A Review of the PAX A80 Smart Terminal

PAX Technology is one of the world’s top payment terminal companies. PAX has been making high-quality POS devices and mobile terminals since 2001. Businesses in more than a hundred countries use PAX products.

PAX is still growing, as it continues to make new advancements in the payment terminal industry. The PAX A80 Smart Terminal is the company’s latest innovation.

The A80 Smart Terminal is an Android-powered desktop POS system. It works well for small and mid-sized businesses, including retail and dining establishments.

Here’s a closer look at what the PAX A80 Smart Terminal offers. You’ll find something in this terminal that your business will appreciate. It can handle various payment options, plus you can adjust the Android-powered operating system to fit whatever needs you hold.


The A80 features a portable design. The A80 weighs 405 grams or thirteen ounces without the battery, and it is about seven inches long. The compact design makes it suitable for multiple business environments. It can work in a restaurant for mobile payments, or it can work at a receptionist’s desk at a traditional office. The layout makes it work well without taking up more space than necessary.

The A80 has a four-inch HD touchscreen with a 480×800 WVGA resolution. The touch screen responds fast to various signals. You can collect digital signatures through the touchscreen in moments.

The bottom end of the A80 features a manual keypad. The buttons let you enter in data as necessary. The buttons protrude from the base, giving users easy access to these items for whatever controls one wants to plan.

PAX offers a few accessories that accentuate the design. You can add a dock or swivel and tilt stand that makes the screen easy for people to read from anywhere. You could also add a shield over the keypad for when people need to enter sensitive PIN data. The A80 also supports accessories from third-party sellers, although you should ensure whatever items you order are compatible with the A80.

Card Functionality

You can accept various card types with the PAX A80 terminal. The device can accept EMV, magnetic stripe, and NFC cards. The flexibility ensures you can accept more payments from everyone, including those who haven’t adopted modern NFC cards yet.

You can also accept QR payments. You can display a QR code on the terminal screen. The customer can scan that code with one’s mobile device to complete a secure payment in moments.

The A80 also supports Apple Pay. A customer can use one’s Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, or any other iOS-enabled device to make payments. The customer can waive the iOS-powered device over the sensor on the A80 to complete a secure payment.

Payment Operations

You can adjust how the A80 will read payments and configure your system to accept various payment options. You can add a section where people can add tips to their purchases. You could also void transactions if you make an error. The A80 also lets you provide refunds to customers after they finish their orders and have to return something for any reason.

The A80 uses the Android operating system, giving you multiple options for accepting payments. You can use different apps and programming features that let you accept many payment choices that fit your needs.

Battery Support

The A80 does well for desktop use, but you can bring the A80 anywhere when you add a battery. You can use an optional 720 mAh 7.4V battery on the back of the A80 to transport it anywhere.

Camera Help

You can add an optional front-facing camera to your A80 if you want to use it for biometrics purposes. The A80 can work with a 0.3MP front-facing camera to read different devices and items.

Android Power

The A80 runs on the Android 6.0 operating system. Android is easy to use and works with various apps.

You can download whatever Android apps you need for your A80 through the PAXSTORE. PAX operates the PAXSTORE with various apps that work for everything from collecting payments to producing analytics reports.

Connection Support

You can get the A80 running on various online networks. It can handle dial-up networks, 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth 4.0 links. The communications options let you record data in moments.

The A80 has enough ports for whatever connections you want to support. The device has an Ethernet port and a Host USB 2.0 link.

Printer Feature

The A80 features a printer that supports rolls with an outer diameter of 50mm. The printer can generate 50 lines of data per second.

The printer uses a thermal head to produce images. You won’t require ink inside the printer, thus keeping its weight down. You only require compatible printer rolls that can fit the inside and can respond to thermal heat.

Support For Many Processors

You can use the A80 with any credit card processor you wish. Most credit card processors can handle PAX devices, so it shouldn’t be tough for you to get the A80 working.

What Is the Price?

The last point to see about the A80 involves its price. It’s not easy to figure out what it costs, as all merchant service providers will have different standards for what they will charge. A processor will figure out what you will spend, although it could offer a discount. But watch for whatever deals are available, as any promotion suggesting you can get the A80 for “free” might have some strings attached to the deal.

A Final Word

Take a look at how well the PAX A80 Smart Terminal works for your credit card processing needs. The A80 is easy to use and gives you full control. It provides help for various payment efforts, plus you can use various programs through its Android operating system. The odds are you’ll find something in the A80 that can work for your business needs, so check on how well this system can work for any purpose.

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