SwipeSimple B350 Card Reader

An Overview of the All-New SwipeSimple B350 Card Reader

As of 2022, approximately 214 million U.S. adults use credit cards, representing 31% of all payment transactions. This trend highlights the need for businesses to adopt efficient card reader solutions to keep pace. One such newly introduced solution is the SwipeSimple B350 Card Reader.

The SwipeSimple B350 card reader accepts all major credit card types and revolutionizes business transactions with its comprehensive capabilities. It features contactless payments, EMV chip reading, and magnetic stripe swiping, making it adept at processing any payment method. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the SwipeSimple B350 ensures quick and efficient transactions.

It has a powerful battery for prolonged usage and an “easy to carry” design that streamlines payment processing in your establishment. With its elegant black finish, this card reader is reliable and accepts all popular payment methods. This post will discuss the features of the brand-new SwipeSimple B350 card reader, how it works, and how it can improve your company’s productivity.

A Brief Look at the B350 Card Reader

The B350 card reader is an advanced hardware option designed for SwipeSimple merchants using the Mobile App to process payments. This device supports various payment methods, including contactless tap-to-pay, EMV chip, and magnetic stripe payments, ensuring versatility in transaction methods. It operates similarly to the previous B250 model but is more advanced in the category, offering more features and enhanced compatibility.

Notably, the B350 card reader is certified with several major processors, such as Fiserv Rapid Connect Nashville and TSYS. Later in 2024, support will be expanded to Fiserv Omaha and Worldpay. The device connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy and comes with a USB charging cable, which means faster charging and a lasting battery.

This device is designed for user-friendly operations. The B350 features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the transaction process for both merchants and customers. Its ergonomic design and lightweight structure make it comfortable to handle, whether in a stationary setup or on the go. The reader’s durability is matched by a long-lasting battery life, which ensures it can handle a high volume of transactions on a single charge.

What are the Features of the B350 Card Reader?

The B350 card reader is an advanced payment processing tool designed for SwipeSimple merchants using the Mobile App. It offers comprehensive features to improve the payment experience for merchants and their customers. Here are the key features of the B350 card reader:

  • Device Compatibility: It works seamlessly with various mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets, enhancing versatility in various retail environments.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: A notable feature of the B350 is its comprehensive support for numerous payment methods. It accommodates contactless payments, including tap-to-pay, which customers increasingly prefer for convenience and speed. Additionally, the reader supports EMV chip transactions, providing a secure way to process credit and debit cards. It also includes a magnetic stripe reader, ensuring merchants can cater to all customers, regardless of their card technology.
  • User Interaction: Enhances user interactions through its indicators of pairing and transaction success. It uses visual (light) and audible signals to confirm successful device pairing and payment processing, which enhances the user experience by providing precise and immediate feedback on each transaction’s status.
  • Connectivity: Connectivity is facilitated through Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which ensures a reliable and energy-efficient connection between the card reader and the merchant’s device. This wireless connection is critical for maintaining a tidy and flexible sales environment, free from the clutter of cables.
  • Portability and Charging: The B350 card reader is designed for portability. It is equipped with a USB charging port, simplifying the charging process, and the reader is shipped with a USB charging cable. The optional charging stand, available for countertop use, provides a convenient and secure place to charge and store the reader when not in use, making it ideal for stationary setups.

What are the Specifications of the B350 Card Reader?

The B350 card reader, a product of Ingenico, stands out for its compact design and efficient functionality. Ingenico, a leader in payment hardware solutions, ensures that the B350 maintains the highest quality standards.

This device is notably portable, measuring just 3.03 inches in length, 2.13 inches in width, and 0.58 inches in height, and it weighs a mere 2.36 ounces. Initially, the B350 is certified for use with Fiserv Rapid Connect Nashville and TSYS. By the end of 2024, plans are underway to expand its compatibility to include Fiserv Omaha and Worldpay, enhancing its utility across more platforms.

Is it Better than B250? Why Should Businesses Choose the B350 Card Reader?

Businesses in search of a versatile, robust, and forward-looking payment solution should consider the B350 card reader. This reader offers several significant advantages, particularly when compared to its predecessor, the B250. The B350 supports a wide array of payment methods, including magstripe, EMV (chip) cards, and contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. This feature allows businesses to accommodate all customers, regardless of their preferred payment method, ensuring smoother transaction experiences.

Is it Better than B250? Why Should Businesses Choose the B350 Card Reader?

Source: SwipeSimple

The B350 is also designed for ease of use, a hallmark of SwipeSimple devices. It is exceptionally user-friendly for small businesses or those new to digital payment systems, connecting via Bluetooth and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This accessibility is enhanced by its competitive pricing, which provides excellent value given its capabilities, such as fast transaction processing times enabled by EMV Quick Chip technology. This helps businesses save on transaction fees and reduces customer waiting time during checkout.

B350 optional charging stand for countertop payments.

Optional charging stand for countertop payments.

In terms of design, the B350 is both portable and durable, making it suitable for various environments. This makes it ideal for businesses that need mobility, like food trucks, pop-up shops, or outdoor events, and its robust construction ensures it withstands daily wear and tear.

SwipeSimple backs the B350 with comprehensive support and services, including a customer portal for tracking sales and managing payments and a virtual terminal for keyed entries. Thus, it is a well-rounded solution supporting many business operations aspects.

B350 and B250 comparison

The B350 is an improvement in several areas compared to the B250. Although larger, it is lighter and incorporates audio and visual indicators, enhancing its usability. It also supports the Fiserv Rapid Connect Nashville processor. It includes a USB-C port, an upgrade from the micro USB port in the B250, further evidencing its advancements in technology and user experience.


The SwipeSimple B350 Card Reader is a promising solution for businesses seeking efficient and versatile payment processing. In a landscape where card payments dominate, the B350 offers comprehensive support for various payment methods, including contactless, EMV chip, and magnetic stripe transactions. Its compatibility with iOS and Android devices and its user-friendly interface ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions for merchants and customers alike.

Its portability, durability, and long-lasting battery make it suitable for diverse retail environments. With significant improvements over its predecessor, the B250, such as enhanced connectivity, audio-visual indicators, and support for major processors, the B350 stands out as a reliable and forward-looking choice for businesses embracing the shift toward digital payment systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the introduction of the B350 card reader impact existing users of the B250 model?

    The B350 is an additional option, not a replacement for the B250. Users can continue using their B250 devices, which will still be supported indefinitely. It’s recommended to consider switching to the B350 for future hardware purchases if operating on certified processors like Fiserv Nashville and TSYS.

  2. What additional benefits does the B350 offer for mobile merchants compared to the B250?

    The B350 provides audible and visual indicators for successful transactions, enhancing the user experience compared to the B250. Its USB-C charging connector offers efficiency, and its lighter, thinner design makes it more portable and user-friendly for mobile transactions.

  3. Can the B350 card reader be integrated into existing POS systems, and what are the specific benefits of doing so?

    Yes, the B350 seamlessly integrates with POS systems that are compatible with SwipeSimple hardware. It supports various payment methods, including EMV chips, magnetic stripes, and contactless payments. This integration enables faster transactions, especially with features like EMV Quick-Chip and support for contactless payment methods like Apple Pay.

  4. What future plans does CardFlight have for expanding processor support for the B350, and how will this benefit merchants?

    By the end of 2024, the B350 will be certified for additional processors, including Fiserv Omaha and Worldpay. This expansion will make the B350 accessible to a broader range of merchants, offering more options depending on their specific needs and processor compatibility.

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