Why Next Day Funding Is Important

Posted: May 3, 2019 | Updated: May 3, 2019

For many businesses, funding is a source of fuel to keep running on a daily basis. Office supplies, equipment, inventory, an online store, rent, advertising, and payroll all cost money. For many small companies, going a week without incoming funding can spell disaster. Not to mention, the business owner needs to receive a salary to survive. Plus, utilities need to be paid and more. When a company first opens, consistent funding can become even more critical to meet current expenses until profits can play catch up. In addition, not having enough funding can prevent healthy and well-balanced growth.

Credit Card Processing

Processing credit cards is the lifeblood of most businesses. Modern customers are used to paying with credit and debit cards. If your company enables a cash-only enterprise, you could lose many potential customers who prefer to pay with plastic. Yet, there are many types of merchant services to consider.

If your business accepts credit cards, you will see an increase in sales. Nonetheless, you still want to work with a merchant services company that offers next-day funding. Why? Because it’s your money; you deserve to have access to it right away. Moreover, your expenses aren’t going to wait for your funds to arrive.

What is Next-Day Funding?

It’s vital to choose a payment processing partner who understands your business needs funding for continuous operation. There are many credit card processing companies who make organizations wait days, or even weeks, before providing access to their funds. In some instances, the wait can range between 30 to 45 days.

The good news is you also can work with a processing partner who offers next-day funding. As the name implies, you get your payments within the next day. Instead of waiting, while your bills age and increase in late fees, you can have funds in your account by the next business day. Your company deserves to survive another day, which is why next-day funding is so important.

To achieve stability, businesses need money. Not only are their expected expenses to pay, but there are also many unexpected bills that come along with running a company. Don’t settle for waiting 30 days on your payments. Sign up for next-day funding to ensure your business continues to operate without any unnecessary financial burdens.

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