everphone paas startup extends to miami headquarters

Everphone – PaaS StartupExtends to Miami Headquarters in the US

Posted: January 19, 2022 | Updated: January 20, 2022

Everphone is the leading PaaS (Phone-as-a-Service) startup from Berlin known for supplying, repairing, replacing, and recycling mobile devices for a lower monthly subscription for enterprise-grade customers. According to its most recent announcement, it would cease all operations in the United States, with Miami serving as the new US headquarters location. However, the company went forward with selecting Miami –one of the fastest growing technology hubs globally, for its closeness to top-growth, talented organizations and investors.

The entry of Everphone into the technology market of the United States of America is followed by a whopping $200 million investment in their growth financing. It was announced in December 2021 and is regarded as the moment of opportunity. The growth of hybrid work has made it quite challenging to manage employees’ mobile devices centrally. Moreover, the concept of the ‘great resignation’ has led companies to prioritize the overall employee experience. Concerns related to sustainability have made organizations seek out innovative ways to reduce their respective carbon footprint.

The Purpose of Ever phone Making the US Launch

Jan Dzulko, Founder and CEO at Everphone, said in a statement that the company is committed to serving the environmentally-conscious and efficiency-centric organizations looking forward to creating top-class employee experiences. This is what makes Everphone confident that the technology market in the United States of America will quickly adopt the respective Paas or Phone-as-a-Service model of the company.

Jan added that when the company successfully wins over the vast market, it will make efforts towards better running businesses while significantly reducing the overall carbon footprint and highly improved customer experiences. Therefore, it can be said that Everphone aims to leverage digitization to ensure customizable and straightforward results.

Featuring the reduced monthly per-user or subscription fee, everphone helps in sourcing, configuring, and deploying tablets, laptops, or smartphones. It is also helpful towards pre-installing apps, mobile device management, and top-end mobile security. With everphone, it is also possible for organizations to manage replacements and repairs while sustainably and securely recycling devices when they might no longer be needed.

The Ever-growing Business of everphone

Across the globe, Everphone boasts over 200 employees. The company can support over 1000 customers with the help of 125,000 devices. In the United States alone, the company is already serving multiple clients. The company’s clientele features TIER –the leading mobility service provider, and Starship –the famous delivery service company. In addition to this, Everphone also targets both large-scale enterprises like Henkel and EY and rapidly-growing startups.

The operations of Everphone in the United States are run and managed by Tillmann Schwabe, the company’s General Manager. Schwabe had recently joined Everphone from CompuGroup Medical. Here, his responsibility was to develop and implement sales strategies by serving the role of the Vice President (VP) of Sales. Before that, Schwabe had spent several years in different executive positions in leading firms like IONOS. His most recent position had been the Head of International Direct Sales. In the given role, Schwabe had successfully built a global sales team of more than 300 personnel. Schwabe had started his career in 2000 when he served as the Co-CEO and founder of an online retail store for selling nutritional supplements.

Expanding everphone

Schwabe recently added that it is about fulfilling the needs of the changing workforce or keeping up with the latest technology trends and achieving sustainability objectives. Moreover, to be compliant and secure, Everphone has been positioned perfectly towards helping companies in the United States optimize the utilization of laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. According to him, the company is excited about expanding to the United States in Miami. This is because Miami serves to be a diverse city surrounded by top-end technology talent, rising businesses, and high-end, smart investors.

Kevin Ryan, CEO and Founder at AlleyCorp, added that factors like the ESG mandates, the pandemic, and the overall need to keep up with the latest technological trends had initiated a chain reaction. This has compelled companies all around to think in-depth about the technology footprint. In this case, Everphone is at the forefront of the given evolution.

As AlleyCorp turns out to be a long-time investor in everphone, the company is excited that everphone rapidly aims at building and strengthening its team and presence in the United States of America. There is no denying the immense potential in the country and even abroad. It stands especially true concerning circular and shared economy models for transforming how we continue working and living. The company feels glad to be a part of the story of Everphone and looks forward to the overall expansion and the impact.

About everphone

everphone serves to be the one-stop solution for enterprise-grade smartphones. Since its inception in 2016, the startup has continued providing an innovative concept for procuring, managing, and integrating mobile devices like tablets and smartphones in the corporate context. The PaaS or Phone-as-a-service model of the company offers its employees the free opportunity of corporate phones. Through its dedicated services, the company ensures flexible changes and upgrades of devices while including the rapid replacement of services and MDM (Mobile Device Management) that is GDPR-compliant in case of any defect.

The portfolio features devices from leading tech giants including Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Google, and so more. Beginning December 2020, Everphone started serving as the official B2B partner of the device-as-a-service strategy of Samsung Electronics in Germany. Everphone was introduced by Jan Dzulko –the former Managing Board member at CHECK24. Along with several SMEs and startups, customers of Everphone also include global players like TIER Mobility, Ernst & Young, and Henkel.

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