VeriFone Solution For Unattended Payments

December 2, 2013

Merchants who want to offer convenience to customers by providing self-service options often struggle with the dilemma of receiving payments without being in the physical location of their customers. Unattended payment solutions offers merchant services to collect payments securely from customers.

VeriFone UX Solutions For Merchant Services

VeriFone recently launched UX Solutions for unattended payments. The devices are designed to meet the needs of busy shoppers who would prefer to go through a self-checkout instead of waiting in line. These solutions can also be used on vending machines, at gas pumps and anywhere else that self-pay options are offered.

The new devices for unattended payments are expected to be available in early 2014 and include:

  • UX 100 – A pin pad with an integrated LED screen for optimal security. A weatherproof exterior that can be read in direct sunlight makes this device ideal for outdoor self-payment kiosks. Merchants are given the option to upsell to customers through targeted ads.
  • UX 110 – A simple, metal pin pad for parking meters and other outdoor self-pay stations.
  • UX 300 – A versatile card reader that can be used in vending machines and public transportation ticket kiosks. This reader can be used in conjunction with the UX 100.
  • UX 400 – A technologically advanced payment device that provides a high level of security through identity verification features.



An Overview of Unattended Payments

Unattended payment devices are ideal for collecting payments in a self-checkout situation. These devices improve security at checkout to protect the customer from identity fraud. Merchants can free themselves of the liability inherent in accepting unattended credit card payments by utilizing the added security offered by these devices.

Unattended vending machines including parking meters, grocery store self-checkouts, laundry machines and gas pumps are increasingly using devices including smart card readers that add an extra layer of security to the payment process. Chip cards and mobile wallets can also be used with these devices for the convenience of customers.

Self-service payment options at unattended vending machines and checkouts are increasingly necessary in a world that relies more on the convenience and speed of self-checkout. The UX Solutions for merchant services recently launched by VeriFone offer merchants a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for accepting multiple forms of payment without needing to be present to accept payment. Added security protects customers and relieves merchants of the liability associated with accepting credit card payments.

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