How Ghost Kitchens are Impacting the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

May 7, 2020

How Ghost Kitchens are Impacting the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

In the ever-evolving world of quick service restaurants, the growing demand for food delivery has led to an increase in ghost kitchens, which operate exclusively for delivery service. No servers, no tables, no chairs, just a kitchen in service of delivery orders. 

Third-Party Delivery Services

The cultural shift toward food delivery in lieu of takeout opened the door to third-party delivery services such as DoorDash, which currently holds 35 percent of the third-party delivery market overtaking GrubHub. Of course, third-party delivery services charge a fee for the delivery, as well as for the expanded reach. With an up to 30 percent fee for each delivery, third-party delivery apps make an already tight margin barely worth the added business for restaurant operations. Increases in rent for an optimal site selection plus increases in the costs of insurance and goods were already cutting into restaurant revenue. Delivery fees charged by third-party services contribute to the downward spiral when some restaurants even lose money on each delivery order. 

Ghost Kitchens Cut Costs

In response to the razor-thin margins resulting from high delivery fees, members of the restaurant industry adopted the ghost kitchen model, eliminating the need for a dining room, as well as for everything in a dining room, including china, cutlery, tablecloths, and tables. With only a kitchen space and a third-party app, a restaurateur can fulfill the needs of the online food ordering consumer. With third-party app representatives propositioning existing restaurants to branch out with a delivery-only addition to their current offerings, both the market and the delivery services are growing the options to fulfill the needs of consumers who can’t find the cuisine they want, according to searches on the delivery apps.

Technology Needs

Overcoming logistics and the technology required to run a delivery-only operation are challenges standing in the way of the ghost kitchen. From ordering accuracy to delivery radius, the relationship between the ghost kitchen and its partner delivery app can make or break a virtual kitchen operation. Leveraging the technology to reach the highest potential, as well as to not lose money despite demand, may be equally important as the food itself. Something as simple as accurately reflecting menu options on the delivery app can create miscommunications and flawed orders between the kitchen and consumer. If a ghost kitchen can successfully master its underlying technology, their delivery business is in a position to thrive.

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