Verifone T650C Features and Specifications

Verifone T650C Features and Specifications

Verifone T650C is a single-screen countertop solution for all types of businesses. T650C provides an integrated turnkey POS system that brings together payment services and reporting in one convenient package. With an end-to-end encryption the device is highly secure.

It is one of the biggest handheld Verifone POS with a bright display and capacitive touch screen, allowing easy reading by employees and customers.  The screen can also be rotated to offer more options during transactions. There is a camera at the front as well as the rear side of the device.  

What are the Features of the Verifone T650C?

What are the Features of Verifone T650C?

If you are looking forward to buying this POS for your business, here are some important features that T650C has to offer and that you should know about:

  • Attractive 5.5-inch Color Display

The Verifone T650C is a versatile payment terminal with a 5.5” touch screen. Its sharp, colorful display is highly responsive and makes the transaction easy for the customers and the merchants alike.

The T650C features easy-to-use touch screens that help users select items, input credit card details, and complete their transactions accurately. This leading-edge technology makes the user experience better.

  • Multimedia Support

The Verifone T650C is a robust payment terminal with full motion video support and high-quality audio that introduces a new way of engaging customers at the point of sale. With advanced technology, the T650C allows shopkeepers to show dynamic product advertisements and promotional videos directly on the device’s screen during payment.

The crystal clear display and powerful speakers provide an immersive viewing experience that boosts brand awareness and influences buying decisions.

  • Scanning Capabilities

The Verifone T650C payment terminal comes with a camera capable of scanning various types of barcodes and QR codes. This feature allows sellers to accept other forms of payment, including mobile wallets and cryptocurrencies, and easily manage loyalty program apps. It also performs quick and accurate scanning as well as smooth checkout experiences for the customers.

Moreover, because it can function with multiple payment systems simultaneously, it provides companies with flexibility in addressing diverse customer preferences.

  • Visually-Impaired Friendly

Verifone’s T650C is an Android-based device that contains proprietary software that was developed keeping in mind the visually impaired people, too. By including unique options such as braille buttons that can be easily felt when touching, plus the voice assistance mode during operation, T650C guarantees friendly interaction between people with vision impairments.

The design is easy and cleverly developed to allow users to navigate through menus, input data, and perform transactions autonomously, thus saving time in this process.

  • Safe and Secure

T650C prioritizes security by running a locked-down version of Android. This means a high level of control over the device’s software, thereby reducing the chances of unauthorized entry or malware attack. The device also has end-to-end encryption for enhanced security.

Without a secure payment terminal like the Verifone T650C, businesses that wish to safeguard their clients’ private information would be severely exposed to emerging and increasingly complex cyber threats.

  • Enhanced Efficiency With Cloud Services

T650C uses Verifone Cloud Services to enable very high levels of customization and estate management. This device allows businesses to make their POS systems relevant to certain needs and choices. This makes it possible for the customers to have a much more efficient payment experience.

With the help of Verifone Cloud Services, organizations can easily manage multiple devices in various locations, update software remotely, track performance live, and obtain actionable insights for improving operations.

What are the Specifications of Verifone T650C?

What are the Specifications of Verifone T650C?

Now let’s take a look at some of the amazing specs you get with the Verifone T650C:

  • An advanced payment processing device, the Verifone T650C utilizes a powerful Qualcomm 8909 Cortex-A7 Quad Core processor for smooth transactions.
  • You can store and download data and apps on this device without worrying, as it has 2GB of storage, which can be expanded to 32GB if needed.
  • Its high definition (HD) resolution of 1280×720 is facilitated by its bright color LCD display, which measures 5.5 inches, and its capacitive touch screen facilitates easy scrolling and seamless payment processes.
  • Furthermore, this Verifone T650C works with different payment methods like MSR, CTLS, SCR as well as QR code scanning while running on an Android 7 (Nougat) operating system.
  • The device’s connectivity options include a triple-track card reader that is compatible with ISO standards and smart cards, Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2 BLE technology, a front audio jack, and a USB-C port.
  • Multimedia functions such as a microphone, speakers, and video playback support in H264 format enhance the device’s versatility.
  • It has an autofocus-capable front camera with a resolution of about 0.3 MP, whereas the rear one takes much sharper images with resolutions up to five megapixels.
  • The Verifone T650C is a cutting-edge payment terminal that attains Contactless EMVCo 3.0 compliance, and this is why it is favored by many businesses that wish to make secure and efficient payments.
  • Major payment options, including NFC/contactless payment options, are supported, meaning numerous payment methods can be accommodated.
  • It has also obtained Security PCI PTS 5.X support, which makes it reliable for merchants who want peace of mind when processing payments.
  • The Verifone T650C can work in places with different temperatures. It can work in places from -10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius. It can be stored in places from -20 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius. This machine works well in places with 10% to 90% humidity (without wetness). It can handle different working places without problems with how it works or how long it lasts.
  • It measures 211 mm in length, 84mm wide, and 72 mm high, making it small enough to be placed on countertops or checkout areas with minimal space.
  • This device weighs approximately 456g, balancing mobility and power, making it ideal for businesses seeking streamlined payment solutions without compromising on quality or safety.

Why Choose Verifone T650C?

Why Choose Verifone T650C?

The Verifone T650C is an innovative countertop payment device that transforms customer engagement and transaction safety. The T650c has a great feature of screen rotation and also a front-facing camera, which enables the business to contact clients at any time from the beginning. This stunning instrument also has a 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen that offers not only an appealing visual interface but also supports high-quality video and audio, leading to an overall dynamic experience for customers.

Apart from this, the advanced machine accepts all forms of payments, such as magstripe cards, contactless cards, mobile payments, EMV cards, or alternative means, thereby giving it the flexibility that both businesses and their clientele require in their operations. Furthermore, these security measures ensure end-to-end transaction protection.


Verifone T650C emerges as one of the leading countertop commerce solutions by offering a state-of-the-art point of sale (POS) system with unmatched features and technological sophistication. This turnkey integrated POS solution is an amazing tool for day-to-day operations that is applicable across all businesses, regardless of their sizes. The stunning 5.5-inch color display on the T650C has transformed payment terminals with its responsive touch screen, multimedia, and scanning capabilities.

The Verifone T650C taps into Verifone Cloud Services to enhance efficiency and facilitate estate management while enabling a commendable degree of customization levels and seamless remote operations. Due to its impressive specifications, such as a powerful processor, versatile connectivity options, and PCI PTS 5.X compliance, the Verifone T650C is a dependable and secure option for companies interested in convenient payment solutions. Overall, this innovative, versatile, efficient countertop payment device enhances customer experience with its user-friendliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the Verifone T650c support Apple Pay and Google Pay?

    Yes, the T650c fully supports both Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  2. What types of cards and payments does the Verifone T650c accept?

    The T650c is versatile, accepting all card and payment types, ranging from magstripe and EMV to contactless, mobile, and various alternative payment methods.

  3. What are the Verifone T650c's features?

    The Verifone T650c has many important features, including a navigator, integrated microphone, speaker, and audio jack, 5 MP autofocus rear camera, 0.3 MP autofocus front camera, barcode and QR scanning capabilities, a large display, and easy screen rotation.

  4. How does the Verifone T650c connect to Verifone Cloud Services?

    The Verifone T650c seamlessly integrates with Verifone Cloud Services, providing businesses with solutions such as inventory management, integrated reporting, and estate management.

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