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Customized E-Commerce

The Official Merchant Services Blog switches its focus today back to e-commerce. After the boom in mobile phone usage this past weekend from Black Friday on through Cyber Monday, it’s becoming increasingly clear that smartphones and mobile internet users are becoming very important parts of the  e-commerce industry. As such, businesses that utilize e-commerce need…

Host Merchant Services provides e-commerce solutions for online businesses just getting started.

Payment Gateways: How They Help Your Business

The Official Merchant Services Blog delves into Payment Gateways today. We’re going to examine the pros that exist for businesses in using Payment Gateways to establish an online business presence and accept online payments. We also detail some of the basic questions you want to ask yourself about e-commerce, why you want an e-commerce presence…

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Advantages of Online Credit Card Processing

The e-commerce industry’s existence hinges on thriving and healthy online credit card processing. People who own businesses today utilize online payment gateways and online credit card processing because of an increasing number of consumers that shop online and own credit cards. Here are some points outlining the advantages of obtaining online credit card services like those you can find at Host Merchant Services: