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The VX 520 vs. VX 510 and VX 570 Credit Card Processing Terminals: An Inside Look by Host Merchant Services

As a newly supported terminal here at Host Merchant Services, Verifone’s VX 520 boasts mission-critical features even within the highly competitive countertop payment device category. To its prospective end users, the 520 promises better revenue opportunities, flexible connectivity suites, uncompromising security and VeriFone’s dependability ­ all wrapped in the company’s proven “VX” platform. Amongst the almost mind-boggling myriad of next-level features, theVX 520 stands out with available NFC software technology, memory increase of 160 standard MB designed to support up to 500 MB, the industry’s fastest processor to handle encryption and more, a full range of connectivity options with optional battery function, a uniquely-designed communication port to neatly connect cables under the device for clean countertops and an ergonomic design with small footprint and unique cable management system to optimize what the company calls “handover usage.”

Verifone Terminals

The VeriFone Vx 510 Ethernet, representing the company’s “value and performance” countertop payment solution, boats cost-effective, space-saving and secure characteristics that connects to broadband for high speed transactions. As VeriFone’s best-selling countertop solution, the Vx 510 features a PCI PED-approved built-in PIN pad and, according to the company, more usable memory than any of its competitors ­ in addition to a high-speed processing and thermal printer, a memory algorithm that supports value-added applications such as loyalty and gift cards, support of external peripherals such as contactless payment solutions and check readers, a triple-track card reader that accepts all magnetic-stripe variants and much more. Further, a VeriShield Retain file authentication application provides proficient security while display and printer graphics rapidly create logos, graphical fonts and character-based languages.

“Incomparable performance. Enhanced features. Greater flexibility.” These are all VeriFone’s accolades they have attached to the Vx 570 countertop solution which significantly reduces transaction time through a plethora of features. Combining superior speed and performance with support for value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions, the 570 goes far beyond dial connectivity suites ­ here¹s a solution that also offers an option that provides both Ethernet and dial communications in an intuitive ATM-style interface with bold menu prompts.

Beyond these VeriFone products, Host Merchant Services also supports a series of Equinox — formerly the Hypercom brand ­– terminals such as the t4205, t4220 and t4210.

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