Verifone V205C Features and Specifications

Verifone V205C Features and Specifications

The Verifone V205C stands out as one of the best systems from the Verifone Engage portfolio, with more power, better speed, and enhanced features and functionalities. Backed by Linux-based operating systems, it ensures top-notch security and compliance with every transaction.

Setting a new standard in the countertop POS market, the Verifone V205C, with its user-friendly interface and powerful ARM Cortex-A9 600 MHz processor, streamlines the payment process for both customers and merchants. Plus, with Verione’s Cloud Services, the V205C ensures the creation of a perfect omnichannel experience for the business looking to combine both in-store and online payment into one fully integrated ecosystem. If you are looking for the “best” countertop POS  system in the market under budget, then the V205C model could be the answer to choose from; whether you have an apparel store, pet shop, small dine-in, or nail salon, it will be a perfect fit.

What are the Features of the Verifone V205C?

What are the Features of the Verifone V205C?

The Verifone V205C, apart from its versatility, offers many top-of-the-line features that ensure a seamless customer experience. Here’s a look at some of the features of Verifone V205C:

  • Third-Party Apps for Enhanced Customer Experience:

With the V205C, the merchants have the option to enhance and make the customer experience more personalized and “engaging” while at the point of sale with the usage of third-party applications. On the Merchant Marketplace, businesses can purchase and install these apps suitable for their business, giving a chance for businesses to earn an extra buck while engaging the audience.

Merchant Marketplace usage

Whether it is exciting offers, loyalty programs, bill payments, customer ratings, and mobile top-ups – Verifone V205C has tons of suitable apps perfect for enhancing engagement and your sales along the way for your business.

  • Accepts Various Payment Modes

Verifone V205C does not set loose ends when it comes to accepting different payment modes. It offers various payment methods like MSR, EMV, and Contactless/NFC payments. All these different payment methods fulfill the needs and preferences of different consumer types.

For instance, the Contactless option is best suited for the “tech lovers” and GenZs who want a faster and easier way at checkout. As most of the card transactions are done with EMV, it is still an essential payment option to offer, while MSR (magstripe) is still widely used by old card holders. Apart from these options, V205C also accepts digital wallets. Users can scan the QR displayed by the system to pay more securely.

  • A Secure Way to Pay

V205C guarantees a secure source to pay with its advanced E2E Verifone Secure operating system. Complying with the PCI PTS 5.x standards, merchants and customers can rest assured that all the payment details and other sensitive information are secured. Additionally, the key injection processes ensure that the cardholder’s data is safe and secure from any fraudulent attempts.

Plus, the tamper-proof hardware further enhances the security by eliminating the chance of any manipulation of the system. All in all, with the Verifone V205C merchants can easily accept different payment modes securely without worrying about industry regulations.

  • Multimedia Capabilities

Its vibrant 2.8-inch color display, along with the multimedia option create an impressive platform for showcasing videos and advertisements like never before. These ads can create an impact for the customers to impulse buy at the point of sale, growing checkout sales.

Businesses can also partner with other brands to showcase their visuals in the system, boosting partnerships. Plus, Merchants can also use the audio capability for the confirmation of the payment approval among other things.

  • Cloud Management

As mentioned previously, the V205C model with Cloud Services lets you create an all-rounded custom experience. Its estate management solution with remote device management provides a smart and efficient way to handle other systems centrally. You can also control the updates and diagnostics through this feature.

It not only lets the merchant control their entire processing, even in the case of multi-locations, in real-time, but it also eases the way merchants tally the sales, troubleshoot the fixes, and implement fresh functions — all this with much ease.

What are the Specifications of the Verifone V205C?

What are the Specifications of the Verifone V205C?

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Now we have a brief understanding of the amazing features the Verifone V205C offers, let’s take a look at the specifications of V205C:

  • Talking about the powerhouse of the Verifone V205C, this countertop POS comes with an ARM Cortex A9 with a 32-bit RISC processor. It is capable of handling even the most complex inputs and transactions with 1500 MIPS of speed.
  • It features a triple-track MSR with ISO code compliance of 7813, 7811, and 7810. It’s also EMVCo-approved for smart card readers, which adds to its layers of security.
  • The V205C comes with an AC input of 100-240 VAC and a DC output of 2.25 A with 8V. It ensures a constant and reliable power supply throughout the day.
  • This model comes with a total memory capacity of 384 MB (out of which 256 MB Flash and 128 MB of SDRAM). This allows for smooth multitasking of the system without overburdening with multimedia and apps integration features.
  • V205C comes with an amazing color QVGA 2.8-inch LCD display which provides clear visibility for the users and merchants alike.
  • Certified with EMVCo L1, V205C supports advanced contactless technology like the MIFARE, ISO 14443 Types A and B, and major contactless/NFC options.
  • The Verifone V205C is a sturdy device made to withstand temperatures from -20°C to 60°C (which is -4° to 140° in Fahrenheit). Talking about humidity levels, it doesn’t lag behind here as well as it can withstand 5% to 90%.
  • Its Linux-based OS – Verifone Secure OS, enables smooth and seamless connectivity via Ethernet or Dial-up options.
  • Shifting the focus to receipts and printing, the V205C offers one of the fastest printing options at 30 LPS on 40MM paper rolls in the market.
  • Moreover, the V205C comes equipped with two USB connectors, one is for the hosting and another one for the host/client communication.
  • It also comes equipped with the RS-232 backed audio alert, which ensures instant payment approval confirmation.
  • As previously mentioned too, the V205C does not compromise with the security as it comes equipped with the compliance of PCI PTS 5.x. It guarantees that every input of sensitive information remains protected within the device.
  • The dimensions of the device are 183mm in length, 80mm in width, and 55mm in height. Taking these details into consideration, this countertop POS is compact and easy to handle, especially for mom-and-pop shops. Plus, it weighs just 295 grams, making it easier for you to be on the move with the device.
  • Lastly, other standard specifications of the V205C include a backlit keypad and two SAM slots.

Why Choose the Verifone V205C?

Why Choose the Verifone V205C?

Taking a brief look back at the features and specifications of the Verifone V205C, it’s clear that this handy device could be a great option for any SMB business. It not only lets merchants accept a wide range of payment modes according to the customer preference but also ensures a secure and compliant way of it.

Any small and medium-sized business can benefit from V205C at their store in multiple ways, including customization from third-party applications, displaying interesting and engaging advertisements, and a powerful ARM Cortex A9 processor with a staggering 1500 MIPS of speed.

All in all, there are many reasons for businesses to choose Verifone V205C. Whether it’s for incorporating loyalty programs and other interactive offers like pay-with-points systems or for its faster receipt printing capability, the V205C helps merchants give customers one more reason to have a more positive purchasing experience.


In the end, this model from the Verifone Engage portfolio offers a combination of amazing features and hard-to-miss “customer and merchant-centric” specifications. Its smart interface along with a robust ARM Cortex A9 processor ensures smooth transactional, and multimedia functionalities along with the capability of handling complex and powerful third-party applications and integrations.

This countertop POS system redefines the meaning of an all-in-one payment process for different businesses, from apparel stores to nail salons. Whether you are looking for robust security, captivating multimedia displays, or efficient cloud-based management – the Verifone V205C proves to be a reliable and secure solution for different businesses seeking a budget-friendly yet feature-rich countertop POS system.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Functions Does the Verifone V205C Perform?

    The V205c is a payment processing device designed to accept various modes of payment. Equipped with a 2.8-inch color display, a robust processor, and ample memory, it ensures a seamless checkout experience.

  2. How Does the Verifone V205C Operate?

    The V205c is versatile in accepting payment types, including EMV and MSR cards through swipe, insert, and keyed contactless/NFC transactions.

  3. Which Businesses Benefit from the Verifone V205C?

    The V205c is an ideal choice for small and mid-size business owners seeking a high-performance countertop solution. Its advanced feature set, particularly the ADK part of the operating system, facilitates easy and affordable customization. This allows for the implementation of innovative apps such as loyalty programs and payment with points, enhancing the overall business experience.

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