Verifone P200 Features and Specifications

Verifone P200 Features and Specifications

Verifone P200 PIN PAD is backed by the most recent Linux-based OS and has the potent capabilities of Verifone’s progressive architecture. It offers a host of benefits that will undeniably improve any transaction processing. Verifone P200 Serves as a part of the Verifone Engage portfolio. This streamlined gadget presents a bold, vivid color display that’s easy on the eyes and can be easily managed by the users. The advanced characteristics of the P200 help in smooth user interaction and make it superb for multimedia functions.

With its built-in support for NFC and EMV applications, this adaptable PIN pad can be easily connected to a compatible device, giving customers a comprehensive solution. Verifone P200 is dependable and thus ensures hassle-free operation for organizations. With this device, the payment process is highly optimized.

What are the Features Of Verifone P200?

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There are many amazing features of Verifone P200, here’s a brief look at some of them:

  • Powerful Processor:

The Verifone P200 is an innovative payment tool specifically made to transform the payment process for businesses and clients alike. With a fast processor and greater memory storage, the P200 effortlessly supports the use of multimedia, enabling lively content like ads or marketing films to be presented during transactions.

Verifone P200 not only deepens client interaction but also provides merchants with a precious stage to highlight their goods and offerings. Moreover, the escalated processing strength of the P200 aids in speeding up checkout queues by shortening transaction periods. Thus, it offers overall efficiency and a positive customer experience. By using the Verifone P200, merchants can keep pace with the high-speed retail world and offer their customers an outstanding payment journey.

  • Flexibility In Accepting Payments:

With the cutting-edge payment system, P200 is designed to accept all payment types effortlessly. It meets the diverse requirements and customers’ payment choices. It can handle CTLS and NFC tech for fast and touchless transactions. It is compatible with EMV chips to reinforce safety protocols and also handles conventional magstripe cards for ease of use and familiarity. This versatile platform guarantees smooth operations at all times and high adaptability in payment processing.

P200 is a robust and versatile device that adapts to different payment methods. Being a robust and flexible solution, it helps in handling all types of payments based on the customers’ choice.

  • Single Connector:

The Verifone P200 Single connector enhances business efficiency and lessens organizational work. Merchants can easily link numerous devices and accessories to their payment stations by using a single connector.

Such a feature preserves valuable time and trims down the likelihood of mistakes that often happen with multiple connections. Integrating the P200 into their operations allows businesses to boost their effectiveness while providing smooth client transactions.

  • Secure Payment Method:

The Verifone P200 ensures security and compliance with a high level of encryption that safeguards sensitive financial details during every interaction. Equipped with progressive safety measures, such as PCI PTS 5.x accreditation and EMV Level 1 and 2 endorsements, the Verifone P200 provides unprecedented defense against scams and unauthorized data access.

As it encrypts the user’s information end-to-end, from the moment it’s keyed in until it gets delivered to the payment facilitator, this state-of-the-art tool assures that the user’s financial details stay protected throughout the transaction cycle.

  • User-friendly Interface:

The Verifone P200 is a payment tool with a customer-centric design, and businesses can operate it easily. With its sleek design and color-customized buttons, it is easy to understand, and the learning curve is short.

Verifone P200 is a dependable and durable product built to cope with regular usage in many commercial environments. Moreover, this adaptable tool can smoothly be integrated with various POS payment terminals. It thus offers a great user experience during transactions.

What are the Specifications of Verifone P200?

What are the Specifications of Verifone P200?

Let’s take a look at the specifications of  Verifone P200:

  • The Verifone P200 represents a top-of-the-line payment tool driven by a robust 600 MHz, Cortex-A9 32-bit RISC 1500 MIPS Arm processor. This processor guarantees rapid, smooth transaction handling, delivering an uninterrupted payment journey for customers.
  • With a memory capacity of 384 MB (128 MB SDRAM, 256 MB Flash), the P200 can securely hold a vast volume of data.
  • The vibrant 2.8″ color QVGA display depicts sharp, clear visuals and text, enriching user engagement.
  • Operated by V/OS, a Linux-derived system, the P200 features advanced security measures to keep transactional information secure. The machine’s connection options incorporate Ethernet for consistent network service.
  • With a triple track MSR adhering to an EMVCo-approved and ISO norms accepted smart card reader, the P200 adheres to multiple payment techniques.
  • Besides, the Contactless feature complies with ISO regulations like CTLS/NFC arrangements. It expands its versatility and adaptability to emerging payment methods like the EMVCo L1 certification and MIFARE cards for heightened security provisions.
  • As a multifunctional and secure payment machine, Verifone’s P200 offers an array of port options for diverse connectivity needs. A single connector accommodates RS-232, USB host, USB device, Ethernet Audio Buzzer Security PCI PTS 5.X-approved specifications, making P200’s systematic integration smooth and efficient.
  • Its compact size (L = 167 mm × W = 80 mm × H = 44 mm) and weight of just 280 g make it effortless to handle and position in any retail setting. The electricity supply can be adaptive, varying from 5-12 DC V, consuming 3.2-4.9 W of power. It also has a powered USB at 5 V and up to 500 mA.
  • It functions efficiently in a temperature spectrum between 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F) and keeping in storage between -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F), the P200 is built for robust operation in varied conditions.
  • Two standard SAM slots (with the option to add a third), an illuminating keypad, and a space to slot in a uSD memory card for extra storage are also featured.
  • Optional add-ons such as a privacy shield, assembly adapter, power over Ethernet wire (POE, and retro-compatible cables provide users the flexibility to tailor their setup preferences around the Verifone P200.

Why Should You Buy Verifone P200?

Why Should You Buy Verifone P200?

Utilizing the newest Linux-based operating system, the Verifone P200 offers a top-tier solution for companies aiming to boost their payment-handling abilities. It is built on the robust framework of Verifone’s latest-generation technology. It features basic PIN pad functions at an astonishingly fast pace, making customer checkout impressively quick and effortless.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, improved features, and brilliant color display, the P200 guarantees a smooth and safe payment process during transactions. Its capability to smoothly incorporate multimedia content opens a world of creative interaction opportunities for businesses aiming for unique customer engagement.


The Verifone P200 is a formidable payment solution driven by cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. Its powerful processor facilitates swift transactions, thus enhancing business and customer efficiency. The device’s versatility in accepting various payment methods and a secure payment mechanism ensures a seamless and secure transaction experience.

The user-friendly interface, coupled with a vibrant display, promotes ease of use and reduces the need for excessive customer inquiries. The specifications, including a robust processor, ample memory, and multiple connectivity options, position the P200 as a reliable and adaptable tool for diverse commercial environments. Overall, the Verifone P200 is a valuable asset for a merchant, offering limitless possibilities for progress and success in the ever-evolving retail sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Verifone P200?

    The Verifone P200 is a PIN pad meticulously crafted for small and mid-sized merchants. Combining a lightweight design with high-speed functionality, it presents various features based on diverse business needs.

  2. What are the connections of the Verifone P200?

    Equipped with versatile connectivity options, the Verifone P200 has USB, Ethernet, serial, and various connection alternatives. This ensures adaptability to different operational setups.

  3. What are the features of the Verifone P200?

    Distinguished by a full-color screen, multimedia capabilities, and a vibrant interface, the Verifone P200 stands out. Its readiness for EMV transactions, PCI 5.X approval, and advanced security technology make it a versatile yet highly secure device.

  4. What else does the Verifone P200 offer?

    Beyond its core features, the Verifone P200 offers additional benefits such as rewards, loyalty programs, and digital couponing. With end-to-end security measures, it prioritizes safeguarding customer data throughout transactions.

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