Free Payment Processing

Free Payment Processing Program for Merchants

Yes, it’s true! You can now offset your entire payment processing bill and collect 100% of your revenue. The merchant account we use to do this is called a No-Cost account, also known as “the cash discount program”. This program works by automatically adding the cost of each transaction to that transaction. In this way, merchants do not have to pay anything and get completely free payment processing!

Is the no-cost account really free?

Yes! Our no-cost free payment processing accounts are completely free for merchants processing $5,000/month or more. Merchants processing less than $5,000/month can still use the program at a flat cost of $20/month!

Who Qualifies for Free Payment Processing?

Any merchant that does not require “Tip adjust” can use the No-cost payment processing account. Tip adjust is where the card is run and the cardholder fills in a tip on the receipt to be adjusted to the authorized amount later – same as most sit down restaurants. Beyond that, all merchants can utilize this program! We find that our free payment processing account works especially well for service-based industries such as HVAC, electrical, landscaping, property management, auto repair and maintenance, etc.

When will I get paid when using the free payment processing account?

The No-Cost (free) payment processing account comes with “next day funding” standard. When you batch out the payment processing terminal at the end of the business day that money will be deposited the next business day. Transaction fees will not be present in the deposits meaning each deposit is 100% revenue for you and you will not have to pay out at the end of the month.

How does the free payment processing account work?

The no-cost account will automatically add a convenience fee on to the transaction. When a customer pays with cash or checks they are “discounted” that convenience fee. This is why many processors refer to this program as the “Cash Discount” program. In this way, the cardholder pays for the cost of their transaction rather than the merchant.

Is the no-cost merchant account the same as surcharging?

No, our free payment processing account is not the same as surcharging.  With surcharging you are applying a convenience fee to just card transactions thus disincentivizing the use of cards.  With the no-cost program (cash discount program), a service fee is added to all transactions but then discounted for cash and check payments thus incentivizing the use of cash. Over the last two years, this program has grown substantially in popularity.

How do I get started with free payment processing?

You can get started with your free payment processing account in less than 30 seconds! Simply fill out the form below that says “I want free processing!” and we’ll reach out to you to answer any questions you might have and to get you started. Approvals are as quick as 24hours or even faster in many cases!

What else do I get with the free payment processing account?


White-Glove Service

We pride ourselves in delivering a level of service that is above and beyond. That’s why phone calls are always answered by a real person in 3-4 rings, and you will never wait in a hold queue. And that's just the start…


Free Equipment Program

98% of our merchants qualify for free credit card terminals or processing equipment. Don’t worry about leasing a new machine. We have a new one for you!

Fast Processing

Fast Approval

Most auto shops get approved and processing in less than 2 business days! Need we say more?

Quck Payments

Next Day Funding

No more waiting for deposits. You get next day funding so you can run your business without all of the unnecessary speed bumps.


No Term Agreements

Our contracts run month-to-month with no term agreement or cancellation fee. Our merchants stay with us because they love us, not because they have to.


Online Account Login

Included 24/7 online access to a full suite makes it easy to track your merchant account.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want our merchants to be happier with us than with any other company, and they are. Our 98% merchant retention rate is purely organic.

Apple Pay

EMV Acceptance

We supply modern credit card machines with all the bells and whistles you expect. EMV, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and contactless payments are all supported.


Experience A Higher Level Of Service

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