QuickBooks® Financial

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Integrated Credit Card & ACH (eCheck) Processing with
Your Merchant Accounts

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Highight Product Features

Desktop QuickBooks®

Simplified payment processing for
QuickBooks®: Pro, Premier, Enterprise,
Accountant, Contractor or Warehouse,
versions 2010 or higher.

Credit Cards & ACH (EFT)

Payment processing for QuickBooks®
Invoices, Sales receipts and Statement
Charges using your merchant account.

Recurring Billing

Process invoices across all your
Customer:Jobs with our Multiple
Customer Screen.

Real-time Posting

Immediate posting of payments into
QuickBooks® in real-time eliminating
any double entry.

Swiped and EMV Transactions

Compatible with most USB Card Readers,
lowering the overall cost of credit card

Protect Your Business

Store all of your customers' credit card
sensitive data in our secure, encrypted,
and fully protected Level 1 PCI Compliant
storage vault.

Made for Windows

Compatible with Win 8.1 or higher.
Win Server 2008 R2 or higher.
Works on desktop, server, or cloud
hosted environments.

Multiple Merchant Accounts

Manage multiple merchant accounts with
different QuickBooks® company files.

Store Multiple Credit Cards

Save multiple payment methods for each
of your Customer:Jobs in our Level 1 PCI
Compliant vault.

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