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E-commerce Payment Solutions and Integrations

Host Merchant Services offers the latest in payment gateway and e-commerce technologies. We can provide online processing to almost all business types. Our service goes further than other companies – we assist you in implementing a complete e-commerce solution including payment gateway integration, security, and PCI compliance. Our solutions support all major online shopping carts as well as all major payment gateways.

Popular Supported Ecommerce Shopping Carts

woocommerce shopping cart

Shopify Online Shopping Cart

Magento Online Shopping Cart

big commerce shopping cart

Wix online shopping cart

3dcart ecommerce shopping cart

Pinnacle Cart Ecommerce shopping

xcart ecommerce shopping cart

Have a different shopping cart? No problem! We integrate with most systems. Reach out for more details!

Online Payments Made Easy

You’re job is running your online store, not integrating payments. That’s where we come in. We will help you as much as is needed to get you up and running. We make it simple and easy to start accepting payments online.

  • Easy application
  • Quick approval
  • Simple integration
  • Fantastic Service

Integrating ecommerce payments into your website

Our eCommerce Advantage

We have unparalleled knowledge and experience in the industry. Host Merchant Services CEO Lou Honick spent 11 years running a successful web hosting company and this experience gives his current venture an edge in creating useful online shopping solutions for our clients. Host Merchant Services is able to craft e-commerce solutions that suit a merchant’s exact needs.

With HMS products and services we seamlessly transplant our retail services to your online business. We offer the same great savings and high quality customer service that we are able to offer our retail customers. And we bring you superior expertise in the online environment with our support and customer service.

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Whats Included in Your eCommerce Solution?

Host Merchant Services Logo for HMS Branded ToolsYou get all of these
great features with our
eCommerce processing:

Payment Gateways

E-Commerce becomes a snap when you’ve got a Payment Gateway managing your transactions. We offer multiple Payment Gateway options. Choose the one that fits your business — from Transaction Central, HMSExpress or

Virtual Terminals

HMS provides even more flexibility for your online shopping experience with our virtual terminal Transaction Central. This web-based centralized payment processing system let’s you run everything through its centralized toolset.

Online Shopping Carts

Host Merchant Services provides expertise and support for your website’s online shopping cart. We’ll help you find the one that works best and most efficiently with your payment processing setup. And we’ll help you keep it working smoothly.

Mobile Payment Technologies

HMS keeps you on the cutting edge of Mobile Payment Technology — offering both iPhone and Android solutions for your business. We’ll let your customers connect to your online shopping cart right from their phone and help you process their transactions seamlessly.

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You combine those choices with these standard
merchant account features that
Host Merchant Services provides its customers:

Great Rate

We save you money, guaranteed. HMS makes it affordable for you to process transactions online.

Fantastic Service

Customer-focused 24×7 support and service. We are there to help when you need us.

No Hidden Fees

No annual fee, no application fee, low PCI fee, no monthly minimums. We strive to keep what you pay transparent and clear to you and do not hide any of the charges when doing business with us.

Lifetime Rates

We offer straightforward “cost plus” pricing, and your rate to HMS will never increase.

No Contracts

We don’t lock you into a term or charge you early termination fees. We want you to stay with us because you are happy with your service.

Experience a Higher Level of Service

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