rate
MC Debit1.050% + 15¢
MC Debit Regulated0.050% + 22¢
MC Debit Prepaid1.050% + 15¢

Visa Debit

Debit KeyedInterchange Rate
Visa Debit CPS1.650% + 15¢
Visa Debit CPS Regulated0.050% + 22¢
Visa Debit Prepaid1.750% + 20¢
Visa Debit Business2.450% + 10¢
Visa Debit Business Regulated0.050% + 22¢

MasterCard Debit

Debit KeyedInterchange Rate
MC Debit Keyed1.600% + 15¢
MC Debit Regulated Keyed0.050% + 22¢
MC Debit Keyed Prepaid1.760% + 20¢

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Visa Credit

Retail SwipeInterchange Rate
Visa CPS Retail1.510% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Traditional1.650% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature2.300% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature Preferred2.100% + 10¢
Visa Corporate2.100% + 10¢
Visa Business2.200% + 10¢
Visa Purchasing2.400% + 10¢

MasterCard Credit

Credit SwipeInterchange Rate
MC Consumer1.580% + 10¢
MC Enhanced1.730% + 10¢
MC World1.770% + 10¢
MC World Elite2.300% + 10¢
MC Corporate1.900% + 10¢

Visa Credit

Credit KeyedInterchange Rate
Visa Keyed CPS Retail1.800% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Rewards Traditional1.950% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Rewards Signature2.700% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Rewards Signature Preferred2.300% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Corporate2.950% + 10¢
Visa Keyed Business2.950% + 20¢
Visa Keyed Purchasing2.950% + 10¢

MasterCard Credit

Credit KeyedInterchange Rate
MC Keyed Consumer1.890% + 10¢
MC Keyed Enhanced2.040% + 10¢
MC Keyed World2.050% + 10¢
MC Keyed World Elite2.950% + 10¢
MC Keyed Corporate2.650% + 10¢
Real Estate & Property ManagementInterchange Rate
MC Real Estate Consumer1.100%
MC Real Estate Enhanced1.100%
MC Real Estate World1.100%
MC Real Estate World Elite2.200%
MC Real Estate Corporate2.650% + 10¢

Visa Charity

CharitiesInterchange Rate
Visa Debit (Regulated)0.050% + 22¢
Visa Charity Credit1.350% + 5¢
Paypal Donation2.200% + 30¢

MasterCard Charity

CharitiesInterchange Rate
MC Debit (Regulated)0.050% + 22¢
MC Charity Debit (Non-regulated)1.450% + 15¢
MC Charity Credit2.000% + 10¢
Paypal Donation2.200% + 30¢

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Visa International

Visa InternationalInterchange Rate
Visa International1.100%
Visa International Premium1.100%
Visa International Corporate2.000%
Visa International Keyed1.600%

MasterCard International

MasterCard InternationalInterchange Rate
MC International1.100%
MC International Keyed1.600%

Visa Association Fees

Visa Association FeesInterchange Rate
Visa Card-Brand Credit Acquirer Service Fee0.1400%
Visa Card-Brand Debit Acquirer Service Fee0.1300%
Visa NAPF (Network Acquirer Processing Fee)1.95¢
Visa Clearing Access0.25¢
Visa International Cross-Border0.8000%
Visa Intl Acquirer Service Fee0.4500%
Visa FANF (Fixed Acquirer Network Fee)
Visa FANF - Card-Present Per Location$2/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $1,000 - $3,999$7/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $4,000 - $7,999$9/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $8,000 - $39,999$15/mth
Visa FANF - Keyed Volume $40,000 - $199,999$45/mth

MasterCard Association Fees

MasterCard Association FeesInterchange Rate
MC Card-Brand (Under $1000)0.1300%
MC Card-Brand (Over $1000)0.1400%
MC Card-Brand Debit (Over $1000)0.1300%
MC ALF (Acquirer License Fee)0.0047%
MC NABU (Network Brand Usage Fee)0.195¢
MC Account Status Inquiry (on $0 auth)2.500¢
MC CVC 2 Authorization Fee0.250¢
MC AVS Authorization Fee1.000¢
MC Intl Cross-Border Support0.6000%
MC International Cross-Border0.8500%
MC - Per Location Annual Fee 2016$7.50/year
MC - Per Location Annual Fee 2017+$15/year

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