Point of Sale Systems That Support Cash Discount Merchant Services Programs

Credit card transaction fees can be frustrating, as they will keep your business from earning as much money as you wish. You can use a cash discount program to give your customers the option to save money by paying for a purchase with cash instead of a card.

Cash discount merchant services programs will help businesses offset their card transaction costs. You can collect funds that will cover those card-based charges, plus you can give customers a chance to save on their purchases.

You must also have a point of sale system that can support whatever cash discount merchant services program you wish to enter. The great news is that you’ve got plenty of choices to explore, including ones that support the VizPay app for Clover. The options available are worthwhile when you’re trying to get a new payment solution running in your workplace.

Clover Station

The traditional Clover Station is one of the most popular cash discount POS systems you can utilize today. Clover works with many systems and applications that let you control every aspect of the POS process.

The Clover Station is a desktop-based solution that works for set locations. It can also include everything you need for processing payments, including a cash register, a thermal printer, and a customer-facing display unit. The items you’ll use will vary by application, so check your business reports to see what works best for you.

With the Clover Station, you can track your inventory levels, sales totals, employee performance levels, and many other features. The dashboard uses a cloud connection to help you access your data wherever you go, giving you the control you deserve every time.

Clover also uses an Android-based operating system that supports various applications, including the VizPay app. You can add different apps that support cash discount systems. These apps will help you become compliant and ensure you are offering cash discounts to all your customers. The comprehensive approach the Clover Station provides for your work needs is essential if you bring in plenty of business in a set location.

Clover Flex

Whereas the Clover Station is designed for desktop and full-service use, the Clover Flex is for on-the-go payments. You can use the Clover Flex to accept signatures, review your inventory, and handle other things surrounding your business.

The Flex features a small touchscreen that will display your customer’s transaction data. You can include the cash discount details for each transaction on the Flex screen in moments, giving customers the info they need for each transaction.

The Flex can also accept all major payment choices. It can handle swiped, dipped, and scanned cards. It also works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and various other contactless payment solutions, giving you the ability to accept payments from anyone who wants to do business with you.

The VizPay App For Clover

You can also use the VizPay app if you have a Clover Station or Flex POS setup for your cash discount needs. VizPay has a cash discount app on the Clover App Market that works as part of the group’s Cash Discount Program.

VizPay lets retailers program their transactions with cash discount data. A retailer can list the percentage it will use for a cash discount and incorporate that into whatever transaction one wishes to manage.

The VizPay app also lets you review the cash discounts you’re collecting and how something may work. You can compare cash and card sales and review which transactions are more likely to incorporate cards, giving you more of an idea of what works when you’re collecting money from people.

This feature works for all Clover systems, including all versions of the Flex and Station. You can download it from the Clover App Market in moments. VizPay provides a convenient approach to cash merchants, but you should look at how well something fits when you’re getting a setup running well.

What Other Choices Are Available?

You’ve got plenty of other POS options to explore when looking for a cash discount merchant services platform. Here are some of the choices that are also available for your work needs, with each one coming with different functions that fit many efforts you may hold:

  • Paradise POS – Paradise has a slim touchscreen on its desktop display. It includes support for reports and inventory management. You can also customize the menu to display whatever things you want to highlight the most.
  • Mynt POS – Mynt is another system that includes a customizable platform. You can add different items to your POS display and add inventory and quantity totals to each order. Mynt’s system also works with an optional customer-facing screen.
  • Verifone – Designed with an ATM-like look, the Verifone POS system includes a printer. You can display the cash savings or the credit card charge on each transaction through the printed receipts you generate.
  • Pax S80 – Pax makes various POS solutions, including the S80. The S80 includes a small display screen and keypad, plus it can utilize various apps you can download from the Paxstore, Pax’s dedicated app center.
  • Dejavoo Z9 Dejavoo supports NFC-based payments, including ones on the Apple Pay and Google Pay platforms. The terminal includes an optional handset and battery system that lets you transport the Z9 anywhere for mobile transactions. It works well when you’re trying to collect payments directly at tables or other spots where your customers might be in your business.

Take a look at what you might require when getting a new POS option ready. A POS system that handles cash discount merchant services efforts will help you stay compliant while identifying how much you can bring through each POS payment. Look at what you can find in a POS system, and figure out what needs you have the most when getting a POS layout running in your space. You’ll find it easy for you to get a POS setup running when you see what works well.

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