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Guide to EMV Compliance

Posted: August 5, 2021 | Updated: January 25, 2024

EMV compliance states that a point-of-sale layout can accept EMV-compatible credit cards. The business also has a reader for handling EMV cards. If a customer enters a store and inserts their credit card into a machine slot, that store complies with EMV rules. The store at issue is probably not EMV compliant if it can only accept magstripe payments. 

Compliance with EMV is a global payment technology standard developed by MasterCard and Visa member groups to protect customers against fraudulent transactions. As you might have guessed from the term, EMV stands for Europe, MasterCard, and Visa. The other organizations have also joined in on the EMV standard, which is a more secure choice.

The American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Union Pay, and Visa member groups in 1993 joined together to create chip technology to protect themselves from the frequent breaches of the 2010s. With the use of Magstripe technology, more people lost their data, and fraudsters became adept. Since magstripe data could work in multiple transactions, theft only required taking the data of a person for a long time before it was discovered. Chip technology addresses such data leakage.

Technology Chip

By assigning separate, anonymous tokens for every transaction through a computer chip, EMV chip technology overpowers the magstripe technology, rendering any data taken virtually useless. The transaction content cannot be utilized at another time.

For numerous transactions, Magstripe data is lucrative to thieves. EMV compliance will not prevent anyone from stealing data, but it will make selling and using that data much tougher than before. That is why the EMV compliance statistics are so outstanding.

Steps to EMV Compliance

EMV compliance for merchants entails upgrading current chip technology hardware. This change must work throughout your entire firm if a transaction that does not employ EMV does not conform to your work. While non-EMV transactions can still be accepted, they are exposed to risk and subject to the same legislation as non-EMV transactions. Note that this applies only to transactions involving the use of a genuine card. For online transactions, the old limits still apply.

You should not only be concerned about obligations. Customers do not like firms with which they are dangerous. It is a terrible experience for customers, and when there is fraud, they generally lose faith in the organization.

The EMV Chip Specification aims to strengthen face-to-face payment transaction security by incorporating components that minimize fraud caused by fake, lost, or stolen cards. The characteristics described in the EMV Chip Specifications are as follows:

  • The chip card system checks that the card is genuine to safeguard both online and offline transactions from counterfeit fraud.
  • Risk management parameters will set the conditions through which the issuer allows an offline transaction and the conditions that compel on-line transactions for authorization, such as exceeding offline limitations.
  • Digital signature of payment data for completeness of transactions.
  • More comprehensive verification mechanisms for cardholder protection against card fraud, plus verification for cases where a card is lost or stolen.

Steps to EMV Compliance

It’s now easier than ever to become EMV compliant. All you have to do now is get a POS system that accepts EMV cards and mobile readers for chip cards.

Steps to EMV Compliance

One of the main advantages of changing to EMV is the ability to combat remittances and avoid paying for both the services provided and the customer’s loss.

If you haven’t already done so, switching to EMV will be the most beneficial, but there are other tactics you can do to support it.

How to Stop Chargebacks

  • Make the switch to EMV right away.
  • Keep a record of all receipts and orders of purchase
  • Prevent fraud with the newest 3DSecure technology from internet technologies, including AVS, card verification, and VISA.
  • Include a tracking number for shipments.
  • Confirm the delivery for the customer.
  • Record information about the customer and previous orders that the person has made.
How to Stop Chargebacks

You Can Upgrade EMV In Moments

You may have postponed EMV updates due to the associated hardware and software costs, but we are pleased to report that switching is easier today. And, regardless of the amount you spend on switching, you’re going to save money in the long term because you can protect chargebacks and avoid further physical transaction fraud.

Why Compliance Is Critical

It’s always an essential subject, but compliance has a direct influence on small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the past, if someone had stolen a credit card and completed a fraudulent purchase, the issuer of the credit card was held accountable. It’s been like this for years until compliance with EMV became a factor.

When a fraudulent transaction is conducted, it works less on the card and more on your failure to use the chip as intended. As a result, liability moves from the issuer of the credit card to the company concerned.

As of October 2018, if you only accept magnetic credit card payments, all fraud-related charges and end-of-story costs will be blamed on you. But EMV compliance ensures you’ll avoid these liability-related issues. The move will probably cover more than the upgrade cost, depending on the business you are running and the average dollar amount for each transaction.

Can EMV Influence Your PCI Compliance Work?

The EMV chip does not comply with PCI compliance rules, nor does it reduce the vendor’s PCI coverage. Whether or not EMV is implemented, compliance with PCI is necessary. To fully protect client information in card transactions, all merchants and service providers must comply with EMV and PCI requirements. Even in combination, these guidelines are not 100% effective against fraud. But the cardholder and the vendor have better protection here than if they were battling alone. EMV and PCI collaborate to enable safe and secure card transactions for traders, customers, and issuers.

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