PAX Aries 8 SmartTablet POS

PAX Aries 8 SmartTablet POS: An Overview and Quick Reference Guide

The PAX Aries 8 Android Smart POS system stands as an all-in-one payment solution meticulously crafted to meet the demands of high-volume environments. This next-generation, versatile tablet, the PAX Aries 8, fulfills a variety of roles, functioning seamlessly as a SmartPOI for payment transactions, a SmartPOS for retail operations, or even as a mobile device for physical store applications like POS line busting and product ordering. Its user-friendly design allows the PAX Aries8 to be easily mounted on industry-standard stands, integrated into unattended kiosks, or employed for mobile applications.

Equipped with a one-hand hold handle and an engaging 8-inch display, the PAX Aries8 is equipped to handle diverse tasks. Its embedded payment module not only caters to retail mobile applications such as POS line busting and ordering but also serves consumer needs, facilitating activities like bridal registry and self-service point-of-sale operations.

PAX Aries 8 Features

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  • Various connectivity options include Bluetooth, WiFi, optional 4G, and Ethernet.
  • Contactless and Hybrid readers for versatile payment options
  • 8-inch HD touchscreen IPS display for enhanced visibility
  • Autofocus camera (8MP) with an integrated flash for quality imaging
  • Fingerprint scanner for authentication
  • Metal keypads and Professional scanner for efficient operations
  • Signature capture for seamless customer interactions
  • Inbuilt battery for uninterrupted functionality
  • Pistol grip-like handle (optional) for physical store mobility
  • Integrated printer and swivel stand (optional) for standalone use

PAX Aries 8 Specifications:

PAX Aries 8 Specifications

Image source: PAX Aries 8

  • Paydroid, which is powered by the new Android version 7.1
  • Powerful Processor – Cortex ARM + A53
  • 1GB of DDR RAM, Flash 8GB eMMC, Extended card slots for Micro SD (with 128GB extended memory)
  • Hybrid Magnetic Stripe, Chip and PIN, and NFC Contactless card readers
  • Front-facing 8MP camera and Bottom Scanner (optional)
  • Display: WXGA 8″ IPS
  • WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz), 4G, Bluetooth 4.2, and Ethernet configurations
  • Battery: 3.6V and 3800mAH
  • SIM or SAM: 2x SIM + an additional 1x SAM, and 1x SIM, plus a 2x SAM (optional)
  • Positioning: GPS
  • Buttons/Keys: 18 buttons, including the Power switch, Volume controls, Numeric keys, and Function keys
  • 1 Speaker
  • 1 USB Type C OTG, one audio jack, and 2×6 Pogo Pin
  • One 5V/2A adapter

Types Of Card Readers In PAX Aries 8

Types Of Card Readers In PAX Aries 8

The PAX Aries8 Smart Tablet is equipped with the following types of card readers:

  • EMV Card Reader: To use, insert the card with the IC chip facing upwards. Then, push the card to the end of the card slot. Look for a blue light flashing and an icon displaying on the screen. Keep the card inserted until you are prompted to remove it.
  • Magnetic Stripe Card: To use, insert the magnetic stripe card into the card slot. Ensure that the magnetic stripe is facing downwards. Push the card to the end and then pull it out at a consistent speed to swipe the card.
  • Contactless Card Reader: For this reader, simply hold the contactless card over or under the keypad to initiate the payment process.

Tips For Using PAX Aries 8

Here are some tips for the installation and use of the terminal:

  • In case of any cable damage, it’s important to get a replacement.
  • Prior to inserting a card, check the inside and surroundings of the IC card slot.
  • If you notice any suspicious objects, please inform the relevant administrator.
  • Refrain from inserting unknown materials into any port on the PAX Aries8, as this could lead to severe damage.
  • If repairs are needed, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional technician rather than attempting to fix it yourself.
  • Avoid exposing the device to excessively hot, dusty, or strong electromagnetic environments.
  • Make sure not to shake, drop, or vibrate the device.

Why Is PAX Aries 8 The Best POS System?

The PAX Aries8 is equipped with an inbuilt battery, allowing it to be detached from its base station or stand. You can attach it to the pistol grip stand, transforming it into an in-store payment device. Notably, it boasts a larger display compared to the Aries6, a front camera (8MP), and a QR and barcode scanner.

Primarily tailored for multilane retailers with high-volume sales, it leverages modern PED Devices that are PCI5 Certified, utilizing Android technology. These devices are seamlessly integrated into cash register systems in dual-lane merchant stores.

For added versatility, with an optional base station that can rotate, you can easily transform the Aries8 into sophisticated independent SmartECR terminals. Alternatively, you may connect a pistol grip handle for improved in-store mobility.

Experience a checkout process with the Aries8. It readily accepts various payment methods, offering the biggest touch screens that have an outstanding resolution. Witness improved consumer engagement and reduced checkout times.

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