Rectangle Health review

Rectangle Health A Comprehensive Review

Rectangle Health, a trusted player in the healthcare technology industry for over 30 years has been a contributor in equipping healthcare providers with solutions to strengthen the financial and operational aspects of their practices regardless of their size or specialty. With robust payment processing, customer handling, and engagement solutions, this platform serves as a solution for managing patient payments securely. Rectangle Health goes beyond handling transactions by reducing burdens, improving financial stability, enhancing the patient experience, and ensuring compliance.

At its core, Rectangle Health not only simplifies the complexities of running a healthcare business but also empowers providers with a secure and transparent way of making payments. In this comprehensive Rectangle Health review, we will take a look at all the aspects of Rectangle Health, so that you can make a sound choice.

Overview Of Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health is a top tech company in healthcare, helping practices boost their earnings and make management easier. Since 1993, their tech tools have cut down on paperwork and made finances clearer for many healthcare providers in the US They handle billions of dollars in payments every year. The company focuses on in-person payment tools and handling payments for dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare places.

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What sets them apart is their secure way of connecting payment systems while following privacy rules like HIPAA. They collaborate with over 60,000 healthcare providers nationwide, from small clinics to big hospitals. Rectangle Health handles more than $10 billion in patient payments each year.

Rectangle Health Review: Pros And Cons

Pros of Rectangle Health

  • The platform stands out for its user-friendly design, ensuring that both beginners and experienced users can navigate the system with ease.
  • The platform offers easy navigation features. Users can effortlessly move between different sections, access essential tools, and complete tasks without encountering complex menus or confusing layouts.
  • Specialization in serving various healthcare entities. Whether you’re a dentist, doctor, hospital, insurer, or another healthcare facility, the platform is tailored to meet your unique needs
  • To make it accessible for businesses of all sizes, the platform does not charge a setup fee.
  • Unlike some platforms that impose higher fees for card-not-present transactions, this platform maintains a consistent fee structure.
  • The platform offers a flexible contract with a fee-free early termination option.

Cons of Rectangle Health

  • No free trial is available for the user.

Rectangle Health Review Based On Features

(4.6 Stars)

  • Integrated Patient Insurance Coverage With PMS

Checking a patient’s insurance and making sure they’re eligible for coverage is crucial for getting paid. Sometimes, patients may believe they’re covered, but there could be surprises in some cases. With Rectangle Health you can easily confirm eligibility before providing the services. This system quickly verifies if a patient’s insurance is active. It saves your team from calling insurance companies, which can be time-consuming.

With Rectangle Health, insurance payments from patients go straight into your practice’s system. This seamless process eliminates the need for manual entry, reduces administrative tasks, and ensures accurate and timely recording of payments. By integrating patient insurance payments directly into your practice management system, you can also enhance efficiency, improve financial tracking, and focus more on delivering quality care to your patients.

  • Electronic Signature Capability

Rectangle Health offers an Electronic Signature feature designed to simplify the process of signing digital documents. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to sign agreements, contracts, or other important paperwork online.

When you enable electronic signatures, Rectangle Health streamlines document workflows eliminates the need for physical signatures, and accelerates the overall process of finalizing documents. This secure and efficient method ensures that users can sign their digital documents with ease and confidence.

  • Point of Sale (POS) System

The dedicated POS system from Rectangle Health is a robust solution that facilitates seamless service selling and financial transactions. This feature ensures that businesses can efficiently manage customer transactions, process payments, and handle other related activities in a timely manner.

Rectangle’s reliable POS system enhances the operational efficiency of businesses, reduces transaction errors, and improves the overall customer experience. Whether it’s processing credit card payments, debit card payments, prepaid cards, checks, or even ACH payments, the POS system is an essential tool for modern businesses aiming for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Status Tracking and Project Management

Rectangle Health’s Status Tracking feature is a comprehensive tool designed to oversee and manage various aspects of projects. This includes monitoring the progress of milestones, tracking tasks, and reporting on activities. The Status Tracking functionality provides businesses with valuable insights into project timelines, resource allocation, and overall progress.

It not only ensures that all the incoming and ongoing projects stay on track but ensures that all the objectives are met promptly, by keeping stakeholders informed and aligned. With its intuitive tracking and reporting capabilities, Rectangle Health empowers businesses to effectively manage their projects from inception to completion.

  • Payment Processing Across Online Channels

Rectangle Health’s Payment Processing feature offers a versatile solution for managing automated transactions across multiple online channels. Whether it’s processing payments from e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, or other digital channels, no matter if it is contactless or manual, this feature ensures secure and efficient transaction processing.

By supporting various payment methods and integrating with different online platforms, Rectangle Health enables businesses to expand their reach, increase sales opportunities, and provide customers with flexible payment options during checkout. The Payment Processing feature plays a vital role in optimizing revenue streams and enhancing the overall customer payment experience.

Rectangle Health Review Based On Products And Services

(4.5 Stars)

Rectangle Health Practice Management Bridge

Practice Management Bridge

Rectangle Health introduces the Practice Management Bridge, a cutting-edge, web-based solution that seamlessly integrates various aspects of your practice’s systems. Leveraging advanced technology, this platform is designed to enhance patient experiences while streamlining payment processes across all touchpoints. For instance:

  • The Card on File (CoF) system ensures convenience and efficiency by securely storing patient card information.
  • Customizable Messages with the balance due and a quick online payment link, for prompt and convenient payment responses.
  • Digital Forms simplify the tasks for reducing paperwork and manual data entry.

Additionally, Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge simplifies payment processes with its innovative and seamless payment features. The Text to Pay functionality enables practices to send individual or mass messages that include balance details and quick payment links, streamlining payment collections while enhancing patient communication.

The automated payment plans ensure timely installment collections, boosting financial efficiency and offering a seamless payment experience. Moreover, Rectangle Health distinguishes itself by providing a patient financing option, partnering with HFD, that disregards credit scores, allowing healthcare providers to prioritize quality care over overpayment concerns.

Rectangle Health Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Apart from the above payment processing features from Practice Management Bridge, you get various payment options during the checkout process with Rectangle Health. With the implementation of a real-time processing system, healthcare providers can now receive payment for their services within 24 hours. This not only improves their cash flow but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

When it comes to payment processing options Rectangle Health offers a range of solutions tailored to meet preferences and industry requirements. These include Contactless NFC technology, measures for preventing chargebacks and fraud, with the capabilities for debit and credit card processing. Additionally, the platform supports eCheck & ACH Processing EBT Acceptance.  In addition to these features Rectangle Health also offers EMV Processing solutions with recurring billing processes that help simplify transactions while cultivating long-term relationships with patients.

Patient Engagement Solution

Patient Engagement Solution

Rectangle Health provides a one-stop solution for healthcare practices, focusing on improving patient engagement and managing appointments. Their Online Patient Scheduling system allows patients to easily book appointments, while the Waitlist Management feature efficiently fills any sudden openings, making sure every slot counts. The platform also includes Patient Experience Surveys to gather feedback and help practices enhance their services based on real patient insights. Additionally, it automated appointment reminders to reduce missed appointments.

In addition to these patient-focused features, Rectangle Health offers specialized Marketing Tools for healthcare practices. These tools assist in creating targeted marketing campaigns and personalized patient communication, helping practices build a robust online presence and nurture lasting patient relationships. Overall, Rectangle Health stands out as a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers aiming to improve patient care and operational efficiency.

Security And Compliance

Security And Compliance

Rectangle Health prioritizes security and patient privacy in the healthcare industry. They offer HIPAA Compliance Software to ensure patient data confidentiality and security, aiding healthcare providers in meeting regulatory standards and reducing data breach risks. The company also integrates Fraud Protection to proactively detect and prevent fraudulent activities, enhancing trust among patients and protecting financial assets.

Moreover, Rectangle Health provides OSHA Compliance Software for workplace safety and regulatory adherence, further solidifying a secure environment. Their PCI Compliance Management solutions manage Payment Card Industry standards, ensuring secure payment transactions. Additionally, they employ P2P Encryption technology, adding an extra layer of security to safeguard sensitive payment data. Overall, Rectangle Health’s comprehensive security measures demonstrate its commitment to defending healthcare providers and patients against digital threats.

Rectangle Health Review Based On Pricing

(4.2 Stars)

Rectangle Health offers a “quote-based” pricing structure designed to meet the diverse needs of merchants, particularly in the healthcare sector. While specific rates are not publicly displayed, the platform emphasizes transparency by providing free personalized quote requests.

Adopting a Flat Rate pricing model, Rectangle Health ensures clarity and predictability with a Swiped Rate ranging from 1.00% to 4.99%. The platform does not charge Keyed-in or Virtual Terminal Rates, due to the flat rate model.

A flat Monthly Fee of $30 grants access to the platform’s services, complemented by a $0 Early Termination Fee under conditional terms, offering flexibility for businesses. With no additional charges for PCI Compliance, Batch processing, or Annual fees, Rectangle Health aims to provide a cost-effective and straightforward payment solution, further enhanced by the absence of Monthly Minimum requirements.

Flat Rate1.00% – 4.99%
Keyed-in TransactionsN/A
Monthly Charges$30
Early Termination Fee$0
Equipment Lease Terms48 Months
PCI Compliance Charges$0
Annual Charges$0
Batch Processing$0

Rectangle Health Review Based On Customer Support

(4.4 Stars)

In our Rectangle Health review, we found that the company is committed to customer satisfaction and offers various support options for its users. Their FAQ section provides quick answers and quick guidance for common issues.

Additionally, the company offers chat support for real-time interaction, ensuring quick solutions with knowledgeable representatives. For more complex needs, call support connects users with dedicated agents for personalized assistance.

Although they provide all these services, there are some instances where some users find it hard to get ahold of customer representatives in some cases and get meaningful support.

Customer Reviews Of Rectangle Health

Source: Google reviews

(4.7 Stars)

Rectangle Health BBB rating

Source: BBB

Rectangle Health has earned an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau since 2010, highlighting its dedication to integrity and top-notch business practices. The company receives high praise on review platforms for its user-friendly interface, which allows easy navigation and enhances the overall user experience.

Customers appreciate the platform’s intuitive design and the company’s transparent flat fee charges. Additionally, Rectangle Health’s customer support team stands out for being patient, knowledgeable, and highly responsive, further solidifying its reputation for exceptional service.


Rectangle Health emerges as a leading healthcare technology solution, demonstrating a strong commitment to enhancing financial efficiency, patient engagement, and regulatory compliance for healthcare providers. With over three decades of industry experience, the platform offers robust features like integrated insurance verification, electronic signatures, and comprehensive payment processing.

Its user-friendly interface, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer support further underscore its reputation. While the absence of publicly available pricing and occasional customer service challenges exist, the platform’s overall performance and positive customer feedback position it as a reliable choice for healthcare practices seeking to optimize operations and patient care. All in all, Rectangle Health deserves an impressive overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Rectangle Health?

    Rectangle Health serves as both a payment processor and an advanced financial technology provider. It stands out as the sole nationwide entity dedicated to addressing challenges specific to healthcare practices and facilities. Clients benefit from their Practice Management Bridge, a comprehensive set of technological tools designed to streamline payment collection and enhance office productivity.

  2. How can I reach customer support at Rectangle Health?

    You can reach out to Rectangle Health’s customer support by dialing 1.800.337.3630 or sending an email to [email protected] for assistance. For inquiries related to sales, direct your email to [email protected].

  3. What types of hardware does Rectangle Health offer?

    Rectangle Health provides two distinct Point of Care hardware options tailored to suit various requirements. They are Ingenico® Lane/7000 and PAX A80

  4. Is Rectangle Health compliant with OSHA regulations?

    Rectangle Health adheres to OSHA guidelines. Additionally, they offer a robust suite of compliance features, including
    HIPAA Compliance Software
    Fraud Protection Measures
    PCI Compliance Management
    Point-to-Point Encryption

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