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Virtual Terminals

Transaction Express – Virtual Terminal

Host Merchant Services is proud to present Transaction Express, a web-based centralized payment processing system that offers merchants comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly processing solutions. This system allows you to perform transactions 24 hours a day from any worldwide location with all of the functionality of an electronic countertop terminal. Transaction Express features fully PCI compliant 256 bit secure encrypted traffic as well as data tokenization to ensure the highest level of security during the transfer. For merchants that perform e-commerce on their websites, Transaction Express can supply a link to a custom branded secure online payment page that supports one-time and recurring payments.

Transaction Central Capabilities

  • ACH Services

  • Check Imaging

  • Recurring Payments

  • Wireless Processing

  • Batch Processing

  • Multi Location Networking

About Virtual Terminals

A virtual terminal is an online payment system that allows a merchant to process credit cards and ACH transactions without the card being present. This type of processing is used by businesses that accept credit card payments over the phone, by mail, or online. Virtual terminals (also referred to as online payment gateways) should be selected carefully to ensure the security of the data transfer.

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