Next Day Funding Times

Next Day Funding

It’s important that you get paid quickly. We are happy to offer next day funding that gets you paid the next business day.
Know when to expect deposits using the information below.

Batch Time Deadlines

To get next day funding you must perform the batch settlement from your credit card machine by the deadline. If the batch settlement is sent before the deadline you will get the deposit the next business day unless it is a batch settlement on Sunday in which case you will get that deposit on the following Tuesday. Host Merchant Services can automate your batch settlements to happen at the same time everyday automatically so you never miss a deadline. If your batch settlement is sent in after the deadline it is treated as a batch settlement performed the following day.

The diagram (right) shows the batch settlement deadline for different timezones.

*Standard batch settlement deadlines shown*
*Options available for batch deadlines as late as 11pm EST*


Batch and Funding Days

What day do I get the deposit?

Next day funding deposits the funds collected the following business day if the batch settlement was performed before the deadline. The only day that does not follow this pattern is Sunday. Any batch settlements performed on a Sunday will be deposited on the following Tuesday. The infographic below shows the day of the week the batch is performed and the day it will be deposited.


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