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The Clover® POS ecosystem has everything your business needs in a POS system. Whether you’re looking for a complete restaurant point of sale, a retail point of sale system, or mobile functionality for on-the-go payments, Clover POS systems have what you need and you can add on at any time! We know there are many point of sale system options, so we offer the best customer service and support to help make your Clover point of sale experience a success – call (877) 517-4678 Opt 1 to ask a payment systems specialist about your Clover point of sale options and Clover POS pricing.

Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The Clover Kitchen Display System is the latest hardware advancement from Clover. This additional KDS system is for quick service and full service restaurants who have a demand for seamless front-of-house and back-of-house communication. With just one screen, you can get rid of receipts in the kitchen, check order statuses real-time, and consolidate your on-premise orders and off-premise third party orders all in one place. Upgrade your Clover Station Duo or Clover Station Solo today!

Clover Station Duo

Clover Station Duo POS

The Clover Station Duo is the latest innovation of one of the greatest desktop POS stations ever created. Besides its ease of use and seamless design and interface, the Clover POS software comes with the Clover App Store. You can add on functionality as needed to expand and enhance the capabilities of the Clover Station Duo. This versatile station comes with a tablet interface and a printer, as well as a customer facing Clover POS Mini. Optionally add register drawers, barcode scanners, kitchen printers, and other powerful accessories. Get what you need, add on later!

Clover Station Solo

Clover Station Solo POS

The Clover Station Solo is a cost effective and full-featured POS station. It is well suited for the most demanding retail and restaurant applications, as well as many other business types. Clover Station Solo has an industry-leading, elegant design for both hardware and software, making it easy to use and appealing for both merchants and customers. The Clover Station Solo, like all members of the Clover POS family, offers unparalleled customizability through a wide variety of software available in the Clover App Store. Clover Station Solo is everything you need right out of the box, but allows the flexibility to add register drawers, kitchen printers, barcode scanners and other accessories. Using Clover POS, your business can easily to adapt to ever changing needs as you grow.

Clover Mini (2nd Generation)

Clover Mini POS

The Clover Mini 3nd generation is a great add-on or stand-alone POS interface! Touting all the functionality of the larger Clover station, the Clover mini POS has a sleek form factor and small footprint. Perfect for use on a tight counter, as an order entry station in a restaurant, or as a customer-facing display add-on to the Clover Station POS.


Clover Flex POS

Clover Flex offers full-featured modern payments in the palm of your hand. Connect to the same great POS system as the Clover Station and Clover Mini except in a wireless, super portable Clover Flex device. Clover Flex accepts all payments that the larger Clover Stations do and includes a built-in receipt printer. The unparalleled mobility of the Clover Flex makes it ideal for solutions like customer-premise payments, restaurant pay-at-the-table, and trade shows.


Clover GO POS

Go mobile! With the Clover Go, your Android or Apple iOS phone becomes a complete POS system. It connects with Bluetooth making it simple, universal, and powerful. The Clover Go reader is easily connected to your phone straight from the Clover POS app. This is the leader in mobile swipers and mobile EMV readers.

Clover POS Swivel Stand

Clover POS Swivel Stand (Accessory)

The Clover POS Swivel Stand is a new Clover Mini only accessory that allows the Clover Mini to be mounted to a countertop, but then can easily swivel between the merchant and the consumer for payment entry and signature or PIN on screen.

Clover Barcode Scanner

Clover Barcode Scanner (Accessory)

Clover Barcode Scanner is a powerful add-on for easily managing inventory, simplifying checkout, and performing other business tasks with your Clover POS station. This customized barcode scanner has a sleeker design and a smaller footprint thanks to its integrated adjustable stand. Capture both 1D and 2D barcodes from paper labels, phone screens, as well as high-density (HD) barcodes used in specialty retail and electronic manufacturing. The Clover-customized version enables easy plug-and-play setup.

Clover Kitchen Printer

Clover Kitchen Printer (Accessory)

Clover POS is an excellent solution for restaurant and fine dining establishments, especially with the addition of a Clover Kitchen Printer.  Simply and automatically send orders to the kitchen with this versatile and durable solution. Built to withstand the heat and humidity of the kitchen, this fast, two-color printer offers crisp, easy to read type for quick viewing. This is the only kitchen printer compatible with Clover.


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Complete Guide to Clover Pricing 2022

Choosing the Right Clover POS System

Our payment systems specialists are here to help determine which Clover POS system is right for you based on your specific needs. Whether you own a restaurant, food truck, farmers market stand, retail store or mobile service business, Clover has a solution for you!

The Clover POS Systems are all sleek, modern and seamless in their design, so no matter which system you choose, your customers will be impressed by the efficiency, speed and sleek appearance. All systems are designed to simplify daily tasks, speed up transactions and help you easily manage your employees.

As you are researching the different systems, there are a few things to consider:

Display Size: Where will you be housing your system? Do you have a large or tight counter space? Do you travel to events and need something you can use while on the go?

Printing Capabilities: Do you need a system that comes with a printer or offers built-in printing capabilities? Are you OK with emailed receipts?

Budget: Will you be purchasing or leasing the system? What does your budget look like?

Add-Ons: Do you need any additional features such as a register drawer, barcode scanner, pin pad, or mobile tablet?

When choosing your system, keep in mind you can always add on features later as you grow and expand your business and your needs change.

Let’s Compare Clover Models

Here is a quick guide to help you compare the systems:

  • Clover Station POS (Duo and Solo):
    • Display: Single 14” touchscreen with swivel feature for Clover Station Solo 
    • Display: Additional 7" customer facing display for Clover Station Duo
    • Network Connectivity: Ethernet, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Card Acceptance: credit, debit, EMV chip and NFC contactless payments
    • Printer: included with the system
    • Cash Drawer: available
  • Clover Mini POS:
    • Display: 7” high resolution touchscreen with front facing camera
    • Network Connectivity: WIFI or Ethernet (3G/4G available)
    • Card Acceptance: credit, debit, EMV chip and NFC contactless payments
    • Printer: internal thermal printer
    • Sends paperless receipts
    • Cash drawer: optional
  • Clover Flex POS:
    • Display: 5” HD display (1280x720)
    • Network Connectivity: 3G and WIFI
    • Card Acceptance: credit, debit, EMV chip and NFC contactless payments
    • Printer: built-in receipt printer
    • Scanner: built-in barcode scanner/camera
    • Cash drawer: none
  • Clover Go POS:
    • Display: Per phone capabilities, tabletop stand sold separately
    • Network Connectivity: Per phone capabilities
    • Card Acceptance: credit, debit, EMV chip and NFC contactless payments
    • Printer: none
    • Cash drawer: none
    • Seamlessly connects with your mobile device so you can start taking payments anywhere, anytime!

All Clover POS Systems are designed to help you accept payments with ease! No matter the size of your business, whether you have a storefront or are on the go, one of the Clover systems will be right for you. 

clover pos system

If you have further questions, call (877) 517-4678 option 1 to speak with one of our qualified payment systems specialists today. We offer complimentary express services and are here to help you choose the system that will help you run your business with more ease!