The Benefits of the PAX A920 Terminal

Posted: September 15, 2020 | Updated: November 5, 2020

The mobile and smart point of sale terminal, PAX A920 offers an all in one retailcloud solution. While it looks like a smartphone, the A920 combines the features of an Android tablet with all the bells and whistles of a robust POS terminal. With a stylish and compact design, the A920 offers mobility, high speed via 4G or Wi-Fi, secure payment, dual cameras, and a host of other benefits to merchants:

  • Sleek & Modern-Looking

With a five-inch color touch screen and integrated TMS platform, the A920 terminal’s elegant design is simple and intuitive for users. Downloading software applications is easy, enabling businesses to customize the terminal to fit their needs. With an integrated printer and high speed barcode scanner, the terminal can also include an optional dock.

  • Flexibility

Both portable and mobile, the A920 is the POS solution for merchants who are not tied to a location when completing transactions. Even without a Wi-Fi signal, the PAX A920 switches to a sim connection enabling merchants to use it via a cell phone provider. Its high capacity rechargeable battery allows for continuous operation all day.

  • High-Speed

Using 4G and Wi-Fi, the PAX A920 terminal can connect to multiple networks, allowing for fast transaction speeds. Quickly transitioning between different services, the multipurpose terminal ensures efficient customer service.

  • Secure Payment

Accepting all secure payment technologies, including EMV, MSR, and Tap and Pay, the A920 ensures security for your customers.

  • Cloud-Based PAXSTORE

Working in unison with PAXSTORE, the A920 allows businesses to upload existing software onto the terminal. The cloud-based PAXSTORE provides a secure and safe operation. With customer engagement and cloud access, the A920’s retailcloud’s software lets you print detailed reports within the device, or you can access the reports through the cloud portal. The PAXSTORE supplies numerous marketing and analytics apps.

  • Cash Discounts & Surcharges

As part of the retailcloud terminal software, merchants can add a surcharge or fee or provide a cash discount, all of which will show up on the receipt.

  • Inventory Management

Automatically managing merchants’ inventory as they sell products, the A920 can track inventory for a single location or for multiple locations with retailcloud.

  • Dual Cameras

For fast scanning and mobile and QR code payments, the A920 has dual cameras on both the front and rear of the terminal

  • Thermal Printer

The fast thermal printer is built in to the terminal.

Host Merchant Services and PAX A920

Host Merchant Services can customize your A920 Point of Sale System to fit your business’s requirements. Whether your business needs to upload its existing software via PAXSTORE or you need to start from scratch with the A920, Host Merchant Services offers these solutions and everything in between. With a variety of PAXSTORE apps, the PAX A920 offers the flexibility your business wants, including inventory management and the ability to provide cash discounts. Offering complimentary express service, Host Merchant Services provides free quotes. Our payment specialists can provide A920 POS pricing that fits your business.

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