PAX A60 Mobile POS

PAX A60 Mobile POS: An Overview and Quick Reference Guide

The A60 by PAX is a cutting-edge PIN pad SmartMobile that prioritizes top-tier transactional reliability and payment security. It combines a stylish, compact design with versatile short and wide-range communication capabilities. The PAX A60 can serve as a robust standalone Mobile PIN pad or seamlessly transform into an in-store cordless terminal .

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Features Of PAX A60 POS

  • Operating System: PAXBiz®, which Android powers
  • Battery: 3.6V Li-Ion 3350 mAh Battery
  • Printer: 2” Thermal Printer and 80mm output per second with an Auto-Cutter
  • Display: 5” (720 by 1280) Multi-Touch IPS Touchscreen Display.

Specifications Of PAX A60 POS

  • Memory: 2GB RAM plus an additional 16GB Flash (Expandable with Micro SD to 128GB)
  • Processor: A7 1.3GHz ARM Cortex 32-bit RISCCore Quad-Core (ARMv7-M)
  • Card Reader: Smart Card & Hybrid MSR Reader with a dedicated Contactless for payments
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and wireless Bluetooth
  • SIM slots: Dual SIM
  • Ports included: 1* USB Type C
  • Dimensions (inches): 2.95 * 7.27 * 2.14
  • Weight of the device: 11.2 oz (Total including the battery)
  • Compliance: 5.x SRED PCI PTS, Visa payWave, EMV L2 and L1, American Express, Mastercard PayPass, Interac, and Discover D-PAS.
  • Additional Features: Charging and Printing Base with Wireless Bluetooth Technology, Autofocus back camera (5 MP), and Fixed Front Camera with 0.3 MP (Optional).

FCC Regulations for PAX A60 Mobile POS Compliance

This device adheres to the guidelines set forth in part 15 of the FCC Rules. It operates under two key conditions: first, it does not generate harmful interference, and second, it accepts all received interference, even if it might cause undesired operation. Furthermore, this equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the standards implemented by the ACTA.

On the device, you’ll find a label containing various information, including a product identifier. Upon request, this identifier must be provided to the telephone company. Regarding RF exposure, this device meets the government’s criteria for exposure to radio waves. It is designed and manufactured to ensure it remains within the emission limits for radio frequency (RF) energy, as established by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Why Choose PAX A60 Mobile POS?

The SmartMobile A60 PIN pad is designed to ensure the utmost security for payments and transactions in your retail store. Its stylish and lightweight build supports both long-range and short communications. This PAX A60 functions excellently as an all-in-one PIN pad for mobile and in-store terminals that is cordless, accompanied by a printer base equipped with a self-cutter.

This PAX A60 seamlessly integrates the functionalities of the Android-powered system with a robust terminal for payments, all within its compact and sleek framework. PAX A60 is particularly suited for various payment scenarios, such as sit-down environments, pay-at-the-curb, pay-at-the-door, and pay-at-the-table for deliveries. Experience seamless functionality with the docking station (BP060) allowing you to effortlessly pair with 7 A60 terminals for streamlined charging, printing, and enhanced peripheral connectivity. This compact docking station is a truly portable solution, making it incredibly convenient for various business settings.

Weighing a mere 300g, the A60 showcases all the benefits of the A-series payment terminals, encapsulated in an elegant and lightweight design. As a paperless option, it not only simplifies your operations but also contributes to reducing your environmental footprint and stationery expenses.

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