5 Benefits of Using Discover Card

5 Benefits of Using Discover Card

5 Benefits of Using Discover Card

  • On September 15, 2020

…and Why Your Business Should Accept It!

Accepted across the country by 99 percent of merchants who accept credit cards, Discover is a lot more popular than people think. While some merchants may not display the Discover decal on their window or point-of-sale register, Discover does go by several decals, including Diners Club. Customers are encouraged to ask!

With a variety of options for competitive rewards programs, Discover offers miles or cash back, and even provides an alternative for consumers who are trying to build credit. At more than 800,000 ATM and bank branch locations across the U.S., card users can get cash with their Discover cards. And because Discover partners with retailers to deliver maximum rewards to card users, merchants can leverage the rewards programs to lure in new customers or existing customers who make regular purchases.

Your business should accept Discover to capture the customers who currently benefit from the following perks and rewards:

  1. No Annual Fees

Discover credit cards never charge an annual fee – no matter the card type, no matter the rewards type.

  1. Redeem Cash-Back Any Time for Any Amount

Discover doesn’t make you wait until you’ve accrued $100 in your cash-back account before you can cash in like some other cards do. At any amount, you can redeem your cash-back.

You can redeem your cash in a few ways:

  • Cash – Deposit your cash-back into your bank account or apply the amount to your statement as a credit
  • Gift Cards – Purchase gift cards with your cash-back rewards and receive $5 added for free. The gift cards start at $20
  • Charity – Donate to charity with your cash-back rewards
  • Amazon – Pay with your cash-back rewards when checking out at Amazon.com
  1. Customer Service

Ranked “highest in overall customer satisfaction” by J.D. Power, Discover’s customer service representatives are based in the U.S.

  1. First Year Cash-Back Match

Discover rewards cover a spectrum of cash-back benefits. At the first anniversary of opening a Discover account, Discover matches your cash-back rewards, doubling the amount for the first year.

  1. Cash-Back for NHL Fans + Cash-Back for Students

For NHL fans, Discover not only offers your team’s logo on your card, but the credit card company also provides a 10% discount at NHL.com in addition to the traditional Discover rewards. And for students, Discover offers 5% cash-back on quarterly rotating categories, as well as a $20 statement credit each year the student’s GPA is 3.0 or higher.

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services goes out of our way to educate our customers to ensure they fully understand Discover merchant fees, as well as our pricing model in general. Having this knowledge is important to ensure you aren’t overpaying. If your business wants to explore accepting Discover cards, HMS can help you make a decision regarding Discover or any other aspect of merchant service. We’ll explain everything to help you make an informed decision! After we explain everything, the pricing will be so transparent that you’ll even know exactly what we make as a profit.