Advantages of Online Credit Card Processing

Posted: September 15, 2011 | Updated: March 9, 2022

The e-commerce industry’s existence hinges on thriving and healthy online credit card processing. People who own businesses today utilize online payment gateways and online credit card processing because of an increasing number of consumers that shop online and own credit cards. Here are some points outlining the advantages of obtaining online credit card services like those you can find at Host Merchant Services:

The first advantage is a simple one — it improves your ability to do business. Business owners invest a lot of time and resources to make sure their web site is visually effective. However, some may not consider investing as much time into the payment processing side of their online shop. Having the right payment gateway, bank account and merchant processor can save the business owner money and improve their online transactions.

The transactions can take place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so are not bound by business hours of brick and mortar shops.

The second advantage is security. Online credit card processing services are both stable and secure. Security technologies that are utilized, including PCI compliance standards, have advanced to a point where credit card information is difficult for criminals to easily obtain. This makes it very safe for customers to use credit cards online.

Payment Gateways are systems that are made to communicate a customer’s payment details from a business owner’s protected, and PCI compliant website to an equally secure merchant processor. The gateway handles the collection, encryption and security of the data transmission to a merchant account.

The third advantage is convenience, or rather speed. By making use of online credit card processing services, consumers can make quick and easy transactions. A few mouse clicks and some basic credit card information and a customer can buy whatever goods or services they need. E-Commerce solutions that are set up through Host Merchant Services will allow a business owner to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express with no hassles at all. And HMS backs up their merchants with excellent customer services, helping their clients get answers to any questions and resolving any problems they have regarding their transactions.

Adding to the convenience factor is accessibility. Online credit card processing services can be set up so that a business owner can access their merchant account from anywhere. No longer bound to a store location, a merchant can review and control their credit card transaction settings from any place they find convenient that has online access.

The fourth advantage is flexibility. E-commerce solutions created by Host Merchant Services can be created to deal with a variety of currencies. Online merchant accounts can have automated currency conversions that even default to a preferred currency.  This opens up a customer’s business up to the entire world of potential customers.

Before you select a payment gateway, make sure you ask your merchant services provider for a list of the various options available. Contact them and get information on their rates, their individual services and compatibility with your e-commerce needs.

If you want to start finding an e-commerce solution that is specifically tailored to your needs, contact Host Merchant Services right here!

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