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Credit Card Processing for Restaurants

Host Merchant Services provides complete credit card processing and financial transaction services for restaurants.

  • HMS is the perfect choice to provide payment processing to restaurants.
  • We guarantee low rates, provide reliable transaction security and help you with easy point of sale integration.
  • We design a flexible credit card processing solution custom built for your restaurant.

Flexible Point of Sale Integration

Host Merchant Services can improve your bottom line with a flexible Point of Sale Integration for your payment processing needs.

Host Merchant Services will provide a full payment processing solution that works with your current Point of Sale system, of we can design a completely new one for you. Our complete suite of services can cover all of your restaurant’s needs including:

  • Catering. We have wireless equipment, payment by check services, recurring billing services, and online payment gateways available to make catering events hassle-free on the payment processing end.
  • Gift Cards. We provide a gift card and loyalty service to help keep business returning to your restaurant.
  • POS Systems. We provide full Point of Sale integration for your restaurant.
  • E-Commerce. We have virtual terminals, payment gateways, and mobile payments available to give you the power to take orders online.

It’s All About Service

Host Merchant Services is about bringing trust to the payment processing industry. The inner workings of the industry can be very confusing. So Host Merchant Services strives to educate its customers, get rid of hidden fees and provide excellent service when its needed most. Our pledge of service offers:

  • HMS delivers personal service and clarity
  • We explain how Payment Processing works
  • We provide 24x7x365 Customer Support
  • We have live operators standing by to answer your call
  • If you have a problem we will make it right — guaranteed!

Guaranteed Low Rates

Host Merchant Services guarantees to save its customers money. We make it affordable to accept credit cards. To achieve this, HMS offers:

  • A Free Rate Analysis that shows you where you can save
  • A Guarantee that states that if we can’t save you money, we will give you a $50 Gift Card
  • Our Interchange Plus Pricing Model is the best in the industry
  • We lock you into a rate that will not increase over time

Free Equipment

Host Merchant Services provides a free equipment program to qualified merchants and receipt paper at wholesale prices when you sign up with Host Merchant Services.

We take the hassle away from accepting credit and debit cards by giving you the machine and the receipt paper you need to swipe transactions with ease. Call us today and let us design a solution that
dramatically improves your bottom line – we guarantee it!

What Our Partners Are Saying About us:

“In the restaurant industry, cost savings are very important.  Host Merchant Services saves our restaurant a significant amount of money each and every month. They also make sure we can always process and our credit card processing is never down.  Host has us set up with brand new high-speed terminals that also have a back-up dial-up connection to prevent any service interruption. Host Merchant Services provided the terminals free-of-charge and they also provided a wireless terminal at no cost.   We use the wireless terminal for outside special events and in the restaurant during peak times.  For keyed-in credit card sales and to ensure PCI compliance Host Merchant Services now has our restaurant set up on transaction express – it has been a big help.”

Ryan German, Caffe Gelato Restaurant and Catering

Caffe Gelato serves Northern Italian and Mediterranean inspired cuisine and is noted for its homemade gelato and homemade pasta. The restaurant also provides a catering service.


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