Top Credit Card Processing Machines and Terminals

You’ve got a full array of credit card processing machines to choose from when accepting card payments. These include many wireless models that are mobile and easy to utilize from any place. You can also use a traditional processing terminal that sits at a desk or other space where you will collect customer payments. Let’s look at some brands that offer high-quality machines and terminals you can use.


You can start your search by looking at what Square offers for your processing needs. Square makes a system that works without monthly fees. It can accept EMV and NFC payments alike.

A register system from Square will feature a software program that helps you analyze everything in your business. You can use Square’s inventory management system, employee tracker, appointment scheduling platform, and sales reports to help you manage your business.

Square’s registers come with two separate displays. Your cashier can use a touchscreen display that provides all the details on a customer’s order. A smaller customer-facing display will let the user enter one’s card data. You can customize the displays to fit whatever needs you have.


You could also use a small-level system when looking for a processing machine. Dejavoo makes traditional card terminals with keypads and spots for magstripe and EMV cards. Many Dejavoo models come with touchscreens you can adjust and reconfigure based on what you wish to run and how you want to display your business data.


Verifone is another brand that offers useful credit card terminals. Verifone offers a desktop card machine that reads magstripe, EMV, and NFC payments. Customers can enter their PINs on the keypad on a Verifone machine.

Verifone machines are more affordable than most other models. They are also compatible with most merchant service providers, meaning you don’t have to reprogram something all that much to make it work.


Ingenico is the next company to see when finding top-rated processing machines. Ingenico makes desktop and countertop machines that can plug into an online connection, ensuring you always have service.

You can also order a mobile Ingenico processor that connects to most wireless networks. It can read NFC signals, but you could also have customers insert their EMV cards in the device if necessary.


You could also review a Clover device when accepting payments. Clover makes machines for mobile and desktop use. They come with touchscreens that can handle all your payment efforts.

The most popular part of Clover’s devices comes from its App Market. Clover uses an Android-based system that can handle various business management apps. You can install and run apps that help you with everything from inventory management to tip collecting to bill-splitting.

First Data

First Data is the next company to review when looking for a processing machine. First Data produces mobile terminals that cover everything you wish to run when collecting payments. You can have customers enter their PINs and use the keypad for custom tip entries. There’s also a built-in thermal printer included with many processing devices.


PAX is another convenient brand, as that company offers payment terminals with a focus on simplicity. You can use various apps in your PAX setup, as the PAX app store helps you find unique programs that cater to all your business management and operation needs.


Vital offers desktop POS solutions with touchscreens, cash registers, and all the necessities you require. Vital also provides an analytics program that helps you review how you are collecting your funds. The Vital operating system helps you check your inventory, how your employees are performing, and many other factors for work. You can also link your Vital system to your QuickBooks account, helping you manage your accounting needs without having to enter new data yourself.

Is Poynt Useful Now?

Poynt is a brand that has dealt with some issues in the past, as there had been multiple software bugs in some Poynt programs. But these bugs have been resolved, and Poynt POS systems are regularly tested to ensure they stay functional.

You should still watch what you’re doing when finding a Poynt terminal. While Poynt promotes itself as offering “smart” terminals, there’s no guarantee you’ll get all the help you need through a Poynt terminal. Be aware of what you’re finding here when looking for a terminal you can use for any purpose.

Important Tips To Consider

These brands all offer credit card processing machines that will give you the support you need. But you should also review how well your processing setup will work when you find something you can trust. Here are a few tips you can consider when finding a machine you can trust:

  • Be sure the machine you use can support whatever merchant account you hold.
  • Some machines can be reprogrammed to fit your existing infrastructure. These may be easier to use than ones that you cannot reprogram.
  • Any platform that offers support for apps and extensions always helps. The platform will give you more control over your work experience.
  • Avoid leases for whatever equipment you use. A lease can be expensive and will include limitations on how you can use a machine. You may have to return the device after a while, and there’s no guarantee you will get any money in return.
  • Look at how you operate your business when figuring if you need a desktop or mobile device. Some businesses can do well with both. Review how your setup works to see what fits when running your business efforts.

You can choose whatever POS device you want when accepting payments. But be sure when doing so that you have a plan for how you will use your setup. Be certain about your effort and that you have a useful device or setup that will work well for whatever card management needs you may hold. You’ll find it easy for you to handle POS transactions when you have the right system on hand for your work needs.

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