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5 Tips for Merchant Services Agents

Selling anything to anyone has the potential of being a stressful situation, especially when you’re talking merchant services. Overall, salespeople are placed under specific stereotypes…

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American Express Acceptance is Increasing

Overcoming the impression that American Express acceptance is rare among merchants, especially compared to Visa and MasterCard, the credit card company is in the middle…

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The Impact of Touchless Payments on Retail

In the wake of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration that the COVID-19 outbreak was a pandemic, U.S. consumer reaction transitioned daily activities from the…

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Apple Pay Trends and Updates – Fall 2020

With a 15 percent market share of mobile devices, Apple/iOS possesses a massive potential for Apple Pay users. More than 50 percent of online purchases…

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5 Benefits of Using Discover Card

…and Why Your Business Should Accept It! Accepted across the country by 99 percent of merchants who accept credit cards, Discover is a lot more…

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The Benefits of the PAX A920 Terminal

The mobile and smart point of sale terminal, PAX A920 offers an all in one retailcloud solution. While it looks like a smartphone, the A920…

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Four Trends in Point of Sale Systems That Can Benefit Your Business – Fall 2020

From smartphones with card readers to traditional point of sale (POS) terminals with near-field communications (NFC) capabilities, the future of payment technology is literally flying…

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Retail Ecommerce Sales Booming with 44% Year Over Year Growth in Q2

On Tuesday, August 18th, the Department of Commerce’s U.S. Census Bureau reported that retail eCommerce sales for the second quarter were up 37 percent from…

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Contactless Trends in Corporate Cards and B2B Payments

Both banks and B2B FinTechs are integrating vendor payments and employee expense management into the mobilization and digitization of the corporate card. With contactless payments…

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AfterPay Announces In-Store Availability for Apple Pay and Google Pay Users

Putting further pressure on credit cards, AfterPay now offers support for Apple Pay and Google Pay in select US retailers starting in July 2020. The…

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MasterCard and AptPay Partner for Faster B2B Payments

MasterCard and AptPay Partner for Faster B2B Payments MasterCard and AptPay announced on Wednesday, August 19, the integration of MasterCard Send into the AptPay platform. MasterCard Send…

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Everything You Need to Know About Contactless Payments During COVID-19

Contactless payments allow consumers to pay for goods or services without needing to physically swipe a card in a machine or pass the card to…

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Google Pay to Offer Digital Bank Accounts by 2021

In early August 2020, eight banks in the US have announced that they are partnering with Google to offer digital-first bank accounts directly in the…

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How Will the Pandemic Change the Landscape for Restaurants in the US?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking havoc on the hospitality industry worldwide. However, some unexpected casualties are on their way for the US as a…

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Coca-Cola Introduces New “Pour by Phone” Contactless Technology

Contactless payments have been there since the 1990s, but the COVID-19 pandemic has brought it to the limelight. Moreover, the trend is here to stay…

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