Print Media’s Death Knell

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog is going to get a bit personal, for me at least. I’m going to take a moment to talk about print media, and its withering industry. Or, think of it this way: I’ll be talking about the rise to power of E-Commerce — the industry that has helped deliver…


Durbin Amendment Back In the News

The Official Merchant Services Blog returns to a topic that it covered thoroughly throughout 2011: The Durbin Amendment. With the Stop Online Piracy Act getting most of the headlines lately, Durbin Amendment’s continued impact on the payment processing industry has gone into stealth mode. Until today that is. Stick with us as we offer a…

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Finding Quality Merchant Services

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog is playing a bit of catch up. The story we’re going to highlight and discuss is almost three weeks old. It was intended to run earlier, but technical difficulties with the blog’s production kept it from appearing until now. However, we feel the story is still worth some attention…