Verifone V200c

Verifone V200c Features and Specifications

The Verifone V200C is an advanced point-of-sale equipment. It is equipped with the most contemporary features that a retailer would need. Combining progressive design and an intuitive interface, V200c offers customers a distinct, seamless shopping experience. This state-of-the-art POS has faster speed, enhanced security, and increased flexibility, making it the best solution for businesses targeting simplifying their payment processes.

Employing Verifone’s new architecture and current application environment, V200c provides all the essential features in a countertop device and more. As part of the Verifone Engage line-up, V200c sets a new standard for payment technology that will ensure your business remains ahead in this ever-changing retail market.

What are the Features of Verifone V200C?

What are the Features of Verifone V200C?

Looking to buy the all-new Verifone V200C? Let’s first take a look at all the features that you can get in just $250: 

  • Color LCD Screen:

The Verifone V200c stands out as a state-of-the-art payment terminal, featuring a vivid color LCD screen complemented by audio features. Such a progressive component gives a multitude of opportunities for businesses aiming to engage their customers during payment time.

The V200c’s capability to play vibrant images, clips, and animations transforms it into a dynamic device to display products, special deals, and corporate messaging. Sound integration enhances the user interface, offering an auditory feature that may amplify brand recognition and cultivate a deeper customer connection. By leveraging the strengths of multimedia, store owners can upgrade their payment experience and generate unforgettable instances that boost sales and foster customer commitment.

  • Modern and Robust Design:

This device revolutionize the payment technology and the way you can interact with the customer while they have the best of payment experience. The Verifone V200c presents an innovative terminal that, due to its resilient and contemporary design, serves as the ideal selection for all business scales seeking a countertop solution. The sleek aesthetics coupled with a robust structure implies a sense of dependability and professionalism.

The V200C’s unique features and robust build-material quality illustrate its ability to handle everyday store pressures, allowing merchants to rest assured that an industry-leading device handles their payment responsibilities. The intuitive interface streamlines transaction procedures, whilst its heightened security measures safeguard important client and merchant’s data. In short, the Verifone V200c has elevated the baseline for countertop payment terminals.

  • Multimedia Options:

Verifone V200c is a next-generation POS terminal that processes faster for more advanced multimedia, making it the best choice for businesses that aim to improve customer experience. The V200c has a strong processor and large memory capacity. Hence, it can support very demanding multimedia applications with great ease. Retailers can smoothly play high-definition images, videos, and interactive materials on the device’s animated touchscreen display without any delays or buffering issues.

  • Secure System:

The Verifone V200c delivers optimum security and adheres to strict encryption standards, ensuring critical payment data remains safe throughout the transaction. Users of the V200c technology can trust that their information is shielded against potential risks such as cyber-attacks or fraud. This innovative system safeguards unauthorized intrusion while also aiding businesses in complying with sector-specific rules and standards. The progressive security functions of the Verifone V200c offer complete peace of mind for both retailers and shoppers for their crucial data.

  • Accept Every Payment:

The Verifone V200c is a highly adaptable payment terminal that integrates with several payment methods, including NFC/CTLS, magstripe, and EMV. This device accepts all payment inputs, thus ensuring secured transactions due to its advanced technology.

Whether customers tap their contactless cards for a fast transaction or insert their chip cards for added security, the Verifone V200c readily accepts them for payment. Equally important, incorporating a magstripe feature in this system allows users to swipe their regular credit or debit cards still whenever need be. The Verifone V200c has multi-functional capabilities, making it necessary for businesses to cater to different customer preferences and payment options.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beaconing

If you want to make your business operations more efficient, then the Verifone V200c is a must-have. It’s a cutting-edge payment solution with advanced eCommerce features that make it exceptional.

This device uses BLE/beaconing technology and allows for seamless communication between the point of sale system and customers’ mobile devices, significantly improving their overall shopping experience. By using these innovative aspects, sellers can engage clients in new ways, such as sending personalized offers or promotions based on where they are within the store.

What are the Specifications of Verifone V200C?

What are the Specifications of Verifone V200C?

The Verifone V200c is a point-of-sale device that has advanced specifications.

  • This terminal can handle complex transactions with a powerful Arm Cortex-A9 600 MHz 32-bit RISC processor, delivering up to 1500 MIPS of processing speed.
  • It ensures effective multitasking and smooth operation since it has a memory capacity of 384 MB (128 MB SDRAM, 256 MB Flash).
  • Additionally, the merchant and the consumer can see clearly on the bright QVGA color 2.8-inch LCD.
  • The V200c is a Linux-based V/OS operating system that is secure, thus offering reliable connectivity such as Ethernet and dial-up for uninterrupted transaction processing.
  • Besides, this gadget carries with it a high-speed printer capable of printing at 30 lps on a standard 40 mm paper roll, hence facilitating quick and efficient receipt generation for customers.
  • Regarding security features, the Verifone V200c is PCI PTS 5. X approved, indicating compliance with industry standards in protecting cardholder’s sensitive data.
  • Moreover, its card reader also supports triple track MSR, EMVCo-approved intelligent card reading capabilities as well as contactless payment options like ISO14443 Types MIFARE technology, A&B, which therefore makes it compatible with most CTLS/NFC schemes in the market today.
  • With multiple peripheral ports such as two USB connectors (client/host), one RS-232 powered port, an audio buzzer for transaction alerts or notifications from transactions processed via the hand-held terminal.
  • The Verifone V200c is a sophisticated and reliable payment terminal designed to operate in various environmental conditions. With an operating temperature range of 0° – 50° C (32° – 122° F) and a storage temperature range of -20° – 60°C (-4° – 140° F), this device can function effectively in various settings.
  • The physical dimensions of the V200c measure 80 mm in width, 70 mm in height, and 190 mm in length, weighing approximately 381 grams.
  • In addition to its compact size, this terminal offers standard features such as two SAM slots for enhanced security and a backlit keypad for user convenience.
  • The V200c Plus model boasts impressive specifications, including a memory capacity of 1024 MB (512 MB Flash, 512 MB SDRAM) and microSD support for expanded storage options.
  • Connectivity options include 5 GHz +2.4 GHz WiFi and BLE Bluetooth 4.2 technology, ensuring seamless integration with other devices.
  • Furthermore, including a speaker enhances the device’s audio capabilities, making it suitable for various payment transactions.

Why Choose Verifone V200C?

Why Choose Verifone V200C?

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The Verifone V200c is a game-changer in terms of countertop payment solutions. Besides its sleek, modern design that captures one’s attention instantly, numerous other remarkable features have made it the most preferred POS system for businesses of all sizes. The V200c has a powerful processor and ample memory to support different commerce applications, thus ensuring quick downloads and seamless operations. While fast printer speed means no longer wait times for receipts, compatibility with all the latest payment methods makes transactions very easy.

What distinguishes the Verifone V200c from others in the market is its state-of-the-art security measures. Its security ensures customer data remains unexposed, limiting possible abuse and fraud with end-to-end encryption and tokenization as protective tools against potential threats. In addition, retail stores or card-not-present environments can rely on this product, which offers versatility and dependability to meet their needs.


Regarding countertop payment POS systems, the Verifone V200c distinguishes itself as a prime selection. Its modern aesthetic, marked by a bright color LCD and sturdy composition, illustrates a dedication to style and practicality. The gadget’s multimedia features, combined with a safe structure and flexibility for different transaction forms, make it a versatile and trustworthy tool for organizations of every scale.

Enhanced aspects such as a robust central processing unit, abundant storage, and cutting-edge interface capabilities facilitate smooth functionality and efficient payment processing. The V200c’s exceptional trait is its top-notch security steps, providing comprehensive encryption and tokenization to protect crucial user details. In the end, the Verifone V200c paves the way as a revolutionary gadget, assuring firms a safe and heightened payment experience in the ever-evolving commercial environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the V200c?

    The V200c is a multipurpose countertop payment system that can process many kinds of payments. The V200c is ideal for phone orders as well as retail settings because it processes contactless, smart card, and magnetic stripe payments quickly. In addition, it has a bright color TFT LCD display and a quick internal thermal printer.

  2. Can extreme environmental conditions damage the V200c?

    Exposing the V200c to extreme environmental conditions can result in tamper events.

  3. How much is the V200C?

    The V200C is priced around $250, presenting a powerful payment terminal equipped with advanced connectivity options and lightning-fast transaction processing speeds for businesses.

  4. What is the default password for V200C?

    The default password for the V200c is set to 1234.

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