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best property management systems

10 Best Property Management Systems

In the United States, the property management industry is in continuous growth and generates 16% of the country’s GDP. While this is a field that’s…

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restaurant profitability hacks

Top 5 Hacks for Restaurants to Increase Profitability

The restaurant industry can be brutal due to a combination of constant competition and tight profit margins. As such, finding new ways to stand out…

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Amazon’s Prime Day Traffic Held

Data Brief: Amazon’s Prime Day Traffic Held Up While Walmart+ Weekend Fell 24%

It can be difficult to identify the struggles that retail giants face, however, the data from large-scale, member only, annual sales events give great insight…

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FTC Fines Credit Karma

FTC Imposes Fine of $3M on Credit Karma for False Pre-Approvals

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission has released information that they have ordered Credit Karma (a personal finance company) a pay a fine of $3…

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meta exploring paid

Meta Exploring Paid Facebook, Instagram Features

With Twitter already implementing paid features and Snapchat continuing to push the envelope by adding paid add-on features, now Meta is aiming to explore paid…

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best crypto exchanges

Best Crypto Exchanges and Apps of 2022

Cryptocurrencies in the modern era have become far more accessible after the late rise in overall popularity. Nowadays, a number of brokerage firms allow investors…

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internet of things

The Impact of IoT (Internet of Things) in Payments – Reliable Analysis 2022

The best thing about technology is its constantly improving nature. With changing technology, digital advancement is the new revolution. With the development of technologies like…

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best patreon alternatives

8 Best Patreon Alternatives – Risk-free & Trusted

You’ve probably heard of Patreon if you’re a content creator. If you are unfamiliar with the service, Patreon is a platform that gives business tools…

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leveraging amazon fba

How Leveraging Amazon FBA can Benefit Your Online Sales in 5 ways?- Reliable Analysis

All online retailers should consider Amazon FBA. The level of Amazon’s infrastructure to fulfill orders is unmatched in the industry and over the past couple…

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best ways to welcome guests

10 Best Ways to Welcome Guests in Your Hotel

First impressions are everything in life. That’s as true for personal relationships as it is for businesses, which makes it twice as relevant for the…

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customer loyalty programs

Top Customer Loyalty Programs to Keep Them Coming Back in 2022

Having a good customer loyalty program in place is a very cost-effective strategy for retaining clients and increasing sales and referrals. A loyalty program is…

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important hotel kpis

7 Most Important Hotel KPIs in the Hospitality Industry

You need to evaluate data to know how your business is doing. That’s as true for the hospitality industry as it is for any other…

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make money from home

The Best Opportunities to Make Money from Home in 2022

The past couple of years has presented a tremendous opportunity to explore various new ways to utilize one’s talents and make money from home. During…

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biggest credit card scams

Biggest Credit Card Scams in 2022

Scams have been a common evil in the credit card industry since the payment method was invented. However, with the evolution of technology and the…

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best customer service software

Best Customer Service Software Tools in 2022

Customer service standards are evolving because customers desire more transparency and quicker responses. Every company wants to make sure that its people are ready because…

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