Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Clover® Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a full service additional display monitor that pairs seamlessly with your Clover Station Duo or Clover Station Solo. The Kitchen Display System is a 14-inch employee-facing monitor that displays an order management system for your kitchen staff to increase their operational efficiency. The KDS is perfect for connecting the front-of house & online ordering platforms to the kitchen staff directly. Merchants are required to have either the Clover Register, Table Service Restaurant or the Counter Service Restaurant software package in order to use the Clover Kitchen Display System.

Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS) Features:

  • 14-inch Screen
  • Bi-directional speakers for loud kitchens
  • Color-coded order status
  • Prep-time reporting functionality
  • Multi-level or Item-level routing capabilities
  • Ability to print runner tickets to any printer on the network
  • 1.8 GHz 4 Cores and 2.2Ghz 4 Cores
  • 15GB Storage
  • Android 10.x and Multi-Language Support

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A Simple And Efficient Solution

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Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS) removes the mess of paper tickets and missing orders. With this one-screen system, your kitchen stays in the know. No need for pens or printers. Instead, enjoy smooth, trouble-free service. Believe in Clover KDS’s live accuracy for a better, safer kitchen operation.

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Handle Orders…But Now With More Precision

Imagine a tool that can make running a restaurant smoother. That’s the Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS).

  • It’s a new approach that tackles the mess of paper tickets in the kitchen. It’s a better, quicker way to handle orders.
  • Any order made on any gadget in the restaurant goes straight to the KDS.
  • The front staff talks to the kitchen staff smoothly.
  • The best thing about Clover KDS? It brings all order paths into one place. It makes it easy for restaurants to keep track of in-house and third-party orders.
  • No matter where an order is from, it goes through the same system. This cuts down on mix-ups and mistakes.
  • If you want to, you can print Runner tickets from the KDS on any printer connected to the network. This makes the restaurant’s processes even better.

These amazing add-ons ensure that all orders are sent out quickly. Still not impressed? Find out how Clover compares with TouchBistro.

Really Easy To Use!

Here’s how it works.

  • Orders show up immediately, whether from online or the register. They appear on necessary KDS stations.
  • Tap once, and you’re tracking an order’s progress
  • Tap twice to complete an order

Thanks to smooth tech integration, staff can monitor and talk quickly – no missed or late orders. No more lost paper tickets, either. Every order is evident and easy to find. The process is straightforward, so the workflow is better, and customers are happier because they wait less and get exactly what they want. With KDS, handling orders has never been easier!

Kitchen Operations Made Smooth

The Clover Kitchen Display System is a smart tool for restaurants. It helps them run smoothly and makes dining better for guests.

  • This system helps serve food quickly and correctly, making customers happy.
  • Managers with its integrations with amazing applications can use it to check how well their staff is doing.
  • Changes can be made on the go to work better. This helps keep up good work without problems for on-site orders which also gives a great dining experience.
  • Plus, the Clover KDS helps get more orders and make more money. It does this by making workflow better and increasing output.
KDS software features

This excellent tech tool helps any restaurant perform better and earn more using better working methods.

Dedicated To All The Restaurateurs!

The Clover KDS is solely dedicated to restaurants and eateries, meeting their specific kitchen needs.

Clover Kitchen Display System
  • It’s made of heat-tolerant aluminum, so it can stand up to 122°F, the highest in the market. This makes it super durable, even in the warmest kitchens.
  • Plus, the screen is hard to smudge, so keeping it looking neat is a cinch.
  • Its wide 14″ screen gives lots of room for orders, they’re easy to read. This cuts down on mistakes and bumps up efficiency.
  • Lastly, the two-way speakers blast out clear alerts. No matter how noisy the kitchen is, orders get done on time without any mix-ups.

Get rid of paper tickets and streamline your kitchen operations Smartly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Clover provide A Kitchen Display System (KDS)?

    Yes, Clover offers a Kitchen Display System (KDS) designed for restaurants. The Clover KDS is a straightforward device utilizing order management software to seamlessly link your front-of-house and online ordering platforms with your kitchen staff.

  2. What Does The Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS) Do?

    It's a handy tool for restaurants – No more paper tickets with the Clover KDS! It helps manage orders better, connects the dining area and online orders with the kitchen, replenishes all the mistakes, and enhances the workflow.
    Not only that, it connects directly with both the eating area and online orders for fewer errors and a smoother workflow.

  3. How Much Is The Price Of Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS)?

    The Clover KDS is priced at $799, and there is a monthly subscription fee of $25 per device.

  4. What's Special About The Clover KDS For Helping Kitchen Work?

    The Clover KDS has a big 14-inch screen and has speakers that work in both directions. This is great for noisy kitchens. It shows different order statuses in different colors. It has a feature that keeps track of prep time. It can route orders at multiple levels or by each item. Plus, it can send tickets to any printer on the network.
    On top of that, it runs on Android 10. x and supports many languages. The Clover KDS has a sizable 14-inch screen, speakers that work in both directions and colored order status monitoring. It also boasts prep time tracking, multi-level or item-level routing, and network-wide printer connectivity. Additionally, it operates on Android 10. x with multilingual support.

  5. How Does The Clover KDS Make Restaurant Orders Easier?

    With Clover KDS, all paper tickets are gone, taken care of by one streamlined system. Everywhere, from online to in-person, orders go through the same path. No confusion, no errors – It helps the front counter to easily chat with the kitchen, making order delivery a breeze.
    This one-system route cuts out miscommunication. It's like all roads for orders lead to the same place, eliminating mess-ups.

  6. Why Is The Clover KDS The go-to for restaurants?

    The Clover KDS is super helpful, made just for restaurants. This is a gadget built with heat-friendly aluminum. Plus, with a big 14″ screen that does not get all smudged up and twin speakers that are loud and clear. All these features make the restaurant run smoother and faster.

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