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Resorts World Las Vegas Partners with Gemini Crypto Exchange to Allow Patrons to Use Crypto Wallets

August 20, 2021

Resorts World Las Vegas is aiming to be the next exciting casino and resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Resorts World opened late June and is already accepting reservations for hotel stays.

The property made headlines nearly a month before it opened, as it will accept cryptocurrency payments. It is working with one of the world’s top crypto exchange teams to help take in these payments, making it all the more convenient for people to enjoy.

How the Cryptocurrencies Will Work

Resorts World will be unique from other resorts on the Las Vegas Strip in that Resorts will soon allow people to use their cryptocurrency wallets to complete transactions. Resorts is partnering with Gemini Crypto Exchange to produce new programs where patrons can use crypto payments while on site.

The two parties are planning efforts to make crypto payments available around all parts of the property. These include dining and entertainment spots. There are also plans to allow people to convert their dollars to crypto assets while at the property. Further details on what Resorts and Gemini will be doing soon remain unclear. But no matter what happens, Resorts World will become the most crypto-friendly casino and resort on the Strip.

The development is exciting, as Resorts World has been one of the most highly-anticipated properties in Las Vegas in years. The site is the first new ground-up resort development on the Las Vegas Strip in more than ten years. The property is also expected to become highly popular this year, as travel demand will likely increase as the year progresses.

What Potentials May Occur?

There are no details over how people can use their cryptocurrencies just yet, but it is expected that various spaces throughout the property will support these currencies. These include support for Bitcoin and other common choices.

The setup will likely entail people using digital currency wallets to pay for items. These include wallets that Gemini may support, although whether people will need to be members of the Gemini Crypto Exchange remains unclear.

The crypto support feature will help customers pay for many items with their currencies. A customer can possibly use an app and send a payment out through a QR code that links one’s private and public keys. The QR code transfer process ensures all payments are made safely and in moments.

Proper hardware and software will be necessary throughout the property to ensure these transactions can safely go forward. Whether people can use cryptocurrencies to get funds to play casino games remains unclear, although it is possible people could exchange whatever chips they win for cryptocurrencies. Proper support for various currency blockchains would still be necessary, especially since it can take a while for some chains to process transactions.

What Is Gemini?

Gemini Crypto Exchange is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency sales groups. Gemini provides a platform where customers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The platform is accessible at

Gemini is one of the world’s oldest exchanges, as it was formed in 2014. Crypto traders worldwide trust Gemini for how it offers a simplified approach to managing cryptocurrencies. It is also a fully secure system that ensures all data remains encrypted and that all crypto transactions remain safe through the proper private and public key exchanges.

Gemini is popular for offering support for various cryptocurrencies. It can handle major options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it can also use small-value choices like Dai and Filecoin. People can also earn interest on some of their investments by securing their assets in unique accounts.

The service also simplifies how people can find currencies. It offers analytics systems to help people see what is happening with certain currencies. They can make decisions based on how these currencies are trending, plus they can use the data to back further research surrounding whatever is open for investment purposes.

About Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas opened in late June at 3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard. The new property is in between the Circus Circus resort and the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip. The area is in the middle of one of the world’s most popular thoroughfares for leisure and entertainment.

The property is associated with Hilton Hotels and Resorts. The Malaysian group Genting Berhad is behind the development, with the Nevada Gaming Commission providing full support. The property incorporates a few local Hilton hotels, including the Conrad Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Hilton. There will be more than 3,500 rooms and suites at the property.

Resorts World will be the most prominent opening on the Strip in years. The venue features a full casino with a poker room and sportsbook. The property is also home to the Sky Casino, a high-value property on the sixty-sixth floor. It is an intimate site that people can only access through reservations and by providing the necessary assets for playing games there.

The property also features a new theater operated by AEG Presents. The theater already has a few high-end bookings, with Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan all planning residencies at the theater in late 2021 and early 2022. Resorts World features multiple dining spots, including quick bite eateries and high-end restaurants like the Genting Palace and Kusa Nori restaurants. Additional features will appear throughout the resort in the coming years.

Customers can pay for experiences at many of these things at Resorts World Las Vegas through cryptocurrencies thanks to the property’s partnership with Gemini Crypto Exchange. This development will be an intriguing point to watch, especially as cryptocurrencies continue to be popular. Giving patrons at the resort the option to use cryptocurrencies to pay for what they enjoy at Resorts World Las Vegas will be a noteworthy move that other properties in the city could copy.

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