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Ten Restaurant Technology Blogs We Love


There is more than one best blog for restaurants to learn about technology. Most restaurant owners understand that they’re living in the age of blog posts where high-quality content and insights can attain and retain the attention of the audience for a long time. Since it takes time to put together a perfect blog post that simplifies complex information, it makes them all the more valuable to readers.

Let’s take a look at the best blogs about restaurant technology:

  1. Marketing Tech Blog

One of the aspects of this marketing tech blog focuses on restaurant technology. While this blog is an outlier for this list, the information provided in terms of implementing new technology into your restaurant is fantastic. Marketing Tech blog houses comprehensive and updated resources. Often, it invites business owners and restaurant managers to be part of the discussion.

Behind the food scene, restaurant owners can also check out and implement new practices. In the age of changing restaurant industry, marketing has become central for restaurant owners and often ties together with restaurant technology.

Marketing Tech Blog is ideal for restaurant owners to learn the most effective ways to grow their brands. Many articles on this blog highlight how restaurants can boost their sales and find that value-driven upsells that can help them stand out in a competitive food and service industry.

  1. Foodable

The Foodable blog has also become a valuable reference source for restaurant chefs, operators, managers, and hospitality professionals to stay on top of the newest food service industry trends. Foodable network has an expert team that covers topics like restaurant marketing, restaurant technology, and food service industry trends.

Foodable is an all-in-one resource network that offers insights into the newest data and gives you clear insight into changing state of the restaurant landscape. Foodable offers combined resources such as a blog, podcasts, and videos.

The Foodable network even hosts impressive virtual events to educate business restaurant owners and managers. Foodable is a solid resource network to learn about new B2B practices and how new technologies simplify and optimize restaurant operations.

  1. GrubStreet

While GrubStreet specifically focuses on the New York City restaurant landscape, its quality of posts is ideal for global players. Whether you’re a new or established player in the food service industry, GrubStreet offers eye-opening insights about how different types and sizes of restaurants can operate. GrubStreet provides resources that apply to big and small restaurant joints and focuses on how restaurants and diners can scale in a thriving yet highly competitive industry.

Regarding dining and food sites, GrubStreet deserves to be among the top ten. The website features food news, culinary trends, recipes, and detailed restaurant reviews. Since 2007, GrubStreet has continued to be a trusted information source for professionals and food aficionados.

  1. Restaurant Business Online

Restaurant Business Online, or RBO, is a famous blog that provides restaurant owners and business owners with centralized information. Many restaurants continue to tap into the RBO blog to maintain the consistent growth of their establishment. You can use the Restaurant Business Online blog to learn about legal issues, success benchmarks, and economic news related to online restaurants.

Chefs can also find much value in the Restaurant Business Online blog. It offers valuable insights on how to start and maintain a profitable restaurant online through new concepts. You can check out tips, demos, and how brands rank customer satisfaction and boost sales.

The talented expert team at the Restaurant Business Online blog touches on topics related to mobile ordering, restaurant automation, digital marketing for restaurants, and online delivery. RBO offers valuable insights about new industry stats. One of the best aspects of the RBO blog is that it helps restaurant operators set new benchmarks.

  1. The Restaurant Expert

Sometimes you just need a blog that covers the legal and tech side of the food and service industry. Mostly, the Restaurant Expert posts content on the tech aspect of the restaurant and how new tech creates legal and training issues for restaurants.

If you want to run a tech-driven business and support a broad range of operations, you’ll find the Restaurant Expert an education site. The blog educates restaurant owners about how they can use different technologies to transition into the digital age and optimize their data management software.  

  1. Modern Restaurant Management

As the title suggests, this blog focuses on modern restaurant management. The idea is to help startup restaurants find new strategies to step up their restaurant management game. The blog specifically targets new managers in the food service industry and how they can adapt to changing practices.

Modern Restaurant Management blog posts a variety of content. You can learn more than just about restaurant management practices and new tech but also how marketing has become pivotal to running a tech-driven restaurant. But MRM doesn’t stop here – it posts content on restaurant design, law, and finance. MRM is an ideal resource for ghost kitchen and restaurant managers.

  1. Restaurant Den

While the Restaurant Den is an online ordering platform, it maintains a resourceful blog. Besides ordering services and restaurant design, their blog post features up-to-date information about tech integrations. You can find comprehensive posts on point-of-sale system reviews and accounting management systems.

If you can move past the technical terms, you’ll find that the Restaurant Den is one of the best technology blogs in the food and service industry. But the more you browse content – the more you learn about various restaurant tech integrations. The Restaurant Den also encourages restaurants to tap into multiple use cases of each technology. If you’re looking for restaurant tech resources, you’ll find Restaurant Den one of the best spots.

  1. GrubHub Blog 

GrubHub Blog or the Feed allows users to check out local restaurant spots and track food deliveries in real-time. But at its core, GrubHub Blog is a mobile-based delivery and online ordering platform. GrubHub features an impressive blog that publishes updated content on restaurant delivery, food, and trends.

The Grubhub blog primarily touches on restaurant topics like food trends and insights related to delivery technology. The site also posts interviews of chefs and restaurant owners and how restaurants can leverage online ordering to execute new recipe ideas.

  1. BevSpot

BevSpot is a dynamic and intuitive blog that houses some of the best resources for restaurants. It provides web resources for virtual restaurant owners, chefs, and ghost commercial kitchens. BevSpot focuses on FoH operations and how restaurant owners can use specific tech solutions to drive long-term growth.

BevSpo0t posts valuable resources on how restaurants can develop their brand identity and leverage third-party delivery services. BevSpot encourages new and established restaurants to implement advanced POS systems to optimize and centralize operations and reach new heights of success in the food service industry.

  1. Fast Casual

In the restaurant community, Fast Casual is a reputable name. You can find audio, text, and video content and browse a diverse range of articles and blog posts. The Fast Casual blog is an incredible resource for learning about payment funnels and marketing a new restaurant.

Fat Casual posts in-depth analyses and insights about different restaurant technologies as a prominent publication in the restaurant industry. The publication specifically guides restaurants to grow different segments of their market. The site covers restaurant operations, technology, marketing, and menu development. Fast Casual has a team of experts that analyze restaurant technologies and provide thoughtful commentary on how they can create opportunities and challenges for restaurant operators.

Wrapping Up

In hindsight, check out multiple restaurant tech blogs to read new articles and blog posts that are bound to improve your understanding of the evolving food and service industry. Ideally, the restaurant technology blogs that have managed to create a network have become highly resourceful to readers.

And if you’re starting a new restaurant or diner, you’ll find these restaurant tech blogs practical and useful. Focus on how the knowledge and network of the restaurant industry are evolving and pushing leading market players to evolve and grow faster.

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