Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000

Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000 Quick Reference Guide

The Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 are user-facing devices with color touchscreens. They accept several payment options, including NFC contactless, chip (EMV), and magnetic stripe (MSR). They also provide signature capture. These devices, which fulfill PCI compliance criteria, are connected to the cloud-based terminal service via a wired Ethernet connection and use P2P encryption and EMV technology to secure transactions.

Lanes 7000 and 8000 offer a smart, safe, and smooth checkout. Large multimedia touchscreens and intuitive HTML5 interfaces allow them to offer quick and simple payment alternatives, improving the checkout experience. These devices are also simple to incorporate into any setting.

Features Of Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000

  • Future-Proof Payment Security

Ensuring robust payment security, the Lane 7000 and 8000 have PCI PTS5.x certification, aligning seamlessly with local regulations for sustained compliance. Equipped with cutting-edge cryptographic schemes, these devices guarantee future-proofed encryption.

Anti-theft features, including Kensington locks and cable removal detection, strengthen the security measures. The Kensington lock slots, anti-theft measures, and anti-removal functions facilitate an impenetrable security configuration.

  • Supports Almost all the Payment Options

One notable feature of the Lane 7000 and 8000 is its flexible payment support. They include everything from magstripe and EMV chip and sign transactions to EMV chip and PIN transactions.

These devices support mobile wallets, contactless NFCs, and other non-traditional payment methods. Smooth and clear interfaces make it simple to choose from these options, guaranteeing a flawless payment process.

  • User-Friendly Design

The intuitive and engaging design of the Lane 7000 and 8000 transforms the point of sale into a dynamic engagement point. Lane 7000 & 8000 offer a tablet-like user experience thanks to HTML5.

Customer interaction is made easy with touchscreen capabilities, an intuitive interface, multimedia support, and technologies like Bluetooth and barcode scanning, which make transactions quick and user-friendly.

  • Reduced Ownership Cost

The Lane 7000 and 8000 have remote and automated diagnostics and preventive maintenance features, which save overall expenses. These devices are built for efficiency, with 512 MB of Flash and 512 MB of RAM that can be expanded to 32 GB via Micro SD.

Supporting semi-integrated configurations reduces related expenses by making PCI DSS security standard compliance easier. This guarantees a comprehensive and economical ownership experience.

  • Reliable Technology and Industry-Proven Interface

The Telium TETRA operating system, developed over 40 years ago, proves these devices’ dependability and efficiency.

Strong security procedures are ensured for transaction data protection. Web apps built with HTML5 improve the user experience even further while bringing technology into line with tested dependability in the field.

  • Suitable with the Suite of Services from Ingenico

By creating a linked ecosystem, the Lane 7000 and 8000 easily integrate with Ingenico’s service platforms. Retailers can access back-office reporting and e-receipt management through this link, among other crucial business services. Consistent software upgrades and daily assistance enhance the seamless experience and strengthen the devices’ compatibility with Ingenico’s services.

Coming with a 5’ backlight WVGA, AWVA display (800×480), 7” backlight WVGA, TN display (800×480), and 5” backlight WVGA, TN display (800×480), the Lane 7000 & 8000 prioritize clarity in their displays for an enhanced user interface.

Features Of Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000

How Do You Set Up The Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000

  • Powering Up the Equipment:

Starting the device setup process is simple. After unpacking, the first thing to do is insert the power supply connector into the Multipoint Interface Cable’s designated jack. The devices are ready for the next steps in the installation process by this basic connection.

  • Multipoint Interface Cable Connection:

The Multipoint Interface Cable connection comes next in the setup process. This cable forms an essential connection for functionality and data transfer by integrating seamlessly with the Multipoint Port on the underside of the terminal. The sturdy construction guarantees a safe connection, establishing the foundation for the device’s functionalities.

  • Ethernet Integration:

The opposite end of the Multipoint Interface Cable should be connected to an Ethernet port in order to increase connectivity. You can connect it to a wall outlet, router, modem, or Ethernet-capable device. By ensuring the device’s integration with the larger network, this makes it easier for users to exchange data and access internet services.

  • Power Supply Adapter Connection:

The power supply adapter must be plugged into an accessible power outlet as the last step in this thorough setup instruction. This guarantees the device will have a steady and continuous power supply. The Lane 7000 and 8000 are now prepared to be turned on and used for the intended purposes established with this connection.

These successive stages guarantee a strong basis for effective functioning and streamline the device setup process.

How Do You Connect The Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000?

How Do You Connect The Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000?
  • Turning the Device On:

A thorough initialization procedure starts when the Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 are powered up. After being powered on, the Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 terminals quickly move to create their IP address. After the IP address assignment is successful, the device initiates the call to the terminal service.

  • Display of Connection Status:

When a connection is made successfully, the “Connected” message appears on the screen. As shown by this visual confirmation, the Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 have successfully connected to the terminal service and are prepared to carry out their assigned tasks.

  • Managing Problems with Connections:

The Lane 7000 & 8000 quickly warns the user by showing “Disconnected” if the connection attempt fails.

  • Readiness for Operations:

If the device displays “Connected,” the Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 become operational. The startup procedure is complete now, and the devices are ready to perform transactions and their specific functions.

Users can decide how long to keep the Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 turned on once they’ve established a connection.

Different Types Of Card Reading With Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000

Different Types Of Card Reading With Ingenico Lane 7000 & 8000

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  • Swiping a Card:

Swiping a card with Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 is easy. With the magnetic stripe facing the terminal’s main body, manually slide the card into the reader to start. Move smoothly and continuously from the back to avoid multiple failed attempts.

  • Inserting a Smart Card:

Proper insertion is key for chip cards. Insert the smart card with the chip facing up and into the card reader. This simple step ensures a seamless and accurate reading of chip-enabled transactions.

  • Reading a Contactless Card:

Using contactless cards requires moving the card to the active zone just above the contactless logo while staying roughly 1 centimeter away. Maintaining the card’s proximity to the contactless logo is crucial during the transaction. Four contactless status lights above the contactless icon on the terminal provide visual feedback.

The first (from left to right) status light will gradually light up when a contactless transaction starts, indicating that the contactless capability is being used without a card being scanned. The second, third, and fourth status lights will turn on in that order when a contactless card is used during the transaction. When each of the four status lights illuminates, and a confirmation tone sounds, the card read was successful.


For contactless card transactions, there are two crucial things that a merchant should remember

  • Firstly, avoid using any labels onto the contactless active zone, as this can seriously decrease its efficiency.
  • Secondly, exercise caution regarding metallic parts around the contactless area. Removing metalic parts ensures an optimal and smooth contactless transaction experience.
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The Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 are reliable, secure, and versatile solutions for modern payment processing. With their user-friendly design, robust security features, and compatibility with various payment options, these devices enhance the overall checkout experience.

The emphasis on future-proof payment security, support for various payment methods, and integration with industry-leading services make them a valuable asset for businesses.

In a world where efficiency, security, and ease of use are paramount, the Ingenico Lane 7000 and 8000 are indispensable tools, seamlessly blending advanced technology with practical functionality.

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