Your salon should utilize a POS system that helps the business stay operational. A POS system can help the salon book appointments, manage its inventory, and review its sales. It can work with software that keeps your business afloat and easy to run. A system could even work with whatever hardware you have right now.

You’ve got a full array of POS software and system programs to explore. Here’s a brief look at what you can consider when getting a POS setup ready for your business. You can find a system that is easy to plan and also works with software you can manage in moments. Anything that offers more help with everything you want to do with your business will always be a plus.

Stick With a Paid Version

While there are many free POS software solutions for you to utilize, they may have limits over what they can provide. You might not get access to features for booking appointments or managing your inventory.

The free programs that give you more options might also have time limits over how long you can use them. Many providers offer free trials to help you see what a system has to offer for your business. You can use this time to see what works for your business.

Installation Process

Your POS software and system should be easy to install. You will need to add many things like:

  • Payment registers and POS setups
  • Hardware wiring for your business
  • A new software program that runs on your system
  • Support for whatever services you wish to provide

Every salon will have unique needs for its POS system. Some systems are easy to install yourself. Others require a professional to help you, especially if it needs a new wiring system to function. You can talk with a provider for details on what fits your needs.

What Hardware Will You Require?

You can use many pieces of hardware when running your POS system. Your hardware should work with whatever POS software your salon will utilize. Some of the pieces of hardware you might require for your business include:

  • A mobile chip reader
  • A cash drawer
  • A receipt printer
  • Scanners for hair care products, NFC cards, or other things you will scan
  • Monitors, including customer and store-display units
  • Tablets and other items for mobile transactions

Some POS solutions may support whatever hardware you currently have in your salon. Other systems will require you to use their dedicated hardware systems. They should provide the option to buy these items, as leasing these POS parts may be more expensive than what you can afford.

What Are the Processing Fees?

Every business will pay processing fees for every credit card transaction they collect. But the specific fees you’ll spend will vary over many things:

  • Some system providers may have built-in payment processors. Others will use third-party services for handling these systems.
  • You’ll spend more money if you key in card transactions. The risk of fraud is higher for keyed-in payments than for swiped ones.
  • Some cards may come with higher fees. These include cards with more extensive reward programs. American Express cards also have higher processing fees, as Amex works as its own bank when issuing cards.

These rules can all vary, but you’ll still use the same MCC or Merchant Category Code to list your business format. The MCC will dictate what you will spend on credit card transactions. Your business might have a low risk depending on the credit card network that processes a transaction with you.

What Will Your Software Feature?

A quality salon POS software program must include everything necessary for your business. Your salon POS system should include support for these points:

  • It should help you schedule client appointments. You can set up appointments based on what needs people have and when they will arrive.
  • A software program can let clients schedule their appointments online. You can link your program to a website where people can see what appointment times are available.
  • A program should also support text and email confirmations. It can send automated messages letting people know when their next appointments are. The feature reduces the risk of late clients and people missing their appointments.
  • Inventory support is critical for all software needs. You must keep track of your inventory to ensure you have the items you need for running your business. A program can alert you when you’re running low on certain products. Anything that integrates online retailing also helps, as it lets you reorder items you’re running low on.
  • A software program can include support for your marketing efforts. You can create email messages, automated text messages, and other promotional notes for your clients. Your software program can also include an opt-in and opt-out system for helping you increase your email list and to get more leads.

Of course, a software program needs to be easy to utilize. A program can come with tutorials and other support features to help users understand how to use the setup.

Contact HMS For Help

The best thing you can do when getting a POS system ready for your salon is to contact us at Host Merchant Services. We provide a personalized approach to POS systems you can trust. We can review your salon and identify the right POS devices you can use. We can also integrate our systems with whatever hardware you use right now.

We also provide quality POS software solutions that fit your needs. You can select from the Clover, Bonsai, or Vital POS platform when looking for software. We support all three of these systems. You can compare different choices and see which one fits your demands when you hire us for help.

We at HMS offer affordable processing rates, plus we don’t impose long-term contracts on anyone. You can talk with us today to learn more about how we can work for your business needs.

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