NMI Payment Gateway Review

NMI or Network Merchants Inc. is a payment gateway company known for offering hardware and software components for businesses. Founded in 2000, NMI is not a merchant. It rather sells the software to retailers and other software merchants. Even though the company has not collaborated with any payment processor, they do offer one of the best integration services to the eCommerce industries. Now that you have to buy the gateway from resellers, it’s best to request the quote from different processors and select the one that fits your individual needs.

The main goal of the payment gateway provider is to enable smooth and flexible payment methods for all types and sizes of businesses. It offers merchants the freedom to focus on their company’s growth and customer retention instead of worrying about restricted payment solutions. NMI payment gateway makes a good option for point-of-sale software systems and independent software vendors.


Network Merchants Inc. is loaded with a set of robust features, designed to provide you with a seamless user experience. Let’s check out a few popular features of NMI.

Customer Vault

With the NMI payment gateway plan, you get to use the customer vault made to enhance security by enabling people to exchange payment-related information in the safest possible way. The payment data is stored in the encrypted vault. 

It allows you to process any number of credit card transactions from any place without having to deal with all the card swiping or cash payments. Unlike other gateways, NMI has a separate and secure vault for storing payment information. No information is stored on the server, thus preventing fraud risks.

Virtual Terminal

All customer orders you receive via email and calls require a robust virtual terminal. The NMI comes with a virtual terminal that allows merchants to execute transactions from just about any computer as long as it has a stable internet connection. It supports manual entry as well as swiped transactions. 

The virtual terminal makes it possible for these merchants to process online and offline transactions from any corner of the world in simple clicks. Not only is it used for debit and credit card payments, but the virtual terminal can accept paper payments as well. In addition, merchants can use this feature with the customer vault to store the payment information safely for future payments.

Batch Payment Processing

If you report a large number of sales every day, you should consider using the NMI gateway for batch payment processing. As the name suggests, this payment gateway is designed to support bulk transactions. This feature enables you to process multiple transactions at once – whether it is a few hundred transactions or the limit exceeds a thousand. Batch processing saves you a lot of time on processing each payment once at a time. It’s rather more convenient to have the transactions processed in one go.

Cart Integration

The NMI gateway is designed to work with different types of shopping carts, including but not limited to WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, Volusion, Shopify, and more. They have added the list of shopping carts supported by the gateway. 

Recurring Billing

For businesses that offer subscription-based services, the NMI payment gateway supports the recurring billing function that allows you to charge your customers following the billing schedule. All you have to do is save their billing schedules in the customer vault and charge them individually if it is a subscription-based model. 

Use the customized billing option. If you have a plan-based business model, develop customized billings and put customers to different plans. In plan-based models, you don’t need to customize the billing for customers individually. You can make changes once and it will be applicable to all customers under that plan. Recurring billing is a great option for all types of businesses that have hundreds of thousands of customer subscriptions. 

Electronic Invoicing

NMI offers the electronic invoicing option, which enables merchants to have their invoices converted into PDF formats and send them to the customers over email. The invoice is sent with a link that your customers can follow to make the requested payment. The best part is you don’t need a website to accept electronic payments from your customers. 

You can offer different payment options, allowing your audience to make either partial or full payments (whichever is convenient for them). The payment gateway supports more than 90 currencies and stores all the invoices safely so that merchants can view and reuse them when needed.

QuickBooks Integration

If you have been using the accounting software solutions for a while, you must already be aware of the QuickBooks system. The software is widely used to streamline accounting and bookkeeping. NMI can be integrated with QuickBooks for automated entries, seamless accounting, and other operations.

Is NMI a Secure Payment Gateway?

Now that you are processing hundreds of thousands of transactions using a gateway, you will want to ensure that the services are 100% secure. The good news is NMI offers the highest level of security and an extensive range of fraud detection tools. NMI is associated with the Merchant Defender, iSpyFraud, Payer Authentication, and more.

Customer Support

While NMI is not the direct seller of the payment gateway, it does offer robust customer support services, including live online training, documentation, and webinars. 24/7 customer support is available for merchants who need help with technical or basic queries. You can deploy this payment gateway on your iPhone, iPad, and other mobiles. 

Should you face any difficulty with the software or any technical problem, feel free to get in touch with the support department to have all your issues resolved. They have one of the friendly and supportive customer teams, offering regular support to all merchants.

Bottom Line

NMI is a secure, efficient, and robust payment processing service provider. Best for POS and ISV, the Network Merchants Inc makes a great option for those looking for a powerful payment gateway service for their eCommerce or land-based store. The software supports online and offline transactions.

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