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Aspiration Team, Blue Apron, on Credit Card with Green Rewards

Posted: January 17, 2022 | Updated: January 17, 2022

Blue Apron is set to debut the concept of a co-branded card in collaboration with Aspiration. Through this co-branding, the company aims at offering access to lucrative rewards for its users. Through the same, the brand will be helping users to fight the ongoing climate change.

The card is given the name ‘Blue Apron Aspiration Zero Card’ and the brand will be rewarding the respective card members upon qualifying purchases that are executed on the mobile app and at the website of In addition to the existing set of rewards, these benefits will be made available to Aspiration Zero Card members.

The products put forth by Aspiration are aimed at incorporating the fight against climate change into the day-to-day lives of individuals, making  the entire process highly engaging, automated, and straightforward.

Blue Apron Aspiration Zero Card

When customers use the all-new Blue Apron Aspiration Zero Card, they will be able to recognize the best methods for offsetting the respective carbon footprints on the planet. This is because Aspiration aims at planting a tree for every purchase that has been qualified, and users of the card can look forward to planting trees with the help of roundup purchases corresponding to the nearest dollar.

Dani Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer at Aspiration, explains that as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022, it wishes to come across its best and the most loyal customer base, including customers loyal to the company since the shipping of the first-ever box. Therefore, familiar individuals using the Blue Apron Aspiration Zero Card on qualified purchases will have access to cashback benefits and the opportunity to create a significant difference in the world through their efforts.

Andrei Cherny, CEO at Aspiration, further explained that the goal of the collaboration was not just to reward the customers financially, but to help customers have an effortless and positive impact on the entire environment.

Blue Apron and Its Partnership with Alexa

Blue Apron has also unveiled an all-new feature for its users to ensure partnership with Alexa. The partnership between Alexa and the end-users will allow them to find easier ways to execute experiments with cooking, learn about new recipes, and much more. To top it off, users can also request Alexa to find recipes for the individual subscriptions by Blue Apron.

As Blue Apron partners its features and capabilities with Alexa, Simpson added that the company is looking forward to addressing the diverse cooking interests of the end customers and their desires for unique, delicious flavors.

In the past year, Blue Apron had a struggling period. This is because customers used to venture outside quite often during the COVID-era.

Collaboration of Blue Apron with Aspiration

Andrei Cherny, Chief Executive Officer at Aspiration, explained that it would serve as the first-of-its-kind partnership in the industry of meal kits and the collaboration highlights the partnership between Aspiration and Blue Apron. He adds that the company is delighted to partner with Blue Apron and help the consumers financially.

It will also enable them to minimize their carbon footprint on the planet. Along with offering access to credit card processing services, Aspiration is committed to promoting Blue Apron as one of its esteemed partners. When the given offering is launched, it will become part of the all-new loyalty program of Blue Apron and will continue offering its customers new and exciting partnerships.

Blue Apron remains in discussion with more partners to provide the customers with additional benefits and the company expects to launch its other new programs by 2022.

About Aspiration

Aspiration Partners Inc. is a leading platform for helping businesses and people deliver automated and sustainable impact into professional hands. In addition, the company aims at integrating the same into the day-to-day lives of the end consumers. Aspiration Partners Inc. is a certified B Corporation.

About Blue Apron

The vision at Blue Apron is to ensure better living through better food. The company came into existence in 2012 and is a famous brand offering access to chef-made, fresh recipes for empowering home-based cooks or enthusiasts to embrace the overall culinary curiosity. It also enables its users to challenge their respective abilities to observe what difference the overall cooking quality of food items can bring about in their day-to-day lives.

Blue Apron has a mission to ignite discovery, joy, and ample connection through cooking. As such, the company is committed to focusing on bringing about amazing recipes to the customers. The brand is also dedicated to minimizing the overall carbon footprint, promoting inclusion, diversity, and minimizing food waste.

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