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Hot Tips For Boosting Your Ecommerce Conversions By 200%

Have you been struggling to get more conversions for your business website? Gaining conversions can be a challenge, as you’ve got plenty of traffic to…

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Lloyds Bank Credit Card Holders Can Use MasterCard’s Open Banking Connect

Lloyds Bank Credit Card Holders Can Use MasterCard’s Open Banking Connect The MasterCard Open Banking Connect service provides support for managing payments the right way….

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FDIC: Bank Profits Dropped 36.5 Percent In 2020

FDIC: Bank Profits Dropped 36.5 Percent In 2020 The Federal Deposit Insurance Commission or FDIC reports that United States banks saw significantly lower profits in…

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Amazon Taking a Novel Approach to Cross-Border B2B Payments

Businesses worldwide are struggling to find ways to keep their costs down as the pandemic continues. One way how companies are adapting to the pandemic…

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Differences Between a Credit Card Machine and POS System

Starting out, many new business owners may feel baffled by a huge list of technologies and terms, especially in the payment industry, such as POS…

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Using a Credit Card Reader with Apple iPhone

Are you planning to use your iPhone as a POS system for accepting payments from your consumers? Congratulations, you have made a good decision! Accepting…

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Merchant Services Trends for 2021

With the advent of smarter technologies in the financial industry, the payment processing sector has undergone a revolutionary change in recent years. These trends are…

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Clover Point of Sale Trends for 2021

The Clover point-of-sale or POS system is one of the most popular choices you can utilize in your business today. With Clover, you can create…

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Interchange Fees Increases Delayed Until April 2022

Big changes for interchange fees were on the horizon for both MasterCard and Visa. However, facing some federal scrutiny and recognizing the the US economic…

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Top Fintech Predictions For 2021

Financial technology or fintech is one of the most intriguing fields to explore, as it entails producing new ways for financial services to work for…

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Bill Gates Cautions Investors on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become one of the world’s top investment options. People are flocking to this cryptocurrency for many reasons, from the currency being simple and…

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Restaurant and Hospitality Rebound? Demand for Dining Set to Surge Post Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense harm to many industries. Many places are unable to open, and the ones that can open are doing so…

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Square Buys $170 Million Worth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to remain one of the most intriguing investments on the market. Bitcoin has seen a massive rise in its value in the past…

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Yelp Reports Small Businesses Slowly Recovered at End of 2020

Since the time the overall fears of the pandemic got outspread in the United States of America in early March 2020, businesses across the country…

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Skyscend uses AI to Revolutionize Invoice Management

Skyscend has recently launched the revolutionary SaaS (Software as a Service) offering in the form of Skyscend Pay. The given SaaS-based invoice management system aims…

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