DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System Overview

DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System Overview

A Forecourt Management System is a holistic solution for retail gas stations’ transactional and operational efficiency. It automated fuel dispensing systems, payment reconciliation accounts, pump billing software, and fuel card reader systems. Automating these processes improves efficiency, increasing the customer base, mainly with corporate fleet buyers. The DOMS PSS 5000 is considered the most reliable and best-performing controller available in the market today. This article will analyze some of the critical features of DOMS PSS 5000 for businesses so they can make the correct decisions when selecting a forecourt management system.

What is a Forecourt Management System?

What is a Forecourt Management System?

A Forecourt Management System (FMS) is a technology solution designed to optimize the operations of fuel retail businesses. It is the central system that handles dispensing from storage tanks to dispensing pumps. Backed with excellent integrations and unique features, it helps improve the business’s and its customers’ overall experience.

The FMS automated fuel dispensing ensures everything runs smoothly without requiring manual intervention. It also includes petrol pump billing software to handle all the billing needs, reducing the likelihood of incorrect billing. Plus, FMS comes with a comprehensive fuel card reader system that allows fuel card users to manage their transactions seamlessly.

The FMS further simplifies fuel retail business accounts with its payment reconciliation feature. It also offers Automatic Vehicle Identification systems that use wireless technology for cashless fuel dispensing. Whether it is bill generation, credit billing management, sales reports, and overseeing staff salaries and tanker operations, FMS provides an all-in-one solution that makes running a fuel retail business smoother and more efficient.

What Will You Miss Without a Forecourt Management System?

As an owner of a forecourt, you face numerous obstacles in your day-to-day management. Key challenges include:

  • Inefficiency in Operations: Systems employed for dispensing gas often over-rely on manual processes, which results in long queues and slowdowns in overall operations, which customers prefer to avoid.
  • Security Risks: The growing threat of cyber-attacks and payment fraud poses a significant risk, making protecting transactional and customer data a top priority for forecourt owners.
  • Problems with Scalability: When forecourt businesses look to grow or add new services, they frequently need more scalability in their current systems, which can restrict growth and adaptability.
  • Lack of Control: For owners who can only sometimes be present on-site, the capability to oversee and control forecourt operations from a distance is becoming increasingly crucial.

Investing in a comprehensive forecourt management system is more than just adopting new technology; it’s a strategic move to tackle the industry’s specific challenges effectively.

How Does the DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System Stand Out?

How Does the DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System Stand Out?

The DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System offers several key features designed to enhance the efficiency and security of forecourt operations:

  • Comprehensive Integrations:

It can integrate with various forecourt equipment like fuel dispensers, car wash machines, vehicle identification systems, and vapor recovery systems. This all-encompassing connectivity grants owners total control over every operational aspect.

  • Advanced Connectivity Options:

The PSS 5000 offers unprecedented connectivity, enabling remote operations and diagnostics. It supports TCP/IP over Ethernet or serial interfaces and web server access.

  • Secure and Efficient Operations:

The system is designed for maximum site uptime with sturdy hardware and tailored software. It includes an embedded configurator and diagnostic tools accessible via a built-in web server, promoting system monitoring and operational longevity.

The PSS 5000 offers a list of predefined user roles, allowing each user to be allocated a specific role and create a personalized password. The DOMS PSS 5000 incorporates a built-in Data Push Service for data exchange between systems. This feature acts as a plug-in function, establishing an SSH connection between the PSS 5000 and a remote server. Utilizing this connection, XML data files are transferred at scheduled intervals via the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) over SSH, with authentication options including user name/password or key-based authentication.

  • Scalable Solutions:

It supports a universal POS protocol compatible with a broad network of POS partners and can interface with over 200 forecourt device protocols. This scalability caters to small static sites and large, complex operations, facilitating future growth and expansion.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management:

This feature allows owners to monitor and manage operations remotely, which is increasingly critical for those who cannot always be on-site. It ensures that forecourt owners can maintain oversight and implement predictive maintenance from anywhere.

Benefits of Integrating DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System

Benefits of Integrating DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System

The PSS 5000 offers several benefits for petrol station operations, emphasizing efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Here are the key advantages:

  • Enhanced Control and Monitoring: This feature provides comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities for all forecourt devices, ensuring efficient operation whether the site is manned or unmanned.
  • Seamless POS Integration: This feature enables easy integration with commercial Point-Of-Sale systems, facilitating smooth operations for dry-stock sales and allowing petrol stations to offer a broader range of services.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs and Downtime: The system facilitates regular, planned maintenance remotely, reducing the need for onsite visits, minimizing downtime, and keeping maintenance costs low.
  • Quick Response to Equipment Diversity: The PSS 5000 can handle various equipment types and protocols. It minimizes customer wait times by ensuring fast and reliable communication with forecourt devices.
  • Fast Time-to-Market for POS Suppliers: This solution offers a quick and efficient solution for POS suppliers looking to enter the petrol station market, providing them with the necessary tools and interfaces without extensive customization.

Different Options of DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System

Different Options of DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System

Forecourt owners can choose between two sizes based on their requirements: standard or compact. For forecourts that face high operational demands and manage numerous devices, the Standard DOMS controller is the premier choice, known for its exceptional performance and adaptability. It comes equipped with a robust CPU board that guarantees a quick and reliable operation, meeting the complex needs of extensive forecourts with multiple devices. The Standard DOMS controller is adept at handling various forecourt equipment, including payment terminals, fuel dispensers, car wash units, and more, ensuring unparalleled efficiency.

On the other hand, the Compact DOMS controller presents the perfect solution for smaller forecourts with a finite number of devices and no future expansion plans. As an entry-level option, it maintains a balance between functionality and affordability. It encompasses all the vital features needed for effective forecourt management at a reduced cost. This model is particularly suitable for businesses seeking a straightforward solution for their forecourt requirements, delivering the same level of dependability and connectivity in a smaller package.

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1.    Standard option

The Standard option from the Doms PSS 5000 Systems stands out for servicing large, dynamic forecourts that require high performance and flexibility. This configuration employs a robust CPU board anchored by an ARM Quad-core processor with 4GB of Flash memory. It operates on a Linux system, ensuring rapid, reliable operations across multiple forecourt devices.

The generous dimensions of the standard cabinet (600 x 200 x 124 mm) accommodate a wide array of hardware interface modules, allowing for extensive device communication. This option is designed for expansive operations seeking a comprehensive and robust management solution. It can support various applications, from dispenser control to wet stock control and advanced functionalities like sudden loss detection.

2.    Compact option

Likewise, the Compact option is tailored for smaller, more static forecourts with a few devices and no expansion plans. Despite its affordability, it delivers comparable power, utilizing a ColdFire MCF5307 Single-core CPU with 16MB of Flash and 4MB of SRAM on a proprietary system.

The compact cabinet measures 337 x 200 x 100 mm, suitable for connecting to a select number of hardware interface modules. This configuration still supports essential functionalities such as Dispenser and Wetstock Control, ensuring efficient operation. Optimal for smaller setups, it offers a practical solution for forecourt management without compromising on the core capabilities necessary for reliable service.


The DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System presents a comprehensive solution tailored to the diverse needs of petrol retail businesses. Its advanced features and robust design make it a reliable and top-performing controller in the market. Offering seamless integration with a wide array of forecourt equipment, it empowers owners with enhanced control and monitoring capabilities, ensuring efficient operation whether the site is manned or unmanned.

The system’s scalability accommodates the needs of both small static sites and large, dynamic operations, facilitating future growth and expansion. Its remote monitoring and management capabilities enable owners to maintain oversight and implement predictive maintenance from anywhere, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Moreover, the choice between the Standard and Compact options allows businesses to select the most suitable configuration based on their specific requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on functionality.

Overall, the DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Management System is a vital tool for petrol station operators looking to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for both their business and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What operating system does the PSS 5000 use?

    The PSS 5000 runs on Linux OS, which is excellent because it makes the system stable and fast. Plus, it's good at keeping viruses away, so your software stays safe.

  2. How does support work for the PSS 5000?

    When you need help with your PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller, different levels of support are ready to assist you.
    – You can contact Regional Support Teams or Certified Service Partners for basic questions and troubleshooting. They handle Levels 1 and 2 support.
    – If you need more specialized help, the DOMS Support team will step in with Levels 3 and 4 support. They're here to help with the more complex issues.

  3. What types of devices does the system support?

    The system supports a variety of device types, including:
    Price Signs / Displays
    Pumps (including Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers)
    Tank Gauge Systems (TGS)
    Vapour Recovery
    Washing Machines
    Vending Machines
    Digital Input/Outputs
    UPS units
    Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

  4. How can I maintain the PSS 5000 software?

    You can ensure your system stays updated by downloading the latest software releases. While the PSS Application software isn't available for free download, you can opt for a PSS Software Maintenance Agreement. This agreement enables you to receive periodic updates containing the latest protocols, new functionality, or bug fixes since your last software release.

  5. What if I don't have a PSS Software Maintenance Agreement?

    You still have options if you choose not to have or don't want a PSS Software Maintenance Agreement. You can purchase a PSS Application update separately. Additionally, if you need additional functionality not supported by your current system, you can upgrade to an application with the required advanced features.

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