Clover Station Duo POS

Clover® Station Duo is a customizable and powerful point-of-sale (POS) and business management system with a fixed, 14-inch, high-resolution merchant-facing screen, a merchant receipt printer, and a dedicated 7-inch customer-facing display (Clover POS Mini). It includes access to all of Clover’s software. Through its customer-facing display screen, Clover Station Duo features fully-integrated payment acceptance capabilities, including debit cards, credit cards, EMV chip cards, and NFC contactless payment options. This version provides connectivity through wi-fi or ethernet only (no LTE). The Clover Station Duo bundle includes a receipt printer, a starter kit, and a cash drawer.

Clover Station POS Features:

  • Native 4G connectivity
  • Fully integrated EMV, NFC and MSR payment acceptance (on the customer-facing terminal)
  • Fingerprint login for up to 50 employees
  • State-of-the-art processor supports improved transaction processing and app performance
  • Streamlined connection (tethering) between the merchant-facing display and customer-facing terminal via one cord for both power and data transmission
  • Improved order accuracy, customer engagement and loyalty program facilitation

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