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Restaurants Turn To Technology To Offset Labor Shortage

People are looking to return to restaurants these days, as vaccination rates are rising and infection rates are dropping. People want to get back to…

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Is Monetizing Data the Key to Competing in Payments?

Banks and other financial institutions are often willing to use data sets to make decisions. They need data to figure out who is more likely…

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How Self-Service Retail Has Advanced and Helped Consumers Amid the Pandemic

Self-service kiosks and other devices have become a commonplace at many retail sites over the years. From kiosks at fast food restaurants that accept orders…

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Google Pay Adds Grocery and Transit Service Deals

Google Pay is already a popular mobile payment system, as it supports wireless payments on various Android-enabled devices. It is flexible enough to work on…

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Banks Use of AI to Manage Credit Risk Tripled In the Last Three Years

Banks are using artificial intelligence or AI more than ever to interact with customers. Banks can use AI to produce chatbots that let banks interact…

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Big Tech Earnings Reveal Big Ideas For What’s Next In Commerce

Some of the top entities in Big Tech recently released their latest earnings reports. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook all performed beyond what analysts…

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Fiserv Delivers POS QR Codes With PayPal and Venmo

People have been using Venmo and PayPal to handle many financial transactions as of late. People are also using QR codes more often, as they…

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The Rise of Digital Retail and Subscriptions Continue

Today’s consumers aren’t too concerned about the places they shop. They are more invested in the ways they shop. They are looking for places that…

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Smart Payments Association Says 2021 Is a Pivotal Year For Wearable Payments Tech

People have been using wearable items for many purposes in the last few years. They have gone beyond fitness bands and include items that can…

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Improving the Bottom Line With Fraud Mitigation

Ecommerce fraud has become a significant concern in today’s economy. People are flocking online more than ever before to make purchases. Some retailers are also…

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How Blockchain Technology Is Fixing Payments Today and What Comes Next

The challenges that come with payment for items are plentiful. It takes a while for some payments to go through, plus it is tough to…

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Gen Z Millennials’ Changing Preferences Drive Financial Technology

Technology and trends change with each generation, a point that is true about millennials. The millennial generation has some unique preferences surrounding how they handle…

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GameStop Now Has An Additional $551 Million To Fund Its eCommerce Transformation

The video game retailer GameStop was in the news for a while earlier this year, as the company saw its stock price rise thanks to…

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BNPL Schemes Make It Easy To Spend, But Harder To Understand the Risks

The concept of buy-now-pay-later transactions sounds convenient for many people. The idea allows a person to purchase a product on credit and then pay for…

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woman hand holding apple iphone 11 pay pass online terminal 162910035

Why Are Apple Pay, the Starbucks App, and Samsung Pay More Successful Than Other Mobile Wallets?

The odds are you’ve heard about many online wallet solutions. These systems let customers link their credit or debit cards to a wallet setup. The…

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