Custom Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs


Custom gift cards and loyalty cards are a great way to encourage repeat business. Host Merchant Services takes all the time and hassle out of the process with complete turn-key solutions that can help you increase customer loyalty with minimal effort. Increase revenues by starting a program today!

We provide our clients the ability to offer the flexibility and convenience of Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs. These redeemable Transaction Cards let customers make flexible decisions when purchasing your goods or services. Host Merchant Services can customize the program to fit your needs, with options that include:

  • Gift Card Only

  • Loyalty Program Only

  • Loyalty Cards Plus Program (Gift Cards + Loyalty)

Host Merchant Services goes that extra mile with its Gift Card and Loyalty Programs, providing our clients with the support and expertise they need to make this work for them. We will make sure your terminal can process Gift Cards. We will help you create your Gift Card’s look and get you started with processing these cards quickly and efficiently.

Call us today and let us find the Gift Card or

Loyalty Program that helps your business succeed!

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