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Online Orders Through New Clover and Grubhub Integration

September 17, 2021

Grubhub, the United States’ popular food payment and delivery marketplace, and Fiserv (the fintech company that has launched the Clover® payment solution app) have announced a partnership recently. They released a press statement that showed how the companies have decided to collaborate in order to make the food delivery and payment operations smoother for independent restaurant owners.

This integration is for the food retailers and restaurant owners that often struggle with food management and delivery processes. If you struggle with different point-of-sale units for food delivery, menu updates, and order processing, you should definitely give this integrated service a try. The best part is that the service is available for even those who are not using Grubhub, though it is available for a limited period only and you may have to subscribe to Grubhub to receive the ultimate benefits of this partnership. 

Grubhub and Clover – What are They Used For?

Grubhub is designed to connect over 33 million food lovers with the local restaurants, enabling them to order food from their favourite place and enjoy the meal at home. The food is then delivered to their given address, and the payment is processed through mobiles. 

Clover software app is also built for restaurant owners. The app makes it easier for restaurant owners to manage their inventory, streamline payment processing, and handle large orders efficiently. The app eliminates the need for traditional restaurant management tools, such as spreadsheets, barcode scanners, and other systems for receiving and processing orders. Not only does it allow businesses to grow, but Clover has proven to be an ultimate solution for customers who need to make credit/debit card or mobile payments for food orders. The platform reports over $180 billion in transactions every year.

Both Clover and Grubhub serve the same purpose – streamlining the restaurant management operations. Now that they have announced a partnership, it is going to be a whole lot easier for restaurants to manage all kinds of orders efficiently. In this post, we will show you how the partnership of these two leading restaurant platforms can help restaurant owners. 

The Online Ordering System of Clover makes it easier for people to monitor almost every restaurant operation – from food delivery to menu updates from a single centralized platform. The major advantage of the Clover and Grubhub integration is that businesses using Grubhub can now migrate every Grubhub function to the Clover app. This helps restaurant owners synchronize menus and make the best of the online ordering system. 

It saves the restaurant teams the time needed for entering the menus manually on different tablets. With this integration, you no longer need to have multiple tablets for managing different operations. Whether it is online ordering or food delivery, everything is executed and managed within one app. Efficient food management also means more satisfied customers.

Benefits of the Grubhub and Clover Partnership

Customers who are using Clover and are also registered with Grubhub can combine these two portals to streamline the restaurant management operations. Here are a few common benefits of this partnership.

  • Better and Efficient Order Management

Most restaurant owners used Grubhub and Clover platforms separately to receive online food orders from different customers. As a result, they had to manage multiple POS systems to process these orders. Not only was it confusing, but transferring data from one portal to another was pretty hectic and time-consuming. They had to record everything manually on each platform. 

With the integration announcement, the food retailers can have peace of mind knowing that all the orders will be received on a single system and sent directly to the kitchen printers. The major advantage of this integration is the accuracy of online order management. 

  • Real-time Syncing

Now, it is possible for restaurant owners to update the food menu on Grubhub through Clover. The real-time synchronization means your customers will know when certain food items are out of stock or when your store opens and closes. Your customers will get just about any real-time information about your restaurant. If you are not serving, you could simply toggle off the “Accept Order” button on Clover and turn it on when you are ready to execute orders.

  • Manage Delivery Options

Food ordering is not the only complex part of restaurant management. Ensuring that the food is prepared as requested and delivered to the right address on time are other important aspects of a successful restaurant management plan. The integration of Grubhub and Clover is expected to streamline food processing and delivery for restaurant owners. The integration supports the GrubHub food delivery, pickup from the restaurant, and self-delivery services.

  • Consolidated Reporting

Different management systems for restaurants means you need to access separate platforms for reports. It is important to monitor these reports for the real-time tracking of your restaurant performance. These reports also give you a better understanding of your financial growth. You no longer need to check separate reports and combine the data into one system manually. This integration allows restaurant owners to get consolidated reports on the Clover app.

How Can You Sign up for the Integrated Platforms?

Restaurant owners who have Clover but are not partnered with Gubhub can use the integration services for the first few days as part of a free trial. You can use your Clover app for signing up for the service. While the free trial is a perfect way to explore the Grubhub integration with Clover, it is available for only a small while and is only available for selected restaurants that have been maintaining the Clover POS unit for a long time. 


The two US leading restaurant-based software apps announced their partnership on August 25 2021, providing relief to the restaurant owners. Now, there is no need to run different software systems for order processing and delivery management. One app is sufficient to handle all kinds of restaurant operations in the most convenient and efficient manner.

The Clover® name and logo are trademarks owned by Clover Network, Inc., an affiliate of First Data Merchant Services LLC, and registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries.

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