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Payment Processing:

Payment processing is a critical aspect of what we here at HMS provide for merchants like you. We want merchants to have the information they need to make informed decisions and understand how their money is handled.

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Payment Gateways:

Payment gateways allow online businesses to authorize eCommerce transactions. eCommerce greatly expands a merchant’s horizons, and understanding it is the first step to opening your business to a wider audience.

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Terminal Articles:

Terminals enable merchants to accept credit and debit cards at the physical point-of-sale. They are critical components of a POS system.

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Data and transaction security are vital to businesses. Read our articles to learn how to keep your business data, including your customers’ data, safe and secure.

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Credit Cards:

Credit cards are the backbone of payments. With consumers becoming increasingly reliant on plastic for their everyday spending, it pays to know how they work and what affects card-based purchases.

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eCommerce is a booming industry that allows merchants to connect their inventories and services with billions of potential buyers around the world. Our resources can help you get started with this exciting and powerful opportunity.

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Mobile Payments:

Mobile payments are rising in popularity, especially as the United States transitions to EMV technology. Industry experts are optimistic about this new payment option. Find out why!

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Financial News:

Stay on top of finance with our articles. We answer your questions and offer advice.

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HMS vs. Competitors:

Learn how HMS stays on top of the competition to bring you affordable, dependable merchant services solutions.

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Point-of-Sale Systems:

The point-of-sale is where it all happens. It’s where customers finalize their purchases and authorize payments to your business. Learn about how POS systems can expand your business’s operations and give you many new tools and options.

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EMV is set to become the next big trend in the United States payments ecosystem. HMS will tell you all you need to know about what EMV is, how it works, and what it means for your business.

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BLE and NFC are two major technologies helping to create a contactless, frictionless consumer experience. We help you dispel the myths and get to the truths about BLE, NFC, and how this technology can help your business.

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