Cash App Launches 4.5% Interest on Savings

Cash App Launches 4.5% Interest on Savings

Posted: March 14, 2024 | Updated: March 14, 2024

Cash App rolled out high-yield saving deposits for its Cash Card users. Per their announcement on X last month, the user can earn up to 4.50% interest. With an option to earn 4.50% interest, they are now directly competing with Apple. Apple recently increased its interest rates. The user must fulfill some essential conditions to avail of the 4.5% interest rate. The user must set up a minimum direct deposit of $300 and should have a Cash Card to get 4.50% interest rates. Cash App offers a few additional benefits to these users. One of them is protection from overdraft fees and free withdrawal from ATMs.

Here is an in-depth analysis of high-yield savings by Cash App deposits with a 4.5% interest rate.

Key Takeaways of High-yield Savings by Cash App
  • 4.5% Interest Opportunity: Cash App has introduced a new feature offering an attractive 4.5% interest rate on savings for Cash Card users. To use the features of high-yield savings by Cash App, users must set up a monthly direct deposit of at least $300 and possess a Cash Card. By consistently meeting the direct deposit requirement, the interest rate can be increased from a baseline of 1.5% to an impressive 4.5%.
  • Additional Benefits and Competitive Edge: To stay competitive, Cash App provides overdraft coverage of up to $50 on Cash App Card purchases, free ATM withdrawals within the network, and one free withdrawal per month at any ATM. This move aligns with the recent trend in the financial industry, particularly with Apple’s increasing interest rates. Cash App’s strategy aims to attract and retain users by offering a competitive interest rate and additional perks.
  • Flexible Savings Features: Cash App users have the flexibility to set up savings goals with specific dollar targets and can boost their savings balance through Cash Card roundups. The roundups feature allows users to effortlessly save the difference by rounding up spending transactions to the nearest dollar. There is no monthly limit on transfers between the savings and Cash App balances or with externally linked accounts, providing users with seamless fund management.
  • Impact on Savings: With the 4.5% interest rate, Cash App presents a significant opportunity for users to see substantial returns on their savings. The example illustrates that placing $5,000 in a Cash App account earning 4.5% interest could result in over $220 in one year, compared to a traditional savings account with a 0.5% interest rate earning around $30. This feature positions Cash App as a viable alternative for those seeking higher savings rates without the need for a new credit card or facing approval concerns.

Cash App High Yield Saving Deposit’s Competitive Advantage: Earn Up to 4.5% Interest on Savings

Cash App now offers an attractive opportunity with up to 4.5% interest on savings. Users can capitalize on this offer by obtaining a Cash App Card, establishing direct deposits, and consistently depositing paychecks. The company’s website details that the Cash App Card unlocks a baseline 1.5% interest on savings through Cash App’s partner bank (currently Wells Fargo). By ensuring monthly direct deposits of at least $300, users can boost their savings interest to an impressive 4.5%. This elevated interest rate persists as long as the qualifying direct deposits continue.

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The savings balance functions as a sub-feature within the Cash App balance, requiring a minimum of $1 to open and, importantly, without monthly maintenance fees. This initiative adds a compelling dimension to Cash App’s offerings, allowing users to earn substantial interest on their savings.

Cash App offers extra features to maintain its competitiveness with other financial institutions. Customers who use Cash App Cards are notably eligible for up to $50 in overdraft coverage. Free ATM withdrawals inside the network are another benefit; you can take out one free ATM withdrawal each month at any ATM. Customers can conveniently access customer assistance from within the app to further improve the user experience.

This modification comes in response to Apple’s recent announcement that the interest rate on the Apple Card Savings Account would now be 4.5%. With a few caveats, Cash App offers its Cash App Savings users the same 4.5% rate of interest in line with this shift.

However, a $300 monthly deposit requirement might pose a challenge for individuals who bank elsewhere but utilize Cash App for P2P payments or business transactions. However, for newcomers to Cash App, this could serve as an enticing incentive to make the app their primary account. The company’s decision reflects the competitive market in the financial services sector, with various platforms vying to provide attractive incentives for users.

You also have the flexibility to establish savings goals with the exact dollar targets using Cash App. Additionally, you can boost your savings balance through Cash Card roundups. This feature allows you to round up your spending transactions to the nearest dollar, saving the difference effortlessly.

Furthermore, there is no monthly limit on the number of transfers you can initiate between your savings balance and your Cash App balance or with an externally linked account. This freedom ensures that you can manage and allocate your funds seamlessly, providing a user-friendly experience for your financial goals.

Example of How Cash App’s 4.5% Interest Will Impact Your Savings

Cash App is stepping up the game with an interest rate that matches some of the top financial opportunities, giving higher annual returns. Imagine putting your where it earns 4.50%—it’s much better than savings account interest of just around 0.5%. Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say you put $5,000 in a Cash App account that earns 4.50%. After one year, you’d earn more than $220 in interest. Compare that to a regular savings account with a 0.5% interest rate, where the same $5,000 would not exceed $30 in a year. It’s not about getting rich quickly; it’s about seeing your savings slowly increase.

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Cash App not only lets you transfer money quickly but also offers a high-yield savings feature. Apple is another company offering something similar through its app, but you’d need an Apple credit card to use it. Cash App could be a great alternative if you’re not keen on opening a new credit card or worry about if you will get approved or not. For those who’ve had issues opening a bank account, missing out on high savings rates might feel frustrating. However, with this solution, Cash App targets that section of the market too.

An Overview of the Basic Requirements

A few things are needed to earn interest with your Cash App savings.

  • First off, you have to be 18 or older.
  • Also, you should have a Cash App card linked to a personal account, not one for a business.
  • If you can’t make the monthly direct deposit of $300, say from your paycheck or tax return, you’ll still earn interest, but it’ll be lower, at 1.5%.
  • Maintaining a spending Cash App balance for transactions like sending money to friends or purchasing stocks or cryptocurrency is crucial. The savings balance, however, is designated for saving purposes and is not intended for spending or ATM withdrawals. This distinction ensures that users effectively manage their funds based on their financial goals.

About Cash App

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Cash App, previously known as Square Cash, is a mobile payment service provider available in the US and the UK. With Cash App, users can transfer money through a smartphone application. Cash App also provides various additional features, including direct deposits, peer-to-peer transactions, a debit card, a savings account, stock and Bitcoin investments, personal loans, and a tax filing service.

As of 2023, 55 million monthly active users were part of Cash App’s user base, generating $10.6 billion annually. Launched in 2013 by Block Inc., the same company behind Square, a card processing service widely used by small businesses, Cash App revolutionizes banking by allowing users to manage finances through their mobile phones without the typical fees associated with traditional banking services.


Cash App’s introduction of a 4.5% interest rate on savings for Cash Card users positions the platform as a formidable player in the financial services sector. This move not only aligns with industry trends, matching Apple’s recent interest rate increase, but also offers additional benefits such as overdraft coverage and free ATM withdrawals.

The flexibility of savings features, seamless fund management, and the potential impact on users’ savings make Cash App a compelling choice. As the company targets a diverse market, including those facing banking challenges, Cash App emerges as a viable alternative, showcasing its commitment to innovation and user-friendly financial solutions.

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