MicroSale POS review

A Review of MicroSale POS

In the retail and service industries, the Point of Sale (POS) system stands out as the core element, extending beyond mere sales processing to become a vital part of operational efficiency and strategic planning. Today’s advanced POS systems, like MicroSale, facilitate seamless transactions and integrate with critical business functions like inventory management and CRM, revolutionizing how businesses operate. Our in-depth review of MicroSale POS will explore its adaptability, ease of use, and customization potential, highlighting its role in enhancing restaurant operations.

A Review of MicroSale POS

An Overview of MicroSale POS

MicroSale (KIS Software, Inc.) is a robust, hybrid-style point of sale (POS) system tailored to restaurants. This system combines the Windows platform’s reliability with the cloud’s flexibility. MicroSale has proven itself to be a reliable solution in high-paced environments like restaurants. Whether you operate a quick-service or full-service restaurant, bars and nightclubs, pizzerias, coffee shops, or bakeries, MicroSale caters to establishments of all sizes and types. From small independent venues to large enterprise-level organizations, MicroSale POS handles them efficiently.

In addition to having over 35 years of market experience and more than 200+ integrations, MicroSale has fine-tuned the design, features, and UI to match your operational flow and foresee any issues while offering a flexible system that can adjust to your business requirements.

What sets MicroSale apart is its “all-in-one” solution approach. It integrates orders from delivery apps, online ordering platforms, and self-service kiosks into your POS system. Additionally, MicroSale boasts a 24/7 customer service center dedicated to excellent support and ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Whether you decide to purchase the Emerge line, the ChefTAB+, or the Titan Series, MicroSale promises the highest level of performance and ensures 100% reliability. MicroSale could be the best choice among various POS systems as it is designed to withstand the fast-paced environment of a restaurant.

Pros and Cons of MicroSale POS

Pros and Cons of MicroSale POS

Pros of MicroSale POS

  • MicroSale ensures better customer service by enabling quick and easy payments with debit or credit cards.
  • With MicroSale’s POS systems, businesses can effortlessly track inventory levels and automate product reordering when stock runs low.
  • MicroSale’s POS systems play an essential role in maintaining stock accuracy by scanning stock as it comes in and entering it into the digital database.
  • Customers can make their purchases quickly and efficiently online or via mobile marketplaces, offering security convergence and ease of payment.

Cons of MicroSale POS

  • Some users have mentioned additional and costly expenses for software upgrades.
  • Some users complain about the system being slow at times.  

What are the Features of MicroSale POS?

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4.0 Stars

MicroSale comes with loads of features, offering a seamless solution for payment processing in any busy establishment. Here’s a look at some of its features:

  • Streamlined Order Processing:

Well-executed order management ensures greater efficiency by decreasing the time and resources allocated to tackling orders. MicroSale provides chat ordering, which helps for a seamless order process.

Live order adjustment is also possible, leading to smooth modifications. Completed combos automatically confer swift order entry. This, in turn, creates fast order execution and reduced lead time. Thus resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Waitlist Management:

Integrating a waitlist system with your POS solution can greatly enhance the customer experience, boost operational efficiency, and drive business revenue. This system offers detailed insights into customer data, ensuring more accurate and comprehensive information. Additionally, customers can receive confirmation emails containing estimated wait times, and alerts can be sent when their table is ready.

MicroSale takes over any restaurant seating tasks to minimize queue length and waits with seating cycle targets. It conveniently foresees the wait times and easily arranges seating, leading to transparent management.

  • Versatile Menu Customization:

The MicroSale proprietary POS system with the adaptive menu creation option at the restaurant level gives users the flexibility to change their menus faster. This feature makes it easy to quickly adjust the menus by offering options to adjust the sizes of individual items, including promotional menu items, and tailoring the pricing to align with the different offerings.

Additionally, the system supports combining meals with automatic prices, making understanding menus quicker for staff and consumers. Users can add detailed recipes and instructions to their mix, which results in the constant maintenance of the drink production quality throughout all the ordered beverages. As a result, the efficiency of the work has improved significantly.

  • Quick and Secure Payment Handling:

MicroSale ensures swift and secure payment processing by accommodating a range of payment methods. From credit cards and debit cards to digital wallets, contactless options, EMI, and beyond, all modes of payment are seamlessly accepted. Experience lightning-fast transaction speeds, with transactions typically completed in approximately five seconds, reducing wait times and shorter customer queues.

Additionally, you benefit from high transaction success rates. The system provides efficient payments while safeguarding customer data through advanced encryption technology, ensuring their privacy and security.

  • Enhanced Drive-Thru Efficiency:

With MicroSale, you can effortlessly optimize your drive-thru operations. Dual timers allow you to keep track of service times, allowing you to monitor and manage workflow more effectively.

The system offers the convenience of multi-functionality displayed on a single screen, streamlining your processes for maximum efficiency. Seamlessly adjust orders with break-in functionality, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional customer service at your drive-thru.

  • Brewery and Bar-Dedicated Add-ons:

Elevate your bar and brewery operations with MicroSale’s advanced dedicated features. With MicroSale, you can maximize your earnings through automated price adjustments that help you easily tackle market price fluctuations.

You can use included recipes when making drinks to maintain the same quality in every beverage you serve, prompting liquor upsells that increase your sales opportunities and help maximize your profits potential.

Integration Options With MicroSale POS

3.6 Stars

According to many existing user reviews, Microsale is not behind other providers in offering diverse integration options.

During the review, we found out that MicroSale ensures seamless integration with a wide range of EMV devices and processors across the United States and integrates with many restaurant-focused tools like CAS SW-20, CAS SW-10, Mettler Toledo, Avery 6700, and Cardinal Detecto. Integration with systems like Datacap, Augusta Reader, PAX, and Dejavoo is also seamless.

Ease of Use

3.9 Stars

MicroSale is a user-friendly point-of-sale system that lives up to its tagline of adapting to your business rather than imposing changes. It has a simple interface and is relatively easy to learn, making it an attractive option, particularly for restaurant owners new to POS technology. The system’s flexibility allows for adding numerous features to items, facilitating easy customization of orders to suit specific preferences.

Despite its user-friendly design, it’s worth noting that the system can experience occasional sluggishness, requiring periodic reboots to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Overall, MicroSale offers a practical option for businesses seeking an accessible, cost-effective POS solution.

Pricing of MicroSale POS

3.5 Stars

MicroSale understands businesses’ diverse needs and offers flexible payment options to accommodate varying preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer ownership, the convenience of a subscription model, or leasing flexibility, MicroSale has you covered.

While specific pricing details on the MicroSale website may be missing, many sources suggest that the monthly basic subscription plan starts at $99. Some users have also complained about higher initial costs and also for future upgrades. The exact pricing may vary depending on the features and customization options your business requires. MicroSale POS is available through authorized resellers in various regions, including the United States, Puerto Rico, the Middle East, and Canada.

When it comes to processing charges, MicroSale provides support for both cash discount options, surcharging, and dual-pricing, offering restaurants effective solutions to mitigate credit card processing fees. These options, introduced by credit card processors, allow businesses to pass on processing fees to customers who pay by credit card.

Surcharges are effortlessly and automatically applied to new checks, ensuring a smooth restaurant process. The system automatically adds a processing fee, a non-cash adjustment, to the check. This fee dynamically adjusts based on the percentage set by the restaurant. This fee is automatically discounted for those paying with cash.

Dual pricing offers a simple approach to implementing discounts for cash payments. Restaurants can set and adjust a global price increase across their menu prices to strategically absorb processing fees. Customers paying by credit card will pay the menu’s advertised prices, while those paying with cash will benefit from discounted prices.

Customer Support of MicroSale POS

3.8 Stars

While some reviews may express concerns about customer support, MicroSale receives positive feedback overall. The company offers a comprehensive “knowledge base” on its website to address common queries and provide essential assistance. Customers can easily reach out for support via phone or email, with contact information readily available on its website.


MicroSale POS emerges as a robust and adaptable solution for restaurants seeking an efficient and reliable point-of-sale system. With over 35 years of industry experience and a diverse range of integrations, MicroSale caters to establishments of all sizes, providing tailored solutions to meet specific business needs. Its “all-in-one” approach, combining order integration, inventory management, and customer service features, sets it apart from competitors.

MicroSale has a user-friendly interface and offers flexible pricing options. Some users have reported occasional sluggishness and additional expenses for software upgrades. However, its extensive feature set, including streamlined order processing, enhanced waitlist management, versatile menu customization, and quick payment handling, makes it a compelling choice for restaurants looking to optimize their operations.

Overall, with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars, MicroSale POS earns commendation for its comprehensive features, reliability, and responsive customer support, making it a viable option for businesses in the hospitality industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does MicroSale POS offer support for online ordering and delivery app integration?

    Yes, MicroSale POS is designed to integrate orders from delivery apps and online ordering platforms seamlessly into your system, offering a convenient, all-in-one solution for managing orders.

  2. What payment methods does MicroSale POS support?

    MicroSale POS accommodates various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, contactless options, and EMI, ensuring swift and secure customer payment processing.

  3. Can I customize my menu easily with MicroSale POS?

    MicroSale POS provides versatile menu customization options, allowing users to quickly and efficiently adjust menu items, sizes, prices, and even promotional offerings to align with their business needs.

  4. How reliable is MicroSale POS customer support?

    MicroSale POS offers 24/7 customer support, with a dedicated customer service center committed to providing exceptional assistance. While occasional concerns may arise, overall feedback indicates positive experiences with MicroSale's support team.

  5. What pricing options are available for MicroSale POS?

    MicroSale POS offers flexible pricing options, including monthly subscription plans, outright ownership, and leasing options. Specific pricing details may vary based on the features and customization options your business requires, but the company aims to accommodate diverse budget preferences.

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