Verifone P400 Features and Specifications

Verifone P400 Features and Specifications

The Verifone P400 PIN pad is a state-of-the-art solution for businesses aspiring to enhance customer interaction and boost their profits. Packed with high-tech features, it provides a platform for merchants to engage effectively with customers like never before. It allows businesses to offer specialized loyalty bonuses, price reductions, and diverse payment methods like using earned points. It helps the merchant get repeat orders due to a smooth payment experience.

The gadget runs on a Linux-based operating system that guarantees robustness and efficiency, matched with an appealing colored display that enriches user interaction with its sleek appeal. Its elective features for advanced commerce craft a new earning avenue right at the point of sale through value-added services designed for the customers. Teamed with a host device, the P400 is a consistent user-oriented and robust device.

What are the Features of Verifone P400?

What are the Features of Verifone P400?

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Talking about its features, Verifone P400 is full of amazing add-ons that make it up to its appeal. Here’s what you get at just $300:

  • HVGA Color Touch Screen and Built-in Multimedia

The Verifone P400 represents cutting-edge payment terminal technology, proudly presenting a fantastic HVGA color touch screen. This gives users a vibrant and user-friendly interface for conducting transactions. The sharp, high-resolution screen makes sure that every piece of information stands out with clarity, simplifying the journey through menus and options.

Moreover, the presence of an in-built audio feature introduces multimedia functionalities, enhancing each user’s interaction with audible cues or responses during transactions. Given these sophisticated features, the Verifone P400 establishes a fresh benchmark for payment terminals not just in functionality but also in user accessibility.

  • Top-of-the-Line Security:

The Verifone P400 ensures utmost safety and adherence through comprehensive encryption. This sophisticated concept guarantees that critical customer information is properly secured at every stage of the transaction cycle, from the initial card swipe or tap to the concluding authorization.

By cryptographically securing data as it journeys from the point of sale to the payment processor, it assists in keeping away fraudsters from siphoning valuable details. Beyond that, this unique encryption level conforms to the industry benchmarks for safety and adherence, offering the vendors peace of mind while dealing with their customers. With the Verifone P400, companies can process payments without the threat of compromising their customers’ private details.

  • Accepts Almost Every Payment Type:

Geared for versatility and innovation, the Verifone P400 is a comprehensive payment terminal serving diverse customer needs. It is flexible and accepts various payment methods—NFC/contactless technology, EMV chip, and PIN cards, or traditional magnetic stripe cards. This flexibility in payment helps business the opportunity to give their customers the option to choose the payment method as per their choice.

Thanks to contactless payment support, customers can enjoy swift, easy tap-and-go transactions courtesy of the Verifone P400. Regarding safety, the device’s potential for EMV chip and PIN operations further improves security by verifying each transaction with a unique code. It continues to handle older technology like magstripe cards, ensuring it doesn’t leave out any customers who don’t yet use modern payment methods.

  • Advanced Commercial Capabilities:

The Verifone P400 is one of the best examples of a state-of-the-art payment terminal incorporating advanced commerce features, like BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and beacon technology. This facilitates flawless transactions using mobile devices. Utilizing these cutting-edge attributes aids businesses in enriching the retail journey and stimulating consumer involvement.

Handy and Efficient:

The Verifone P400 stands as a game-changer when talking about pin pad devices, with its feather-light and eye-catching design that distinguishes it from earlier models. In contrast to bulky older versions, this cutting-edge device is compact and pocket-sized. The weight of this device is just 0.38 lbs. This makes it highly efficient for transactions on the move.

The device is sturdy and robust in material quality. This guarantees that the device will not stop working despite any force or knock.

What are the Specifications of Verifone P400?

What are the Specifications of Verifone P400?

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P400 doesn’t lag behind its features when it comes to specifications. Here are the specifications of the P400 that merchants like.

  • With a 32-bit RISC processor Arm Cortex-A9 at its core, the Verifone P400 has a remarkable 600 MHz processing speed and 1500 MIPS.
  • Memory is 1024 MB (512 MB SDRAM, 512 MB Flash), and the device gives swift and hassle-free card transactions.
  • The unit has a 3.5-inch HVGA color display with a touch-sensitive layer with Gorilla Glass, ensuring long-lasting use and quick responses to touch commands.
  • Driven by the Linux-based V/OS, the P400 has a choice of connectivity methods like dual-band WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE.
  • It accepts a wide range of card reading services, featuring a triple-track MSR meeting ISO 7810 standards and a smart card reading facility backed by EMVCo endorsement. It allows contactless NFC technologies like MIFARE and ISO14443 protocols.
  • The unit further hosts additional connectivity options such as RS-232, device ports/USB host, an audio speaker, and Ethernet sockets, furthering its versatility for diverse retail settings.
  • The Verifone P400 is a multifaceted and trustworthy payment terminal engineered with various attributes catering to big and small businesses alike.
  • It is supplied with power from 5-12 V. This equipment requires between 4.8-5.2 W of energy.
  • The machine is equipped with PCI PTS 5. X-certified security guarantees all transactions are performed securely. This is equally important for the merchants and the customers.
  • In terms of dimensions, the P400 is 80 mm wide and 167 mm length-wise and stands 44 mm tall, with a mere weight of 310 g.
  • Beyond its customary specifications like two SAM spaces (with a prospect for a third), LED-illuminated keyboard, and uSD memory slot, the P400 supplements optional features and accessories such as fixture adapters, Power over Ethernet adaptability, and privacy screens.
  • The machine operates seamlessly in a temperature spectrum from 0° – 50°C (32° – 122°F) and ensures storage reliability at temperatures oscillating between -20° – 60°C (-4° – 140°F).

Why Choose Verifone P400?

Why Choose Verifone P400?

The Verifone P400 is an amazing POS that’s tremendously advantageous for entrepreneurs aiming to boost their business efficiency. The Verifone P400 comes with EMV level 1 and 2 certifications, enhancing its security and equipping it to read all kinds of credit, debit, and gift cards.

Moreover, this pin pad is extremely dependable and long-lasting due to its Corning Gorilla Glass Technology Screen and robust keypad that remains unaffected even under force or impact. On top of that, the Verifone P400 features a spacious 3.5-inch touch LCD screen, which is simple to read and interpret, making it highly favored among many users. A keypad is included for those who prefer using 15-digit keys for transactions. Finally, the Verifone P400 pin pad offers a range of connection possibilities, including WiFi or Bluetooth and USB and Ethernet options, imparting an adaptive nature in establishing flawless connections with other devices.


According to us and many users, P400 is one of the most advanced and amazing solutions tailored for businesses aiming to enhance customer interaction and increase sales. With new features like a full-color HVGA touchscreen, multimedia playback capability, and high-level security, the P400 becomes a space for personalized customer engagement.

Its wide range of payment acceptance options, as well as its cutting-edge business-related functionalities such as BLE and beaconing tech, make it an unrivaled product in payment terminals. It has a handy design that is efficient, along with strong specifications that have revolutionized commercial pin pad devices. As such, Verifone P400 has emerged as a flexible and secure payment alternative that offers practicality and guaranteed safety to businesses looking to streamline their workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What payment methods does the P400 support?

    The P400 is versatile in supporting a range of payment methods, encompassing EMV chip cards, contactless payments, and conventional magnetic stripe cards.

  2. What is the function of Verifone P400?

    The Verifone P400 serves diverse functions, including In-Store Payments, e-commerce payments, Omnichannel capabilities, robust Reporting & Analytics, and the facilitation of Advanced Payment Methods.

  3. How do I connect my Verifone P400 to WiFi?

    For a new setup, follow the on-screen prompts to connect to the internet via WiFi. To restart, press the red X button.

  4. Is the P400 wireless?

    Indeed, the P400 is wireless, effortlessly connecting to Bluetooth and WiFi within seconds. Additionally, it offers an ETH port option, enabling seamless integration with other wired devices.

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